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All, all, all about Winnie the Pooh

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All , all, all about Winnie the Pooh .
History Books the adventures of a teddy bear Winnie -the-Pooh is far from simple . Bear has a lot of prototypes, and its very birth was probably a complete surprise and maybe even a prank to his creator. Papa Winnie -the-Pooh ( writer, writing a book ) Scot Alan Alexander Milne was the son of a schoolteacher . After receiving an excellent education , he worked for the magazine " Punch " as an assistant editor. In 1913, Milne married Dorothy Daphne de Selinkot from this marriage was born one son , Christopher .
Alan Alexander Milne was quite " adult" writer and wrote serious books . He dreamed of fame as the author of the great detective , wrote his play and novel. But ... December 24, 1925 on the eve of Christmas was published in the London evening newspaper and broadcast on BBC Radio first chapter of Pooh " in which we first meet Winnie the Pooh and the bees ." And now, for many years Milnovskie books - is recognized classic children's book shelves and Disney cartoons .

Alan Alexander Milne with son, Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh 1920

The irony lies in the fact that Milne was convinced that he did not write any children's fiction or children's poems . He appealed to the child within each of us. By the way, he never read his stories about down to his son , Christopher Robin ,
though acknowledged the decisive role of his wife , Dorothy , and a son in the writing and the fact of the appearance of the " Winnie the Pooh ".

Christopher Robin with his mother Dorothy Milne

Room Christopher Robin , Winnie on the bed ,1920 - e
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The history of this book is indeed full of mysteries and contradictions.
path is traced from the front-line soldiers darling Bear Winnipeg (among other things predatory Baribal ) , caught in the UK during the First World War as a living talisman ( mascot ) of the Canadian Army Veterinary Corps from Canada, from the vicinity of the city of Winnipeg. It was decided to leave the beast to end the war in the London Zoo . Bear loved by Londoners and the military did not object to the fact that it does not take away from the zoo , and after the war. Until the end of days ( she died May 12, 1934 ) was a bear on the contentment of the veterinary corps , as in 1919, on her cell made ​​appropriate inscription .

In 1924, Alan Milne first came to the zoo with a four year old son Christopher Robin , who truly became friends with Vinnie, even watered her sweet milk . In the three years before that Milne bought at a department store Harrods and gave his son his first birthday teddy bear ( see photo) "Alfa Farnell ." After getting acquainted with the host Vinnie this bear was named in honor of the beloved bear . The boy even came up with a new name - Winnie Pooh. Pooh got word from the former Teddy swan with which Christopher Robin met when the whole family went to his country home on a farm in Sussex Kotchford . By the way, it's next to thereby forest, which is now known around the world as Stoakrovy Forest . And why Pooh? Yes because " because if you call it, the swan will not come (which they love to do), you'll be able to pretend that said Pooh just ... ". Teddy bear was about two feet tall , had a light color , and he often fell out eyes .
The real Christopher Robin's toys were also Piglet, Eeyore without a tail , Kanga , Roo and Tigger . Owl and Rabbit Milne invented himself .

Toys , played by Christopher Robin , are stored in the Public Library of New York. In 1996, Milne's favorite teddy bear was sold at auction in London house Bonham unknown buyer for £ 4600 .

The very first person in the world who was lucky enough to see Winnie the Pooh , was then a young artist, cartoonist of the magazine " Punch " Ernest Sheppard . It was the first time he illustrated the "Winnie the Pooh ". Initially, the teddy bear and his friends were black and white , and then began to color . A posed Ernest Sheppard teddy bear him a son, not Pooh , and «Growler» ( or Grumpy ).

Artist Ernest Howard Shepard (1879-1976), an illustrated book. 1976

Christmas card Shepard , Sotheby's. 2008

first American edition at auction Sotheby's. 2008

There were written two books about Winnie the Pooh : Winnie-the-Pooh ( first separate edition was published October 14, 1926 in the London publishing house Methuen & Co ) and The House at Pooh Corner ( House at Pooh Corner , 1928). In addition, two collections of children's poems Milne , When We Were Very Young ( When we were very young ), and Now We Are Six ( We now six years old) has several poems about Winnie -the-Pooh .

Alan Alexander Milne, 1948

When Milne died , no one had any doubt that he discovered the secret of immortality . And it's not 15 minutes of fame , it is a real immortality, which, contrary to his own expectations , he was not brought plays and novels, and the little bear of Very Little Brain .
Christopher wrote to his friend Peter (actor) : " My father did did not understand the specifics of the market of books, did not know anything about the specifics of sales, he never wrote a book for children. he knew me, he knew about himself and about the Garrick club ( a writers - Bohemian club of London) - and it just did not pay attention to everything else ... Except, perhaps , of life itself ".

Adult Christopher Robin and his fiancee 1948 .

Worldwide sales of Winnie the Pooh since 1924 . by 1956 . has exceeded 7,000,000 .
By 1996 , it sold about 20 million copies , and the only publisher Muffins . This does not include publisher in the U.S. , Canada, and non-English -speaking countries .

In 1961, the company acquired the rights to Disney's Winnie the Pooh . Walt Disney changed slightly famous artist Shepard illustrations that accompanied Milne's books , and has produced a series of cartoons about Winnie the Pooh . According to "Forbes" magazine , Winnie the Pooh is the second most profitable character in the world , second only to Mickey Mouse . Each year brings Winnie the Pooh 5.6 billion dollars in revenue
11 April 2006 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was established star Winnie -the-Pooh .
At the same time, Milne's granddaughter , who lives in England , Claire Milne tries regain bear. Rather, the rights to it . While unfortunate

In 1960 , Winnie -the-Pooh was brilliantly translated into Russian by Boris Zakhoder and published with illustrations by Alisa Poret .

Another very popular among Soviet children and adults after the bear got in the studio " Soyuzmultfilm " three 10 -minute cartoon based on the book . However, the bear turned out to be totally different to Milnovskogo . However, this did not prevent him from becoming everyone's favorite . Why are only his chants , vopilki , and sawdust.

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