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Винтажные и старинные предметы интерьера..
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History of "Black Square".

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For the first time, "Black Square" appeared as a hero of the play Kruchenykh "Victory Over the Sun." Kazimir Malevich made in this production as a set designer. "Black Square" was part of the scenery of absurdist plays, symbolizing the victory of humanity over nature.
All the costumes and look of a scene ruled smooth shape, only cubist shapes and sharp angular contours are brought to the audience during the performance. In the action, where the "black box" finally replaces the sun, according to the plot, change all the laws of the real world: distorted by time, space, the universe.
As a finished product, "Black Square" was exhibited for the first time at the "0.10" - (December 1915 - January 1916.), Along with 39 other Suprematist works. They have been called "colorful array in the fourth dimension." "Square" was exhibited in the "red corner" that is, in the very place where the tradition usually had to hang icons that immediately attracted a lot of critical evaluations and comments.

Art historian, founder of the "World of Art", Alexander Benois wrote: "No doubt, this is the one icon, which the Lord put Futurists return Madonna." Indeed, the very Kazimir Malevich believed that his "Black Square" is an "embryo of painting, the starting point of art."
How is it that the art of "zero out", bringing to life primitive geometric shapes?
With the advent of photography in the middle of the XIX century painting begins to undergo all the big changes. First, the Impressionists allow themselves to change the color of the classic, post-impressionists distort academic perspective, thus only realistic objectivity in the film remains unchanged.
"Black Square" is a statutory base for direction, which Malevich developed in the artistic style of the early twentieth century - "Suprematism is that a new, non-objective system of the elements used to express feelings," - the artist wrote, explaining this phenomenon in art. If all categories are exhausted prior portrayal of creativity, there are only the simplest form, designed to start from the beginning of the history of art. So K.Malevich begins his history of art, with the annihilation of all that was in the fine before.
Black and white in the picture is the two ends of the spectrum. Between them is the infinite variety of color solutions. Simple, versatile geometry makes the "black box" is not only a beautiful new axiom system, but a sign, an emblem of the end of the pre-revolutionary art. Sharp color contrast and concisely brings the product to almost poster-expression.
Pre-revolutionary mood and desire for change have made "Black Square", a symbol and icon of the entire work of the twentieth century. Through this work, the art of the twentieth century, there will be many areas, schools, and styles such as Russian or foreign art. Suprematist form of this world will become the basis for the artists.
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