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WELCOME TO LECTURE: Arts and spiritual life in the space of contemporary culture

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Art emerged in close connection with religion. Relations between them are sometimes strained , but that does not diminish their way completely to enrichment . Religion and art elevate and awaken in us the positive aspirations. For more than 15 years Admont Benedictine Abbey , founded in 1074 , brings together a collection of contemporary art. Showing examples of contemporary art , the abbey engages him in a dialogue with classical art . The museum's collection with Abbey , which opened in the year 2003 , consists of 26 works of art called " Out of Sight . Art unites blind and sighted . " Admont Benedictine monastery , the Austrian Cultural Forum in Moscow and WINZAVOD first present at the international level this unique collection of contemporary art available for different ways of perception and senses. To learn how to assemble a collection and how the museum was created at the Austrian abbey Admont , father tells St. Winfried Schwab .

November 28 CSI WINERY
Venue: Vintage room, entrance 15 .
Time : beginning at 20:00 ! Come early to take a comfortable place .
Register for a lecture you can send your contact details to [email protected] marked " Lecture ".

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