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4 and 5 December at 20:00 BLUE JOURNEY PLATFORM

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Korzo producties - the largest Dutch production company engaged in contemporary choreography. One of the calling cards Korzo producties is held every two years Festival s modern dance « CaDance ». The production company also made ​​a name for events such as «Voorjaarsontwaken» as «Here we live and now». Both events are public new talents we have in the Netherlands in the field of choreography. These festivals have become a launching pad for many young artists. There's also saw the light of the premiere choreographers Ann Van den Broek , Mary Mascarello , Urey Dubbo , David Middendorpa and Samir Calixto .

At the festival, the company will present «Blue Journey» choreographed by David Middendorpa .

In his works, David Middentorp mixes dance and created his own videomultiplikatsiyu . In «Blue Journey» we see the history of collision girl is not similar to others, with the people around her . Search itself is expressed through the play of shadows surreal animation .

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