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V. Serov Figures

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V. Serov was a great draftsman. He was the first Russian artists built a pencil drawing from the status of "simple outline" to the rank of an independent work of art. Numerous portraits in pencil and charcoal marked a lively character in the transmission model and perfection in execution, as well as oil paintings. Serov is perhaps the only Russian portrait painter, whose works completely erased the line between machine-portrait, sketch, sketch or drawing pencil - just have a portrait, only a man.

Valentin Serov. Girls NA and T.A.Kasyanovy, 1907


Portrait KA Obninsk with the bunny. 1904

Pushkin on a Park Bench. 1899

Portrait I.Yu.Gryunberg. 1910

portrait artist FI Chaliapin. 1905

Amazon. M.F.Mamontova. 1884

Portrait KS Stanislavsky. 1911

Portrait of Isaac Levitan. 1900

Valentin Serov. Self-portrait. 1887

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