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PRESS CONFERENCE in an open competition "Quality Mark"

Запись от Винзавод размещена 15.11.2013 в 17:06

18 ​​November at 17.30 in the national open competition" quality mark " will be a press conference with a lecture by Valery Akopova - the creator of the quality label in 1967 !

We invite everyone !
You will learn how did the work on the creation of characters what rules exist for the use of that mark in the Soviet Union , and more about Industrial Design .

About all tell the head of the graphic design studio " Akopov : Design and Advertising ", winner of the State Prize of Russia , Honoured Artist of Russia , Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts , Academician of the Academy of Graphic Design - Akopov Valery S. .

Admission by pre- registering! Write on [email protected] marked " press conference a quality mark " followed by your name, phone number and e-mail addresses .

Venue: CSI Winery , Vintage hall , entrance 15 .

18 November 2013 , 17.30-19.00

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