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"Mondrian and modern city", "The Wall" CSI WINERY ANNOUNCES

Запись от Винзавод размещена 18.10.2013 в 19:12

October 22 at 19.00 invite to become a panelist , " Mondrian and modern city ," which will hold the project supervisor Misha Most.
participate in the discussion of contemporary artists - authors of our new graffiti - layer "Mondrian": Kostya Zmogk, Square, Bucket , Sugar18, Ce. Our experiment - an attempt to combine two completely different pictorial practice start and end of the XX century. The project is dedicated to the work of the famous twentieth -century modernist Pete Mondrian , the exhibition which runs until 24 November at the Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val. A layer of "Mondrian" shows the relevance of expressive means , the artist discovered 100 years ago and offers a reinterpretation of their new context. The discussion will also take part Kirill Alekseev, art historian , curator and Sergey Nikitin , art critic and urbanist .
Place: Vintage hall , entrance 15 , CCA Winery .
up for discussion you can send your contact information to event1@winzavod.ru marked " Discussion" .

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