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Винтажные и старинные предметы интерьера..
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Artist Alexander Trifonov ....

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Interesting and very talented artist .... I recommend to look and website designer and blog ..
Blog on LiveJournal http://trifonow.livejournal.com/
Artist's website http://www.trifonov1975.narod.ru/
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"As to the canvas show a devastated soul and meaninglessness of human existence on Earth?
He went to the extreme wing of schizophrenia. Split, split consciousness can be shown in the geometric Jag skull. .. "
Artist Alexander Trifonov, "The Return of the Prodigal Son" .... http://trifonov1975.narod.ru/art/brokenheads.html

On the blog of Yury Kuvaldina ...
 in the "THE RETURN OF THE PRODIGAL SON" artist Alexander Trifonov


How would you have something of a memory, the memory still does not keep what you'd like to keep it. Remembered once with the passage of time wipe, distorted, if not lost. Even in ancient times, people in the store guessed right out of his memory, the Word (signs, symbols, characters). Now the invention of a new prototype of a person in the form of computer memory which keeps everything exactly to the point. Awesome save, seyfirovanie anything network computers! And God is implied rights, including the memory array, which is stored mainly in the books. Moving people from the physics of biological beings and as a sign of the true path of man, tailored in the image and likeness of the computer, that is, God. In the paintings of the artist Alexander Trifonov new way of God-can be traced clearly.

Yuri Kuvaldina
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