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Bite or lick?

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I think that the problem suschestvaniya the artist in society, raised by Oleg Kulik in the above text, relevant and through many years.

July 1998

Bite or lick?
Oleg Kulik

The proposed issue is not confined to my "dog" in practice. For the modern artist, he has the character of existential. For Western artists, the question is relevant because each of them inevitably involved in the system of relations with the institutions in the social contract and, as a rule, hard to stand their captivity. It was hard, because we do not presents, that the pressure of institutions and contractual relationships - a much smaller problem than their absence.

For an artist from Russia and Eastern Europe the question "to bite or lick?" Hamlet is "to be or not to be?" Lacking its own, we can not be incorporated into their systems and contracts, so ryschem the world, as homeless dogs. Double homeless. In my house we have always been strangers - are all that we did, thought, and still is garbage, for which the need to punish. Previously, this was something heroic. We do not feel orphaned, because they thought: we have a house. Let far behind the Iron Curtain, but a great house in the West. And then the curtain fell, and it turned out: it is not our home and our broad arms look very suspicious. What?

Bite - they say, know our - a gesture of a desperate and dangerous. Can sleep. Lick calmer, but disgusting. And, too, is futile - many good owners take dogs from the street without a pedigree. What? One thing is certain, "biting" and "polizyvat", as in former times, impossible. The dissident, who was leaving away to a painful bite, soon lost all ability to bite - the need for a new owner polizyvat prevented. And those who remained "at home", he could not escape the thought that the West - the only judge in his duel with local authorities, and a desire to lick a distant distraction from a good manager biting near poor. This is a scheme. I do not blame anyone. Sam and polizyval biting, biting and licking. As an artist to exist when there is no - there is no or not yet - the social contract, the arts community, serving institutions? Only a lot of freedom, a little democracy and no prospects. All of them - in the West, but there's not our house.

What? Bite - is senseless and dangerous. Lisa - is senseless and disgusting. I do nothing, for example, can not. Art for me is not the Sunday game. When the exhibition "Interpol" I decided to "bite", it was a difficult choice. Many times I told myself that the rights, and many times repented of it. For me today, as for Russia, there is a serious question and intractable than the "bite" or "lick." This is a matter of survival - physical, cultural, geopolitical, and I hope to find the answer.

January 1998
Oleg Kulik
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