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Meanings of zodiac signs

Запись от Магнолия размещена 26.06.2013 в 12:19

With O_D And A_K

I am a burden mayalas three days
Three nights awake.
How to express that I have
Not a stone and a rock?

I listened to a long ester,
Watched image.
And suddenly opened a MIP.
And the Voice said to me:

"Give ear, dost I will show
All shapes and colors.
And know! I will punish you,
Kohl did not find the cross.

Harmonies full of white light.
They make sense to build and script.
Look who sounds like a response
Memorize where the connection.

The land itself speak.
It is both God and the king.
And you add up all in the alphabet,
As if that's Chest. "

Silent sky height,
But the star lights
Whispered: "Shout" It dA! "
We are here with you alone. "

Frightening depth of the abyss
And the light from distant places.
I loudly shouted: "Here dA! (Russian - Z)"
So take the first cross.

Ah, the stars, the stars! You are everywhere.
You gave people know
What Everyone - God his fate.
How to tell it?

And the same voice said to me:
"Look at the wonderful canvas.
There are points, lines, Carnival!
The answer is simple.

Here is the circuit. Draw a glance
One of the horn mouth.
And that's enough! No more sorrow,
There will come a unicorn. "

Laughed star many times,
What man could not
Show your first story.
In short - Capricorn.

And the air picked up my voice,
Like a bolt spring in May.
A person spotted near the eyes.
I heard: "Ah! (English - I)"

In the womb of Mother Earth
I'm not alone.
In the least able to distinguish
We have our names.

Let someone somehow sounds -
Responds the other.
Living soul is not silent.
So take a second cross.

And the circuit is not far off -
Took care of the Creator!
I live on the mainland,
On the island - twin.

He's bridge as settling in the morning,
I passed on it.
He gently said to me, "Sister."
I found a third cross!

Carry through life two crosses:
- Human and mother.
There was even the mother of Christ.
Where to put a fact!?

"What to do!? What to do?!! -
Teased heaven. -
Yes, just to name a Virgin!
That's the wisdom of the whole! "

I shot in the heart twin.
It was and the Beast, and God.
I named it "Sagittarius"
For all that do smog.

The very ticked Cross
For the fact that he is a fighter.
And then she decided to
I went with him to the altar.

I thought about the evening.
As the fruit ripens Life?
And I secretly christened
Cherished his stomach.

That night I went to Heaven:
"Say, Space and Vys,
How did my land?
Where did all come from? "

I look Sky hugged,
And the star lit:
"We are all heavenly bodies.
Carefully scrutinized!

A horse grazes. Baran lies.
Here's Swan - the two wings.
But the honorable veteran.
And there is an arrow flies. "

In all keys sound body
But not moos Taurus.
Then I guessed at once:
Silent young man accustomed to.

No one can say who is there,
Until the light flashes.
Dita will reveal itself
Cherished a secret.

I baptize him again.
The holy name of the ladies.
If only God would let me know -
Malec il maiden there?

I kiss the fifth cross
Ready to hundreds of times.
On the help of God will call,
That body God has saved.

It had taken refuge there in secret
As a crustacean shell.
Solving the mystery of the cross,
And Cancer - the sixth icon.

From the Sun to the Earth-Ra Light
Carries its rays
And bakes the life of Heat
In the mysterious oven.

Yes, hurry up and put up -
That's the sign of Aries tart.
But exactly in time to ripen
And the roses, and tobacco.

I equinox star
Gave a large down payment.
I've been waiting for many months,
I was hoping for a chance.

It was the seventh hard cross.
How hard is it to live and wait
When the hope of time to eat,
And you want to fly.

And that happy day has arrived.
From the prophetic fire
Life went up on a pedestal,
Flashing and ringing.

The queen Mira - Salt of the Earth -
Daughter of Light and Heat.
It was once dubbed
Wife of Leo.

It came from outer space,
In a galaxy gone,
And from the magic numbers
Any thought recoil.

I am a burden mayalas three days
Three nights awake.
Now you know how I
All signs understood.


© Magnolia Dmitrieva.
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