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Винтажные и старинные предметы интерьера..
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Top-lots of trades by the old masters at Sotheby's went to Russia ..

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St. Dominic "

Both main item auction of paintings by old masters, who spent a house Sotheby's on Wednesday, July 3, bought a Russian collector. This was reported on July 5 agency Bloomberg.
Russians paid for the top lot - a picture of El Greco's "Prayer of St. Dominic" - 9,154 million pounds (14 million dollars). The same Russian bought the second most expensive painting auction, which was the work of the same artist, entitled "Christ on the cross." For her, a Russian citizen, whose name was not disclosed, paid 3,442 million pounds (5,218 million dollars)
On trades "Prayer of St. Dominic" (1600-1610 years) has set a record price for a painting by Spanish artists of this era. Final price significantly exceeded the estimate of - the organizers had planned for her to gain from three to five million pounds.
As representatives of Sotheby's Russians bought almost a third of the paintings for sale of the old masters. Russian-speaking bidders paid no less than 15.8 million pounds of the more than 35 million of revenue auction.
A total of 47 lots auctioned. The auction was attended by applicants from 33 countries, with the number of participants from Asia and the Middle East was unprecedented, highlighted by representatives of Sotheby's. According to their estimates, last year the Russians in bidding activity has increased by a quarter.
Eleven paintings by old masters from the number sold at the auction were displayed at Sotheby's in Moscow in May 2013, there were also works by El Greco. Five of these paintings eventually bought Russian collectors.
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An unprecedented level of interest rates and record results were achieved at the auction "Old Masters" Sotheby's held on July 3 in London. The auction was attended by collectors from 33 countries. The main prize - El Greco's painting was bought for 14 million dollars (9.6 million pounds) of Russian buyer, which is an absolute record for a Spanish painter of the 16th century.
Picture of El Greco's "The Prayer of St. Dominic" has not appeared at auction. According to the German magazine Art, she was part of a collection of well-known German physician and philanthropist Gustav Rau. Rau, who died in 2002, bequeathed much of his collection of Unicef. The funds received from the sale of 533 works should, according to the will Rau used to finance projects to assist children and the hospital, which he founded in the Congo.
"Prayer of St. Dominic" (estimeyt 3 - £ 5 million) was sold at a price twice as high as expected. Painting purchased by phone Russian buyer, killed in the final of the Indian multi-billionaire, also qualify for the picture of the great Spaniard. Moreover, an anonymous Russian buyer could purchase a second picture and El Greco, "The Crucifixion" for 5 million dollars (3.44 million pounds).
Total auction of works of art were sold for 50 million dollars, including (in addition to El Greco (El Greco)) works by Tiepolo (Tiepolo), Vernet (Vernet) and other classics. However, as reported by Channel Russia Today, nearly 30 percent of the lots were bought by Russian-speaking customers.
According to Sotheby's statement, quoted by RIA Novosti, "Russian as the volume of acquisitions at the auction" Old Masters "and on other auctions has grown significantly. Last year, the number of Russian exhibitors and buyers at the most prestigious Sotheby's" Impressionist and Modern art "," Modern art "and the" Old Masters "has increased by 25 percent."
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