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The most legendary typos in history (16 +)

Posted 28-04-2013 at 19:57 by Про искусство

itself typo - this is nonsense. The occasion for fun rather than for grief. Invincible might she can give only human stupidity and cruelty, and even caring hand of Providence, which is diligently sticks erroneous letters exactly where they categorically do not get up.

Unexpected Joy

In the yard in 1972. The apex of the semi-official puritanism and general greyish smoothed. Newspapers can not be read, because they stopped to print any meaningful information - completely smooth reports about anything: on rural workers, fraternal Khleborob Mongolia, pioneering initiatives in organizing the collection of scrap metal. Neraskuplennye circulation of newspapers and magazines are started peacefully under the knife, so the next time to give back to the surface no one needs a ton of meaningless words. And suddenly - the unprecedented success of the newspaper "Kyiv Komsomolets": its citizens are buying dozens, passed from hand to hand, give your friends a keepsake. And the reason is - a small tip of the vegetable, published with the subtitle «Tips zadovodu-lover» . That's how little I had the Soviet people to be happy. The consequences of typos it is not known: as already stated, no meaningful information then was not published. And the whole truth about why grayer editor and vanish in the darkness of the unknown.

< strong> Geographic News

In encyclopedias, of course, too, there are typos. One of the finest was made at the beginning of the XIX century in the French geographical atlas. Geographer Malt-Brenn, vychityvaya layout of their texts, found that the typesetter regretted zeros and the mountain, which reaches 3,600 feet , the text is listed in mound 36 feet . He carefully attributed the missing toe and back layout to the printer. At the re-examination of the geographer was horrified to find that the mountain now rose to 36,000 feet . He again all straightened out and handed the galleys. On the last day before you print it yet once again checked the hapless page - and, as it turned out, was not in vain. Gore now proudly heaved up on 36 million feet . In a rage, geographer wrote in the margin: «36000000 asses! The height of the mountain - 3600 feet! »- and gloomy, went home. Compositor read carefully fix, scratched his head and decided that it would not disturb Monsieur scientist and he will bring the text to mind. The result saw the light of the publication, which reported that the height of the mountain is of interest to the reader 36 million feet, and on top of it there is the plateau on which graze 36,000 mountain donkeys . < /p>

War and - what?

Typo can become a world-famous and not destroying draw fate. One of the first editions of the great novel "War and Peace" came out with just a typo on the cover. The fault of the semi-literate corrector instead «peace» It said «mir» . A huge difference if the first word meant «peace as a state of peace and the absence of war» , then with «i» The word means « community, society » . Galley, who proofread the writer were no banners, so the error crept in unnoticed circulation. Then the specimens were caught quickly, replaced the cover, but it was too late. still in school children learn that the word "peace" Tolstoy meant it "society» .

Bible debauchery

When it comes to all sorts of sacred texts, printers every now and walk the razor's edge. Five years had to prove a London publisher of the Bible in 1632 that blasphemy crept into the text of the book by accident and not the result of conscious blasphemy. In the end, he got off with a huge fine for that time - in 2000 pounds. The Bible has been published and is excellent for those times incredibly carefully, and only a tiny typo snuck in a huge text in one place flied particle «no» . Alas, she flew in the text of the commandments, namely the appeal «Do not commit adultery!» . Now in the world there are only a few instances Adulterous Bible - «Bible debauchery", and recently one of them was sold at auction for 60,000 pounds.

Where invisibly logs

And 16 years after the publication of the "Bible of debauchery" in an unpleasant story Flavigny got theologian, who in his treatise was careless enough to quote the famous phrase from the Gospel of Matthew about the person who sees the mote in the eye of a neighbor and does not notice the log in your own eye. The text and the quote was written as if things like that, in Latin, and not only upon the intervention of the devil in the set, in both cases disappeared letter «on» from the word oculo ("eye») . Get the same culo in Italian means not "eye", and not even «ass» . Flavigny saved only by recantation, in which he swore that he had no intention of so foul play upon words in Scripture.

Case of the Empress

most dangerous typos for editors - this is when an involuntary netsenzurschina sneaks into the description of those in power. So, in a very liberal years of the beginning of XX century on trial for insulting the royal family came editor of "Thought of Kiev." The point, however, was hushed up, when it became clear that any public hearing will only exacerbate the situation. And the reason for the wild scandal was a note entitled «Stay Dowager Empress Maria Fyodorovna in Finland» . In "Stay» «r» on insidiously replaced by «on» , and turned monstrous outrage.

not given to the Second

But Maria Feodorovna got off easy. Chuckled over it interesting Finnish tour in Kiev living - and forgotten. But Louis Bonaparte, Napoleon's nephew, had to live with a misprint. Approaching the throne of France after the Restoration, he adopted the name of his illustrious uncle, determined to make a Napoleon dynasty. In the days before the coronation printing worked overtime by making hundreds of thousands of leaflets coronation that had to convey to the French people that they have a king again. Hat decorated with leaflets calling "Long live Napoleon!". But typesetter to typeset with handwriting, realized that three sticks - this exclamation, and put them in place of the Roman "three". So on the day of the coronation came to the throne is the one whom the whole of France is now known as Napoleon III , although no Napoleon II in history was not . Later, in hindsight, the then image-makers have tried to cover up a mistake, explaining that a third of Louis Bonaparte became a mark of respect to the son of Napoleon, who could theoretically become Napoleon II, had survived ... But could not hide the truth.

truth in Izvestia

In the mid-30s in the newspaper "Izvestia" has passed the material to meet the leader of all the peoples of the Ambassador of Poland. Unfortunately, the letter «n» in the word «Ambassador» of the layout has disappeared. Editors and compositors saved only by the fact that the meeting took place with so-so success. Stalin was annoyed and, as legend has it, after hearing a report on the scandalous typo, said: «Do not punish a newspaper. She wrote the truth » .

Death to the letter

But generally censorship NKVD any inadvertent typographical errors do not recognize. There was an official circular, which was required by security officers to be more vigilant in the fight against the class enemy penetrating the seal or under the guise of typos, publishing anti-Soviet propaganda. For one single typo was arrested and shot the chief editor of the newspaper of the central Makhachkala. It is true that a typo was not just anywhere, but in the name of the leader. And not some, but the worst of the possible. Instead of letters «t» in black and yellowish-gray letter was printed «r» . If for "Salina" Ufa corrector planted for five years, but for "Stadina" only fired one of the editors of regional newspapers, for "Sralina" had to respond to the full.

Tell me what you command, and I will tell you who you are

It is easier to have got off employees Turkmen newspaper "Communar" committed the now famous typo in the word «commander» . Some encouraging words to the Soviet waterway there uttered « shit Commander." The entire edition was dismissed without the right to engage in the activities of the PCB for five years. Apparently, the Turkmen shark pen saved is right to get a bad word should be spelled with "o».

Well E!

climbed higher up the social ladder a person is, the more attention he has paid to the form and conventions. All sorts of ceremonies around the rulers lead to the fact that they often become hostages of different formal nonsense. Here are published "The Truth" in 1919, the transcript of the conversation with Red Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - that's all. Now and forever leader of the world proletariat remained illiterate «Ilyich» - according to the canons of the Soviet spell it now this way, and the only way. And any other Ilyich write correctly - «Ilyich» .

< strong> Biology Baby

Sometimes even misprints there is literally no way to refute. This opinion came to Leningrad edition of the newspaper "Change", which in 1973, publishing a story in a series of "children about animals," made a small mistake. It was about the jerboa, which the author affectionately referred «young long-eared small animals» . In a word «long-eared» swapped places letters «at» and «x» , and as such, these biological facts have been presented and children to Leningrad. Editor as follows ogreb the party line.

Life is to be lived out there

Typos in the text can sit quietly for years and can not be felt to explode at the right time. A small typo in one of the pre-war editions of Ostrovsky, "How the Steel Was Tempered" nestled in the famous phrase: «Life is to be lived so as not to be excruciatingly painful for the wasted years» . Instead «so» in the text printed «there» . And decades later, during the mass emigration of intellectuals and Jews from the Soviet Union, someone spotted this typo and changed the phrase became a kind of motto 70s.

Bulletin movable

accustomed to the fruits of printing, and humanity is accustomed to typing errors. The concept of "typo" was included in the most authoritative encyclopedia "Larousse", which gives an example of an ad, let us make a lot of noise once in France. Announcement sounded: «rent a beautiful farm. With proper treatment regularly brings enviable harvests » . The fault of the printing of the word ferme has turned femme - "a woman» , and the guardians of morality have come in awe of such shamelessness, printed in a solid real estate newsletter. In the literal sense of the word
Typos seem to can not only influence the fate, but also to predict it. In any case, one such typo predicted the fate of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, when he first received the summons in the Yukos case. Ring around the disgraced oligarch shrank gradually, carefully, and at first he was involved only as a witness. But on the agenda, and then replicate it many media already had written the truth, "as called sidetelya ».

the way, also a record

Saratov truck drivers Andrew Kostylev due to typo-Union became a celebrity after the regional newspaper printed about him laudatory article. Comrade Kostylev naezdil no accidents, major repairs and violations of one hundred thousand kilometers. He probably had a really good worker and did not deserve anything like this. But the words of the title of the article can not erase. It looked the same heading as: «100 miles - not perdel!» And then - a clear big picture of smiling hero of labor.

small difference

Russian writer Leskov life suffered because of the incredible number of typos in the text. Leskov was trying to capture people's living language, carefully recorded the folksy turns, and then typesetters, not really delving into the linguistic beauty, automatically replaced in the set «kufarku» on «cook» , < strong> «Stour» on «blind» and «tuvalet» on «toilet» . Therefore Leskov always happy typos in the texts of other authors - perhaps finding solace in the fact that no one is he miserable. It is known that for some time the writer was literally in love with a rebuttal, published in the newspaper "Kiev Telegraph". The newspaper apologized to readers for making a typo and pointed out that instead of «button» should be read «Madonna» . Leskov wrote that plagued the whole, trying to get a room with this typo and know how the text looks, but to do that to him, apparently failed.

And sometimes, when typos No, but I still get nothing. Here Sherih D. in his book "History of typos" recalls a newspaper «Good and lion dance of butterflies» about the contest of children's drawings. All was well until it was read out on the radio. Thousands of people then called the studio and asked what he was doing a good lion?

Source: http://www.maximonline.ru/statji/_a...nnyx-opechatok/

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