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The principle of nature. About learning.

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psychologists and psycho

Quote of the theme of "Happy Pi":
"Numerous memoirs give quite adequate idea of ​​the reaction of contemporaries, especially in the provinces - hooting in the halls during performances futurists, satires in the local tabloid, dressing on the poet's jester crowns, that is, almost a carbon copy - a near full reaction of the public, which is easy to observe and in the subject. " (C) AlexSpb

Do I have to accept the phenomenon described in the citation as a problem of our time? Let us turn to the deep history.

According to many scientists, the evolution of speech goes, falls back to the croaking amphibians. In line with this understanding, the consonance of the word "letter" from the marsh Heron is quite natural. Physiologists drew the attention of researchers in the history of the emergence of speech in mammals different sound components with changes in their emotional state, depending on the assessment of the circumstances. The nature of sound can vary from cozy to the terrible rumbling growl if selected treat. In fact, a set of "animal" is the language of sounds and animals. Taking a look at the formation of the speech from this point of view, slovenias named animals are extremely close to the line of development to the man apes. Disclosure of the semantics of names shows that it is consonant with the idea "of the flaw." And this flaw mammalian development is very significant in relation to humanity.
But here, there was human speech, and trying to discern the mystery of letters and phonemes, mythology presents the image of Atlantis and the Atlanteans. Myth uses the metaphor of ya_blok fruiting garden. Mythical Atlas shows mankind in the person of Hercules, three gold unit of speech - the trinity of ancient origin: the principles of being a reasonable perception of Mira properties and identify each sound principle, ie a letter. The idea that this is only an image, packaged in a name Atl_anti_da informing the lack of it on the atlas.

Interestingly, in connection with the exploration of outer space appeared a funny version, according to which the planet Earth, which received its development somewhere in the universe, gravity was in orbit the Sun in our galaxy. Vymiraya due to changing parameters of life, the Atlanteans were genetically mixed with the more numerous people and to teach their children a meaningful speech. This version of the origin of the "souls of the dead" was the explanation not only missing link in the evolution of humanity, but also an instinctive aspiration to fly into interstellar space, like the seasonal migrations of birds. This version reflects the verses of poets of the Silver Age and The art of Churlionis, Lanin and many, many, many ...:

And bezbolno, with welcome sadness
Flutter stars Hosea
Like a river that drained to the mouth,
I poured into the holy ocean ...

In the past, for the enlightenment of the huge masses of ignorant laymen earned Institute Mysteries, which gradually evolved into many forms of religious education through symbols, images, rituals, and traditions. Egyptian priests imagined the human mass in the form of a sandy desert, every grain of sand that will eventually be passed through the table grid of letter codes. Later times called it a sign of Isis. Priests contemptuously in harmless sense of the word, considered dog-trained monkeys. Now known grain of sand or a dog was meant by the word "dog." Domesticated for thousands of years BC Dogs that have a fairly developed brain, keen eyesight and keen hearing, dogs were called and made a symbol of the principle of learning are not unique to humans. "The dog because of her faithfulness means the relationship that should exist between student and master or between the initiated and his God. - We read in the Philosophical Encyclopedia M.Holla. - Shepherd is a symbol of priestly craft. Ability of the dog to feel and to pursue the invisible man for miles symbolizes the transcendental power by which the philosopher should be a thread of truth through a maze of earth faults "
It seems to me that the name "dog-monkey", released to the encyclopedia, arose because of translation errors. It would be better to say "psinogolovye monkey." So it is better to accept the idea, which gave the name of the letter code of the natural principle of "Education". And the meaning of the word "crazy", meaning "the student said to understand by means of letters," it would be necessary to clear the emotional layers of teachers. No one is offended by the title "psychologist" (learning). And the train is not shameful. Time smoothes the difference between priests and psychos, but sometimes it breaks out into a situation of communication. Then the poets remind us of eons of natural force:

We gasped at the genius of the land alone,
So that we breathe and hear everyone who is not deaf,
That all of nature is his deep sigh
And all of his poetry=a deep breath.

So it is necessary to consider whether the phenomenon described in the citation, the problem of modernity?

Such reflections have in diaries "Secrets of the alphabet. Give ear to understand" and "Secrets of the alphabet. Images." in the form of an essay "PS" and "Images of the alphabet (instead of letters)"
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