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Joshua Reynolds

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Among the many portrait painters of England special place belonged to Joshua Reynolds (Joshua Reynolds) (1723-1792). Reynolds was the founder and first president of the Royal Academy of Arts, founded in 1768. Aiming to establish in the ideal of art associated with the national reality, Reynolds combined features of secular pomp and typical aristocratic portrait of monumentality with the keenness of psychological characteristics. Painter Joshua Reynolds created a gallery of portraits of his contemporaries, most of the members of the upper strata of society.
Reynolds was born in Plympton in the son of a pastor, he studied with a portrait Hedsona. Trips to Italy and France have completed his art education, promoting the formation of free brushwork and harmonious saturated color. Strengths of his work appeared, where he followed nature. Gravitation Reynolds to create a true to life and at the same time, sanitized images found in "Portrait of the writer Stern" (1760, private collection).

"Portrait of the writer Stern's" 1760

characteristic picture of Joshua Reynolds' Portrait of Countess Spencer and her daughter Georgiana. " Gentle gesture mother embracing her little daughter, gives this charming portrait of a special warmth. Lace and silk dresses Countess written and broad manner and transferred with great skill. This loose brushwork used also for the image of a shaggy dog ​​fur and the sky overcast, in the background.

The Countess Spencer with her daughter Georgiana (647x700, 111Kb)

"The Countess Spencer with her daughter Georgiana"
< br />
Sir Joshua Reynolds is best known portraits of the English aristocracy, written in an elevated style, borrowed from the great Italian masters. Although this portrait pomp and convention composition is minimized, the artist still has introduced a number of traditional details in the background, such as columns, draperies and overhanging clouds. Reynolds enjoyed a reputation as an artist who raised portraiture in England up to the level of the great Italian masters. During the reign of George III the prestige of the artist was so high that when the King was founded in 1768 the Royal Academy of Arts, Reynolds without discussion was appointed its first president. Reynolds liked to portray portrayed at work, with your family. Full of grace and naturalness Nelly O'Brien (about 1762 London, Wallace Collection), sitting in the shade of the trees. The bright rays of the sun, getting through frequent foliage, fall highlights on her dress, for a small dog, which she holds in her lap. Serene gaze of a young woman draws attention to her affable gentle face.
At the same time realistic, free-relaxed portraits Reynolds performed ceremonial and allegorical portraits in the "big statuesque style" (as he called himself an artist), combining the features and individuality; idealism, rationalism, and elation. The portrayed in elegant robes depicted against the background of columns, draperies, decorative landscapes. Complex in composition portrait of the actress Sarah Siddons as the Muse of Tragedy (1784, San Marino, United States, Huntington Gallery). In a majestic pose she sits on the throne, behind which are seen allegory - Crime and Punishment. Portrait transformed into a colorful spectacle theater, visual portrait features it combines with allusive, solemnity. This is precisely the type of artist portraits have become very popular in many aristocratic and bourgeois customers. Not having time to execute orders personally, Reynolds was forced to resort to the help of students, which reduced the quality of his work. However, in the best formal portraits of numerous accessories do not obscure the nature of the model, presented in a state of elation and inspiration. These are the portraits of the officers on the battlefield. In their interpretation of the images helps to identify the heroic traits. Steeped in the romance of sea battles and wandering the old image of Admiral Lord Heathfield (1787-1788, London, National Gallery). It costs about guns. Thick sturdy figure, Distinguishing, energetic, weathered face with small piercing gray eyes gazing out from under bushy eyebrows, hand gestures, compressing the key to the fortress of Gibraltar - all this expresses the concentration and perseverance, the willingness to act. The contrast of red tones (in the form of Admiral) with dark-greenish and grayish (predominant in the ominous landscape) emphasizes the monumentality and intensity of the image. Vigorous dense art and strong plastic modeling enhance its expressiveness.
Occupying until his death president of the Royal Academy of Arts, Reynolds played the historical and mythological compositions, many efforts to educational and social activities. As a theorist of art called Reynolds explore the artistic heritage of the past, in particular the art of antiquity and the Renaissance. Adhering to the views, close to classicism, Reynolds, at the same time emphasized the special importance of imagination and feeling, anticipating that the aesthetics of romanticism

" Kimon and Iphigenia "

Reynolds, Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire & Her Daughter 1784 (700x551, 82Kb)

"Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire & Her Daughter "1784

"Colonel George Coussmaker"

Joshua_Reynolds Mrs. William Beresford (588x700, 94Kb)

"Mrs. William Beresford"

Portrait Of Lord John Townshend (508x700, 110Kb)

"Portrait Of Lord John Townshend"
< br /> Joshua Reynolds Thomas and Martha Neate with Tutor (700x674, 82Kb)

"Thomas and Martha Neate with Tutor" < br />
The Countess of Dartmouth (547x700, 85Kb)

"The Countess of Dartmouth"

Portrait Of Lionel Sackville (549x700, 510Kb)

"" Portrait Of Lionel Sackville "

The Duchess of Bedford, Gertrude (551x700, 54Kb)

"The Duchess of Bedford, Gertrude"

< a rel = "li-bigpic" target = "_blank"> Sir Joshua Reynolds General John Burgoyne 1766 General John Burgoyne (500x643, 274Kb)

"General John Burgoyne" 1766 < br />
Anne Dashwood. (590x685, 102Kb)

" Anne Dashwood "

Joshua Reynolds - Cupid Untying the Girdle of Venus (1788) (546x700, 119Kb)

"Cupid Untying the Girdle of Venus" 1788 . Hermitage

Portrait of Suzanne Beckford (545x700, 51Kb)

"Portrait of Suzanne Beckford"

Portrait Of Admiral Thomas Cotes (530x700, 96Kb)

"Portrait Of Admiral Thomas Cotes"
< br /> Portrait Of Mrs Stanhope (546x700, 551Kb)

"Portrait Of Mrs Stanhope"

Self-portrait by Joshua Reynolds Museum Toussaint Bornemitsa (560x700, 76Kb)

"Self-Portrait" 1760, Museum of Toussaint Bornemitsa

Mrs. William Molensvort. (Molesworth) (552x700, 58Kb)

" Mrs. William Molensvort "

" Portrait of John Simpson "

Anne, Viscountess, then markiza Townsend 1780 (422x700, 82Kb)

"Anne, Viscountess, then markiza Townsend" 1780


" Self-Portrait "1780

Portrait Of The Artist Aged Seventeen (434x700, 159Kb)

"Portrait Of The Artist Aged Seventeen"

George Clive and his family (700x530, 130Kb)

"George Clive and his family"
< br /> Portrait of a Lady Jones in childhood (Good, rabbit), ca. 1788-89 (521x642, 55Kb)

" Portrait of a Lady Jones in childhood (Good for you, hare) ", ca. 1788-89

< a rel = "li-bigpic" target = "_blank"> Francis Rawdon Hastings (428x700, 77Kb)

"Francis Rawdon Hastings"

Portrait of Charles Hamilton (539x700, 90Kb)

"Portrait of Charles Hamilton"

Joshua Reynolds - Mrs Abington Mrs. Abington (436x700, 54Kb)

"Mrs. Abington"

The Countess Anne Albemarle (546x700, 85Kb)

"The Countess Anne Albemarle"

between tragedy and comedy (700x535, 81Kb)

"between tragedy and comedy"

Miss Elizabeth Ingram (552x700, 45Kb)

"Miss Elizabeth Ingram"

Forgiveness of Scipio, 1789 Hermitage (490x700, 88Kb)

"Forgiveness of Scipio," 1789 Hermitage

Portrait of a Young Woman (566x700, 73Kb)

"Portrait of a Young Woman"

< a rel = "li-bigpic" target = "_blank"> Emma, ​​Lady Hamilton Como bacante (606x700, 70Kb)

"Emma, ​​Lady Hamilton"
< br />
Miss Elizabeth Johnson in 1780 (581x700, 93Kb)

"Miss Elizabeth Johnson," 1780


< br /> reynolds143 (413x700, 67Kb)

Sketches of children's heads (560x700, 138Kb)

"Sketches of children's heads"

*** ****

Gilbert Stuart portrait by Joshua Reynolds in 1784 (576x700, 80Kb)

Gilbert Stuart "Portrait of Joshua Reynolds' 1784

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