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Lecture Erkena Kagarov November 28 CSI WINERY

Запись от Винзавод размещена 27.11.2013 в 12:03

Friends , we have a unique opportunity to listen Erkena Kagarov specialist in the field of semiotics . The competition "Quality Mark" he will give a lecture on the possible approaches to the creation sign. From my own experience tells the story of some of the characters , explain their form and meaning , as well as the tasks they perform .
Prepare your questions !

Kagarov Erken Medatovich - a member of the Expert Council of the contest " Award of Excellence" . Member of the Union of Designers of Russia , Moscow Union of Artists , Art directors club of Russia . Academician of the Academy of Graphic Design (1999, 2001 and 2007 - Vice-President ) . In VASHGD - director and leading educator copyright creative workshops .

November 28, 2013 ,
18.00 - 20.00
Fermentation workshop, 22th staircase

to participate you need to send a request [email protected] marked " lecture Erkena Kagarov " with information about yourself: name, phone and e-mail .

Have time to register - space is limited !

Photo: Daniel Ovchinnikov

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