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Secrets of the alphabet. The principle of the "Direction"

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natural principles " DIRECTION "
    ( philosophical fantasy )
     Antique writing desk stands , as he expected, by the window. Books on it and the old bulky computer . Near shop piled up with books. In a corner bookcase. Books even on the floor. Books are everywhere. And the walls are hung with paintings.
     Esoteric slowly looked around at his favorite study and began routinely wander through it , thinking aloud. What is the difference silently or out loud if alone, if an opponent inside , and it can get rid of at any moment! !
  - I leaf through . I leaf through albums , catalogs , the Internet ... I am considering , I'm looking for , I ask : what is the natural way of the principle of the "Direction" ? I want to understand . I have to understand - mumbling to himself restless philosopher . - Many of the properties of this principle known. Denotes the code - the letter "B". And the image somewhere close. He teases me as a joker , playing hide and seek. This principle of "Direction" as if flirting with me , continually revealing themselves that mark, the sound , the shadow ... He shows me a glimpse of the texts sometimes wise , sometimes with marvelous paintings , and then just whispers to where to look ... The main property ? ? ...
     Going to the chair by the window , ecotourism has not noticed that the picture of the door in a dark corner of the room came alive , and the image of her joker distracted from his work diligently and whispers in the back Esoteric " Svoy_st_v_o " - it is something very own, what we should believe , and this "own" directed "to" general " all -all-all " for " omega " . Poor thing , " omega " is also thrown out of the alphabet, and now it is a powerful word " svoy_st_v_o " ends with " o". God! To what fools these Russian ! "

ill. Kirill Shanin . " Jester" .

     Esoteric whisper Joker took his own inner voice , and , sitting down in a comfortable chair , thought about painting " Wind Rose" .

ill. wind rose

- Here, all the famous " wind rose " shows that any direction is reversed. Or here's another example of another property - he translated a look at the next picture. - The direction is straightforward, as the rays of light , and sometimes tortuous , as the road to the goal. But these are not the main features ...

ill. Jesus' baptism in the Jordan River http://www.vokrugsveta.ru/vs/article/1520/

ill. The winding road to the goal. http://www.proza.ru/2011/12/06/508

     Joker also want to look at these pictures, and it looks to him for interfering frame. Painting swayed . The rope on which it hung, broke down , and the picture turned out with a bang on the floor. Joker managed to jump into the office and no longer hiding in his image .
- Who are you? ? - Exclaimed in surprise esoteric.
- I am a prince! - Joker and smiled playfully whirled around the room in some intricate dance, tinkling bells - I'm one of the most senior princes.
- And this is who are you? - Curious philosopher .
- We are children of the Lord of Mira . We are all different , each with its own character, their habits - not without pride relatives said identified himself as a prince - Pythagoras believed that we are arithmetic , that is not rhyming , do not repeat anything.
- You mean the arithmetic wrong? Interesting! In poetry, rhyme - the sister of rhythm. About rhythm too say something original ?
- I've said . Verne - and Joker repeated his rhythmic dance to the music of the bells . - The rhythm keeps the parts of a whole .
- Arithmeticality princes danced rhythmically as they part of the whole? - Asked esoteric. - It's hard to disagree. It is true that our philosophers have expressed the same thought in other words . They talk about the natural principles and continuity in increments ...
- I know , I know ! We ubiquitous princes - principles vulnerable to space and time - sadly noticed the Joker. - In different places , in different years, we represent different words , different characters , different images that make us different names - names .
- Look, it's like ! Are you saying that I can not find you? I'm a prisoner I know of images and signs ?
- No, no, why do so yourself? There are a handful of amazing people who see the invisible, hear the silence , learn unmarked ... And soon you 'll be so - Joker and predicted something very strange smile .
     Esoteric looked into the eyes of the latter-day prophet and startled . Looking at him , he was smiling Mona Lisa ! Yes , yes! Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci !

ill. Leonardo da Vinci. "La Gioconda "

- Is this you? ? - Breaking voice asked esoteric.
- Why are you surprised? You also said that the images and names can be different. The essence is - the voice said whether the Mona Lisa , or the Joker.
- What a joke you have a joker !
- Yes, I - Jester - did not hurt the Joker - Jester - my other name. How did you guess ?
- Simply translated from English into Russian . I'm so understandable - answered with dignity esoteric.
- Well, if you're so intelligent , why not ask , "Who are you? ", "Who are you? " - Quipped Joker Jester .
- I asked and asked , and now know you - the principle . Just do not know - what principle . Yes, I do ! One that loves may joking .
 - What's true - that 's right, sobered principle . - And my jokes are very serious . I - The principle of the "Direction" . What? Total ! Life , Development, Traffic, Knowledge ... Another list ?
- Do not. Direction , indeed, have the space and time, thought and deed , culture and art , the fate of men and nations. I have one very interesting symbolic representation . However, I do not remember where he took . Until it collapsed in a roll , but you 'll show . - Esoterica got a ladder and climbed up on the mezzanine. - Look, here both space and time , and the fate of ...

ill. Direction of Life.

- And the fate of ... - A sing-song echoed Joker. - And another direction is known and the unknown . And then the people more interested in the problem of risk . However , few people realize that it is impossible to be back at the starting point of being at the origin of space, time and circumstances. Here's to admire the folk wisdom - " A Knight at the Crossroads" !
     In the hands of the Joker, there was an electronic marvel with unknown control system. Screen with lightning speed to respond to commands jester " I want " .

ill. Vasnetsov . Knight at the Crossroads .

     Joker as a magician , snapped his fingers , and the picture came to life : horse trampled on the ground and laughs uneasily , Knight looks around , choosing the path-way , crows nakarkivaet that trouble, then bad luck.
- Uncertainty must sleep - as it advises the Joker , and the evening comes in the picture . Knight decides to spend the night at a roadside stone - tomorrow is another day . Instead crow owl flew with the navigator , sat at the head of the sleeping and began quietly telling where that happens. At the dawn of the hero of the story rubbed his eyes , set their location and purpose , mounted his horse and rushed to the place of destination. - By the morning of the direction of more or less well known - says the Joker.
- Everyone meets in the life of a stone -lithos c pointer directions. And just depends on the person , what path he chooses for himself - reacted Esoteric and incidentally noticed - because , you see, and soon the picture will not be necessary . Following the libraries and galleries perekochuyut in his pockets.
- Yes, it's kind of directions . Direction in the development of ways to inform . Now there is such a tendency . - Agreed Joker and continued an impromptu lecture. - The most remarkable feature of the principle of the "Direction" is that my ability to be shaped , the abstract. Imaginative direction is clear to people : plans, outlines the problem and possible solutions , the result is seen as desirable. Get out , look out the window : the direction is clear how this bright, sunny day .
     Joker pushed the window curtain , and esoterica seemed that the view from the window into a painting by an unknown artist , expertly holding art images prospects.

ill. A clear direction .

     The feeling of the witch's transformation of the natural landscape in the plane of the picture did not like spirituality, and he hastily drew the curtain . Cabinet plunged into gloom . The paintings were only rectilinear frames. Stacks of books began to resemble not the hills, not the cumulus clouds. If someone took to write this interior oil , the person familiar with the situation of this study, I would know it, but the rest would be lost in guesses " what is it? " .
     Joker smiled at the way the turned out very visual aids and continued his narration about the properties of Direction.
 - In contrast to the abstract figurative direction acts differently. It takes natural allies in the principle of " spontaneity " and potentiality that is present in the alphabet to as the principle of " Illumination ." Three of these principles make people do it, but not otherwise. Because of the lack of a clear image of an abstract direction can not be shown . Therefore, someone who has experienced the impact of abstract directions written on the leaves of autumn : "Life is tricky and treacherous when you hold all the cards , she began to play chess ."
     Joker's smile seemed strangely intriguing esoterica , though still preparing some kind of trick . Indeed , witchcraft illustrate statements continued. According favorite painting " Autumn Summer Garden" fly crawled computer magnifier with a plus sign and a friend stopped at
crown of maple. From the depths of golden foliage , who took almost all of the canvas paintings on Esoteric looked Magus , who wrote the words of everyday games.

ill. Spontaneity .

     Esoteric recoiled from the picture with the autumn wisdom and slowly back away from the table piled high with books, to the corner of the room where the little icon with the little lamp illuminated the way of St. Panteleimon . Ignoring the Prividite Joker , ecotourism has quietly express their thoughts to the young saint, once advocated for the reality of Truth.
- Forming an alphabet chart , Magnolia aware that silent potentiality principle , there can be a letter. Instead of letters, possessing a sound, she placed in the box , the position of the principle of " Inspiration " icon @ reversal . And the principle - eon " Spontaneity " letter code is, or rather was . It was thrown out of the alphabet "as unnecessary ." But more about that some other time , and now it's important to me to imagine how the figurative and the abstract , that is, figuratively , the ugly, the principle of the "Direction" with its code - letter " B" acts in life.
- This action is called a game - broke the pause to inquire of the Joker. - I_gra always . I_gra everywhere. All Life - I_GRA . Therefore, the symbol attached to the past uncertainty of the future is called the cup Gra_alya ! That's the same ! - He pointed to a reproduction of a book about the life of Fyodor Antonovich Bruni. Still your great-great-grandfather bought the painting " The Agony in the Garden" , or, as she is called , "The Light of the cup ."

ill. FABruni . Agony in the Garden. ( Light of the cup )

     Esoteric saw a picture FABruni " Agony in the Garden " in the museum. And it turns out that it was the home church of his ancestors. So that's why he knew , or rather always felt that life - I_GRA . The philosopher looked back. Mona Lisa was sitting by the window and smiled at exactly the same smile, which was at the Joker.
- If you please, joke ? - Flared esoteric.
- What do you care ? Joker or the Mona Lisa ? The images are different, but the meaning is something one. Consider that Leonardo da Vinci painted the principle of direction in life , who jokes as he wants . This is the mystery of the Mona Lisa smile .
- And that is true - thought spirituality, - it must be written . Required.
     Sheets of blank paper and pencils were always on hand to catch the idea did not fly away into oblivion. By writing a few lines about the famous work da Vinci , the philosopher returned to thoughts about the properties of the natural principle of "Direction" and legible handwriting wrote : "abstract direction of someone " broadcasts inner voice , " someone" pushes back " with someone then " plays aggressively pointing out the different characters what, where and when to do it." it is granted to Mista - creative individuals , stepped over the line of subordination circumstances . "
- Hold on to write. Let's first talk it - suggested the Joker.
- It is possible . There is a natural principle in the "Direction" and the semantic sign, which is always on the mind because she got phonemes " na_pra " in his Russian name. Do I need to explain the meaning of the phoneme " pra ... "? It is used in such terms as " pra_v_da ", " s_pra_ved_livo " ... - Began to list philosophizing philologist . - Focus has the right to leave their mark , recording the true history of the implementation . I think to understand the essence of the principle of sufficient names: na_pra_v_len_i_e .
- Oh! Yes, you did want to dig down to the depths of meaning ? - They shall fear the Joker.
- Eventually, I realized that the meaning is hidden in the key words. " Na_pra ... " - Means that the step back into history and become dust. The combination of " ... _v_len_i_e " - to understand a little more difficult. There are many words with this suffix : formation, lust, attachment ... Mythology called beauty named Helen ( in Russian - Elena ) - mused esoteric. - Apparently, choosing the direction of something we focus on something that seems to us beautiful. Well, the letter " I" yes "E " - a Slavic codes of principles "Summation " and " existence ."
- Cyrillic and so - agreed the Prince - even the name of the " linen" was given to useful beauty. Only joking games in your interpretation is not a place. - He paused thoughtfully , and added - there is in me a natural property of svoevolnichat . Commercials joke - to change the rules of the game - Joker laughed , nodding toward his image on a chessboard. - Shel , a man walked up the hill, and suddenly break; lived lived a righteous life so unexpectedly pulled to the left . People say, " the irony of fate, the devil's work ."
- That's right, the irony and painted by Leonardo da Vinci - said the esoteric.
- And I figured Kirill Shanin . I play. As I want - and I will go.
     At this remark of esotericism did not answer . He recalled the words: " Every natural principle give different names , different denote , variously portrayed ." Philologist took aside the paper and attributed to remember : " The natural principle of " Irony direction. "
     Strange, but the presence of the principle of the Joker , the Mona Lisa did not prevent esoterica to think and reason about the sacred . Conversely, an unexpected guest , as it were conceivable expanded view. He drove like a highly experienced guide philosopher prepared route , not forgetting to advise " look right , look left ." And now this principle glanced toward the door , his eyes showing the painting and photography , barely illuminated by a light beam penetrates into the gap between the wall and a curtain. Esoteric ashamed of his moment of weakness when a strange perception of the view from the window and pulled back the heavy curtain . Abstractness suddenly disappeared in a blaze of sunlight .
     Joker was standing with pointer in hand at painting and posing as a tour guide.
- You can see the famous painting of the artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The artist painted it on the biblical story , which I remind you now .

ill. Pieter Bruegel the Elder " Tower of Babel"

     Jester turned museum player, and in the office of a standard voice rang with a text from Wikipedia: "The Legendary Tower, which is dedicated to the biblical tradition , as set out in Chapter 2 ," Noah " Genesis (verse 11:1-9 ) . According to legend, after the Flood humanity was represented by one the people who spoke the same language. men from the east came to the land of Shinar ( in the lower reaches of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers ) , where they decided to build a city (Babylon ) and a tower that reaches to the heavens, to "make a name for themselves ." Construction of the tower was interrupted by God, who has created a new language for different people , which is why they no longer understand each other, could not continue the construction of the city and the tower and scattered throughout the earth. Thus , the story of the Tower of Babel explains the appearance of different languages ​​after the Flood . "
- What is the tower ? - Shut slyly asked , putting his ear for a response.
    Esoteric felt a catch and decided not to answer.
- I asked you to poddaknut , esotericism. In Russian - " Tower of Babel " in English - "The Tower of Babel". Say out loud! In the English alphabet is my position with my code "B, b" is in second place , and in Morse code is my " B, " a calculus of "two" . As you can see , the translation is made with a jeweler's precision. You want to ask " what does the principle of" Focus . " Answer. - Rant Joker for both. - Bruegel the Elder did not realize that after numerous verbal constructions Life leaning towards the implementation of just one. Draw " The Tower of Babel " had to be inclined in any direction . - The Joker so jabbed a pointer to the next picture of the Leaning tower, which almost tore it.

ill. Leaning Tower of Pisa .

- I, as a philosopher and philologist , has long said it is an important observation . And as esoteric , I believe that the structure of the tower is named with a hint of head - to head off thoughts about the different ways of life paths in front of a slope to the resulting .

     A light breeze from the half-open window ruffled strands of gray hair . Dropped esoteric interesting dream . It would seem that the meaning and image of the Aeon "Direction" identified themselves , but the memory disturb the strange word " trend."
- Trend . Trend . - Muttered quietly philosopher , half asleep , trying to remember where he saw he liked definition.
- Tendentsiya .

Last night. Listen to this.




- Yes.

- How ?

 © Magnolia Dmitrieva .

Diary of "Magnolia" in " ARTinvestment Forum " contains the author's writing for publication, including illustrated .
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