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Swedish artist Johan Edvard Bergh (1828-1880).

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Woodland .

Johann Edward Berg ( Johan Edvard Bergh ) - Swedish landscape painter, born in Stockholm March 29 1828. His Mother Emma was born in 1809 in Swedish colony the Caribbean island of Saint- Barthelemy , where her father John Eric Forsström worked as pastor vrachom.V 1825 it reaches 16 years < /span> married a railroad manager in Stockholm Severin Berg dwelling in prison for, and in the same year, the young family moved to Stockholm. Edward was the second of their child. Edward studied legal science in the main Swedish University g.Uppsale since 1844 and received degree judge in 1849. Founded in 1477 Uppsala University and is now the oldest center of higher education in the Scandinavia . He began his career as a notary. just two years of his life abruptly pomenyalas.Prichinoy to become his trip Island Gotland, where he accidentally met with more < /span> artists . Gotland-not only the sun, but also the largest island in Scandinavia. (Wisby ) - the main town on the island of Gotland, Sweden, owned, in the Middle Ages was a very important harbor and was part of the Hanseatic League, but in 1361 was conquered by the Danish King Waldemar III and completely looted, and then could not quite recover . The impressive city wall of Visby, from ancient times around the old city. On the island you can find more than 100 medieval churches in the 12-14, Hundreds of prehistoric ruins, burial mounds and forts. Almost across the island are runic stones with ancient inscriptions Vikings height from one to three meters. Bdol coast can be seen raukary-limestone rocks bizarre.

Gotland. < /u>

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Since childhood, who can draw well, Edward < /font> went with them , when they went in Visby draw ancient ruins and monuments < span>. His interest in art woke up , returning to Stockholm, he showed his drawings and sketches Scandinavian < /span> Professor of Painting Christian Didrik Forssell (1777 - one thousand eight hundred fifty-two) .

Kopparstickaren professor Chr. D. Forssell .
Litografi av J. E. Cardon, 1838

He invited Edward continue studying Painting and pass proper training under management Professor Way Uppsala, so Evard Berg started his research in landscape zhivopisi.Na first Edward combined his duties with teaching art, but soon picked vtoroe.V only 1852. Edward officially began to study at Academy in Stockholm and a year he received appreciation with tourist grantom.V 1854 he began his study abroad with a trip to Dusseldorf Geneva and Italy. then studied at Karlsruhe under Hood and Geneva - Kalam. In 1861 he was appointed extraordinary, in 1867 a full professor of the Royal Stockholm Academy of Liberal Arts. Edward Berg created in Swedish school of landscape painting. Much truth in the image of nature, well crafted details, fresh flavor and a return to family, domestic subjects - these are the distinctive qualities of his brush. Berg was a very prolific artist. Many of his landscapes, representing species of wild nature of the north, are in foreign galleries, mainly in England, Holland and France.

In 1856 Edward Berg married by artist Amanda Josephine < /span> Amalia Helander ( < span style = "font-size: 16px"> Amanda Josefina Amalia Helena Helander ) ( 1825-1885

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Amanda Helander was an illustrator. She was the daughter of priest < /span> . Probably, learned from new = "new" times = "times"> Maria Röhl new = "new" times = "times"> Richard new = "new" times = "times"> Amanda lived in Paris. It presented the Association < /span> Swedish artists in the exhibition the Royal Arts Academy in Stockholm to < span> 1911,.

Landscape cows in watering. < /span>

short period in 1866 Edward worked As artist on china Rörstrand and 1867 he was appointed Professor . In 1874. artist struck a stroke and, leaving Sweden about n going to Norway, where is for a longer period and refrains zhivopisi.Nahodyas from a wheelchair, the artist was trying to complete backlog orders, but it was not brilliant earlier work. After < span> long illness Edward Berg September 23 1880 died , he was only 52 , the . His path in paintings by his son Richard (Richard) Berg.

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Sunset the bay


src = https://d2mpxrrcad19ou.cloudfront.net/item_images/355829/8450307_fullsize.jpg < /p>

romantic mountain Landscape with Figures.

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Woodland with birches and cows at the watering .

landscape. < /span>

Cottage on thresholds.

Mountain landscape with wayfarers and a mill.

< span style = "font-size: 16px"> src = http://s017.radikal.ru/i414/1203/c1/7c9112c22f5a.bmp

< p style = "text-align: center"> Storm in the mountains (kpiya from work Kalam).

src = http://s019.radikal.ru/i611/1203/49/f703a1d9ad3d.jpg

Falls .

src = http://s019 .radikal.ru/i624/1203/af/111c0830dd3d.jpg

Italian landscape.

src = http://s05.radikal.ru/i178/1203/ed/0bf96ba8f0e5.jpg

Landscape with fisherman .

 style = < /span>

Lithography. With price at an inn in Småland , Bengt Nordenberg < /span> .

src = http://s019.radikal.ru/i603/1203/7d/1948974f3a26.jpg < /p>


Edvard Bergh 1880.




< span> http://www.hembygdshistoria.se/kull...gd /forssell.htm

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