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New artist project START

Запись от Винзавод размещена 20.12.2013 в 16:12

Ilya Grishaev to start
Until January 26
Exhibition "Terms" , largely outlines the certain range of interests Ilya Grishaeva , which can be formulated as a search for universal abstract form , independent of the specific content or no having . "You could say that my work similar to automatic writing , but I like to think that it is a universal language . Language , for example, the same level as that of a human appearance, which is read , seen at first glance , "- said Ilya . The exhibition "Terms" for the artist presented the usual things - objects made ​​of wood, plastic forms , drawings . But in whatever mediums he works , all somehow reduced to abstract form , in which , says Grishaev , everyone is free to see something different. Continued
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