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"Totalitarian Architecture" Mikhail Rozanov in Red Workshop from October 31 to November 20!

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October 31 in Red Workshop CCA Winery will host an exhibition " The totalitarian architecture " of Moscow's famous artist and photographer Mikhail Rozanov

The work of Michael turned to the study of the three major iconic objects Architect urs totalitarianism , located in different countries, but kept in the same style - neoclassicism . The artist moves away from the social and political role of the buildings , with a focus on the purity of the form, its strength, at the same time a completely new way conveys the integrity of the buildings.

curator Svetlana Taylor : " Deliberately increasing the pathos of historical and architectural buildings , the author emphasizes the current gap between the man and the dream originally laid down in the function of each of the buildings under construction. In fact, Michael creates a new artistic works in which everything is subordinated to the will of his art , style and aesthetics ».

http://winzavod.ru/events/? id = 1119
Until November 20th !

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