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Secrets of the alphabet. Creation

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[SIZE="4" ]In the C O T O R E N E[/SIZE]

Apples in the basket and bumps .
They got brisk mouse.
Thinking lazy, but again
It was his turn to seek grain ,
Find the connection between faith and science .
Philosopher enjoy this flour.

He regard the faith of the past ,
Talk about the likelihood ,
One link to another node
And the reliability of memory in turn .
What's wrong - History Recovered,
All of the " Yes " and " No" to put everything into place .
                                              "About This "

     Autumn was not very cold , and I bit late with his residence in the country right up to the first days of December . I love waking up, eyes closed , to remember that I'm alone, and that I was nothing and no one is waiting , except for the unfinished essay. Notebook with the text lies on a table side by side, and you can without getting out from under a warm blanket, thinking back to the evening and catching a fresh flow of thought , to add two or three paragraphs , if not leave a comfortable position to the last point. Guards only imperceptible creeping in the essay deserted. Friends say that in my suburban harvest almost always have a taste of the lecture.
- I read your "Code Development " and I can not shake the feeling that you are learning , and I, who for two decades older than you , scholar - scholar .
- How do I report such an important topic ? Development! Evolution ! From the birth of consciousness to space exploration ! - I'm making excuses , but she understand , " people want to enjoy reading ."
     By the way, recently I was asked to continue some of my essay , not " on the mysteries of the alphabet ," not the " I have the honor ! ... " . Reach for the computer. I find the files. That's it ! Essay, " I have the honor ! ... " ends rebuke of innuendo about " in there " and " W is." About the " News" is what I then wrote a lot , especially in the " Cod Development ," but to "W is" - somehow I did not reach. Not reached , not feet! It is ridiculous ! Well , come on ! Not a bad idea to start from the other end of the essay. How was it? - " ... Olga hurried to leave. //- We did not say a word about" in there "and" W is "- she remembered the words of our conversation starter . //- This is your homework - I joked ."
     Well, well ! Continue easier than starting !

(in order to continue the essay " an honor ! ... " )

     A few days later Olga calls and complains : "W is" is, and thoughts on the subject there . I only know that in six people linked to the " number of the beast ."
- No, no , Olenka . By this we come back later. I strip off to you by e-mail "Code Development " , and you pay special attention to place an "intuitive " turn in a sequence of natural principles.
- Do not, do not throw off . I have read your " Code Development " in Artinvestmente . I realized that the alphabetical table to roll a tube , and then there is not the first column or the last . The solid continuum !
- That's it ! Look closely in this solid continuity to the second rank , starting from the principle of the "Direction" .
- In what way? Let me come to you better . With his laptop. We still have to discuss some of the images, and you do not have all the files reveal.
- Come !

     To explain the meaning encoded by the letter " W " , I intend to offer to switch from formula to Olga "W is" on "only" w . " Something like" w and w=shish . "
     I understand that to be a very neat conversation . I got out from the shelves of your books , make bookmarks. Looking for something on the Internet and copy itself to the theme of " codes of B- to -C - H = 2 with zero and zeros ." Look in the dictionary . The approaches of different sources to the same word " shish " surprise , amaze ... Some still are led to a table within the meaning of origin, to the perception of a more accurate term.
     We Vl.Dalya and in a four- Russian Dictionary of Language 1981-1984 yy I find only the most superficial interpretation of the word " fig " , " pointed tip of something , or a pointed object standing upright ." And again, fig , fig, fig - a gesture made ​​with one hand . Interactive wikipedia elaborates gesture in the form of a folded hand in a fist with the thumb stick between your index and middle , is used in various situations of conflict and disputes. As an illustration wikipedia tells the well-known puzzle of Stalin. In Yalta , in 1945 , met Stalin , Churchill and Roosevelt . Was a question about the redistribution of European borders after the war. Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt suggested : " Give us the Crimea, and for that we 'll give you the same size piece of Germany." Stalin thought for a moment and said: "If could recognize my riddle , I will give you the Crimea ." Shows Churchill and Roosevelt large middle and index fingers of his left hand and asks, " Which of these three fingers mean ? " Churchill seized on the index finger - "That's the average ! " " No, I guess ," - said Stalin . Roosevelt felt that it is necessary to select from all five fingers of the hand , and pointed to the middle finger. " No, you did not guess ," - said Stalin . Shish folded and showed it to Churchill and Roosevelt : "Here is our Crimea ! "
     There is a wikipedia and serious scientific information that was originally a gesture of " shish " symbolized coitus and had so obscene , that is obscene , illegal , semantics. In this context, the gesture was used in ancient times in Russia as a defense to repel evil spirits , which, as being asexual , while retreating . The word "fig " has prehistoric roots, which fit into the theory of proto-language : there are Turkic and Indo -European sounds , such as Turkish and Tatar şiş Shesh - means " rod , bloating ," and Sanskrit शिश्न (śiśna) - « penis ", as well Sanskrit root शि (śiś) means " that which remains ." In eastern countries - China, Korea and Japan - this gesture is of the utmost importance and indecent , speaking as a phallic symbol , is a complete analogue of the western "brother " - the middle finger . Zilch in many countries was obscenely - vulgar meaning of the " stick ", " Dowel ", " shove ", meaning having sex . In Turkey and many Arab countries it is the most severe sexual abuse , while in Germany can be perceived simply as a suggestion to have sex . And the Brazilians this gesture is the wish of "good luck ."
     There is an article in Wiktionary "fig " , announces the names of the other sex - intercourse , coitus , copulation , penetration in the traditional heteronormative understanding , that is, as a contact between two individuals for the purpose of obtaining satisfaction associated with reproduction . From the names I am particularly interested in the word " fuck ." It turns out that it was formed from the verb " to come together " as is " with + to go." After all, we are not surprised , " so_trudniki ", " so_ratniki ", " so_butylniki " ... Dictionary shows that in many ancient and proto-language based on the values ​​of "go" , " enter ", " go ", "come ", " go ", " forced to go ", " move gait ", " pacer " is based on the international ei ! It is very similar to the call of " hey " . Call that in a pleasant situation can be regarded as an invitation to intercourse . Such a sense of copulation , shish ... fits into the continuum of meanings principles second horizontal alphabetical table. In the " Development of Cod " has already been mentioned a single speaker in the transition from the principle of the "Direction" with the code " B- O2 " to an " approximation " with its "K- 20" and then to the principle of " Unity" with the " S-200 " . This dynamic aspirations of the goal for the building up something . The very expression "for the purpose of obtaining satisfaction " takes into account the possibility so_tvoreniya ordinances . If my research and thoughts reproduce the thinking of the creators of Cyrillic alphabet , it is clear that having a view of the " shish " , they placed the letter " W " in the same horizontal line with the codes of B- to -C .

   Merry warble tone means you have to let Olga . From the doorway she twittered that she did not need to explain the meanings of the letters , the prepositions " in ", " to " and "from" , she herself is well aware of how they are " tied " time.
- First, I'm going " in " your area , then go up the "K" your home to meet the "C" you - quickly came up with Lala , so I did not doubt its intelligibility .
- Now we'll define , for which a meeting was held - I picked up the intended line. - Oily until I covering of coffee - tea pechenyushkami , you're prepared to display bookmarks. This can be useful to us for selection of images of the principle of " ... I do not know what to call it. Actually , of the" Sh_est " my thoughts scatter in different directions .
- And rightly so, that the scatter in different directions - Olga smiled , sitting down to an old desk. - And how could it be otherwise , if present round of the principles of intuition , both before and after the other , " reasonable " turns.
     Olga was plunged into reading the pages of books and the monitor , and I watched with interest how the expression on her face. From these minutes depends on the result of our meeting. So it happens. Or disposition of each of us will flow into one channel , and together we razdobudem a miracle . Or a lack of understanding the question stuck in a swamp of knowledge and opinions. I'm waiting , wishing and hoping .
     After reading the prepared me quote Olga thoughtfully turned his gaze over all through the wall somewhere . Then she opened her laptop , and ran his fingers lightly on the necessary keys. A few minutes later she gave way to the computer to me.
- Here, now you read . And notice I highlighted the phrase , where Freud " tried to extend the scope of psychoanalysis - from understanding the symptoms of what he called " mortal man " to analyze " the one who stands among the greatest of the human race , " according to the" laws which at the same irrefutable control of both normal and abnormal activity. " Now I think that union - fig - this is the " libido " which Freud refers to as the instinct of mankind . However, most people understand it too primitive. Here Jung psychic energy is more clearly expresses the idea of the instinct of attraction to scientific and artistic activities . They both like to be groped , they say that you want to be called a natural principle with the code " W " . You read , and then I will tell and show you how I see and understand the "creation of shish ."
- "It is said as if groping ." Is that you, darling , well said . I do not get tired to explain the term " tongue-tied " - a touch of the unknown concept of the word . Sometimes the tongue-tie lasts for years, until someone will pick up the most accurate image of the most characteristic features .
     I began to read . It was an excerpt from the third volume of work R.Diltsa "Strategies for geniuses ." In her book on the basis of Freud's " Leonardo da Vinci and a memory of his childhood ," Dilts tried to analyze the nature of genius Leonardo da Vinci. Freud outlined a " psychobiography " great artist , scientist and inventor as the quintessential Renaissance man , and Dilts , echoing Freud, the articulation of the idea that sexual satisfaction - is only a partial version of the meeting itself, which is the driving force of life. However, if Freud took ratio and the substitution of " bodily " (sexual) , and spiritual satisfactions Dilts then focused his attention on the passion of Leonardo da Vinci to the diverse learning activities, on a passion for what today is called synergy .
- Lala , listen , " Freud asserted:" The fact that the artist creates , at the same time giving out his sexual desires .... The pulses that can be described only as sex ... made ​​an invaluable contribution to the greatest cultural, artistic and social achievements of the human mind " - I read , missing small pieces of suggestions to more clearly sounded discrepancy adjective " sexy " the generally accepted view about sex.
- That's what I'm saying - caught Olga. - Sexual desire of the artist, work , sex , love , valence with her ​​Valentine's Day and valentines ... Leapfrog any! Someone happy , someone is suffering ! Someone lit, someone burns !
- Do not get excited . It is better to try to understand. Painter , canvas , paint ... The picture ! Creation ? ?
- Creation - agreed to Olga.
- Parents , love, sex ... The baby! Creation ? ?
- Creation - smiled Lala .
- The inventor , books, materials ... Computer! Creation ? ?
- Creation - Olga nodded . - A valence with her ​​Valentine's Day and Valentine?
- It is , I'm sorry , proportionality . Srastetsya - not srastetsya . As you can see , it all comes down to His Majesty the Creation ! And so what adjectives distribute varieties of Creation - is a secondary matter . As for the " sexual desire of inventors and artists," or what Freud was unable to explain his point completely, or very confused at adjectives . Taking into account the references to psychologists named Electra , then , I think , was meant "Voltage " .
- Or rather " elan vital ." Remember that? You yourself wrote in his poem " Valence " :

I do not blame the wrong motive.
There is no thought . There is only the power of passion .
But so is arranged elan vital .
And we only butterflies in his mighty power.

- I remember , I remember. Oh , that's horrible eye view Dilts of happiness and burning of suffering and combustion. Listen : " Freud's Beliefs about the central role of sexuality ... are the most provocative and controversial. Yet , if we look for a moment at what lies beyond the content of Freud's beliefs , we see : that in fact, he says that" deep structure " ( primitive instinctual impulses ) can be converted into an infinite number of different" surface structures " (social, artistic and scientific achievements) . Freud implies that the manner and thoroughness with which expressed deep structure determines whether it is" transformed " satisfactory manner or will cause " disorders " and " pathological " .
- Yeah ... I understand " natural principle " in Freud called " deep structure " , and the manner and thoroughness that put this natural principle , it is determined whether the Creation is born or someone will get upset and suffer.
- I also understand that - I supported Olga - and yet I understand that principle , encoded by the letter "W " should be called "Creation ."
- Creation of sexual intercourse ! - His eyes twinkled mischievously , his legs buckled easily amused ... Comically staggered Lala picked up a piece of paper with my poem and reached for the guitar. - Entry ! Met two drinking companion . " Come , Let us make ! " Proposed a poet . " Come on ! " Agreed musician . - Representing both , Olga shook shish towards the doors and windows. - Shoo , evil spirits ! Scat , barren !
     The first chord , guitar and obeyed guest. The newborn was little melody and swinging like a bird , crouched on a twig .

Give me a hug ! - Hear
All that is not to say.
Give me a hug ! - You'll see
All that did not show up.

Two hearts zavorkuyut ,
Tremble , yearn .
Guess the heart -
Being it together until the end.

Give me a hug ! - Recognize
Anything you do not understand .
Give me a hug ! - And it will be
All that the MIP will awaken !

     Olga put down the guitar and walked over to a separate underlying books , used to quote the authors in his work " Evolution and right ." Closely examining covers, she pulled out some books from the stacks and leafing through them slowly . At the sight of a pretty face pictures smiled as when meeting with an old acquaintance .
- I wanted to hear the story about the " W is." I did not expect that we will be discussing the topic of sexual satisfaction , and intrinsic tailed . Apparently, this one tomcat , hinting at his posture Allen , has launched a belief that the six - the number of the beast.
- As you know , the satisfaction of the Creation and the typical tailed . This is highly significant that held out the idea of ​​the hexagon . We'll get back to it.
For now , note that the animal principle of " Creation" with the code " W " place to the principle of " Direction " with the code " B". You're the one offered to roll the table tube . "And then there is not the first column or the last . Solid continuum ! " - I reminded her Olga cried .
- Yes , evolution has selected a forward direction , clockwise , for humanity , for the creation of Mira people. I catch you up on that - I wait for the story about another province " Creation " by the principle of " Unity" with its code " C".

     We move on the sofa. Coffee - tea waiting for us at a small coffee table. Here , as usual, have pads and pencils. Using yellow and blue , Olga showed promise "the creation of shisha ." Comments on the green shape arising from the imposition of blue on yellow, not required . We understood each other in conversations about suschnom . But now had to tell Olga about the unearthly .
     Memory helpfully presented me with just two paintings - " The Last Supper " and a picture of Rene Magritte's what I called the " Meteoritt " with two " comrades ."

ill. Pavel Popov . "The Last Supper "

ill. " Meteoritt " Rene Magritte

     Both paintings are associated with an ancient legend tells that in the battle with evil flaming sword of the Archangel Michael knocked out of Lucifer's crown green stone , that is, lithos- sign, which fell out of the depths of the celestial spheres to the Earth. It was made of unprecedented beauty Cup - the Holy Grail , from which Christ drank at the Last Supper. Then the Holy Chalice lost . Insiders believe that the search for the mysterious oracular Bowls - is the eternal search for the truth of the abyss beyond. Philosophers and psychologists believe that the likelihood can smell , being in a particular state of consciousness.

ill. Leushin Anatoly . Fragment of The Omen (Holy Chalice - the Grail Cup )

     After listening to the legend , Olga became closely examine reproduction. There was silence from me drifted to thoughts that swirled in Holguin head.





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