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Secrets of the alphabet. Confession.

Запись от Магнолия размещена 10.01.2013 в 13:02

Spiritual COMPANY

Somersaults! And I'm not the one
It was before the turn.
Taken another trait
In an effort to live as someone once lived.

He gave me a sign of your soul
And a lot of words to catch the litas.
He advised: Write!
And life will step where everything is open.

I tumbled years
Beyond the boundaries of sense and limit
And I discovered the New World,
Which would uncontrollably.

Light exorbitant promised
Living between takeoff and anxiety.
Of all the ways he covered
One that has to be expensive.

I went on it herself.
No! Ran! Flew!
And rushed up the soul
Forgetting about death and the needs of the body.

Here light and sound make up news
Not as much as the people on the ground.
There was me as it is,
"Prancing Soul!" - Native singing soul.

Now I, like Prometheus,
Sparkling word instantly note
Where falls Orpheus
Eurydice as he set up an appointment

Whose address Happiness convey
Where to be kind, smile, peace,
Evil Men on what didst send,
Who does not give a hand to hand, and the lira.

Sometimes I'm flying to the Earth
There, where the groans under the weight of folk,
And the light is needed in the pitch darkness,
To force the upper hand over an idiot.

It employs friends seriously
For convenience and progress.
But they are hampered by angry dog ​​-
Guardian of bribes, meanness and stress.

In debt to God and Fate
Even his long tumble.
Buddies! You'd have to
Faster in turn acrobats!


© Magnolia Dmitriev.

Diary "Magnolia" in the "ARTinvestment Forum" includes copyrights write for publication, including illustrated.
The reprint without issuing permission of author.
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