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"Out of Sight. ART UNITES THE BLIND and sighted"

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CSI Winery , Benedictine Monastery Admont , the Austrian Cultural Forum in Moscow present the exhibition " Out of Sight ." ART UNITES Blind and sighted
exhibition " Out of Sight " - a work of art from the collection of the famous Benedictine Monastery Admont in Austria.
from November 28 in Red Workshop WINZAVOD will feature sculpture , multimedia objects, photographs and works in Braille , to decipher which is possible only if the dialogue sighted and blind people.
All work in common - the focus is nezritelnoe perception of art. Every
object is perceived differently by blind or sighted people. All products have their own art form that has been developed in accordance with the objectives of the project: objects, paintings , installations and multimedia works are visually
distinguishable. They have their own , often striking aesthetics . Many items can be
touch, hear and even smell . Such art is available , and perhaps even a little familiar to people who are blind . In turn, the sighted visitors will get acquainted with the art of an entirely new and unexpected direction and will be able to get an idea of ​​how the " looks " the world
blind people.

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