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Secrets of the alphabet. Code development.

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code development

Waited fruitlessly humanity
That from ancient chairs and pulpits
From the mouth of the anointed priests
Shed creative verb.
All the churches of the world - only the keepers
Old Testaments and canons;
Their abodes pomerknuvshih
The Creative Logos departed.
But the soul passionate and hot,
They will pass on from generation to genera
Creators of the new hierarchy,
Whose golden end away.
Holy giant, not man-made
Shining miter, holds strictly
In another eon - on the other side
Transfiguration of the land.
                             Daniel Andreev

     Let's start with the fact that the tongue-tie - not a crime, but the gift of God. Not everyone is given and allowed to touch a brush or pen to the West, which is considered to be, goes down the angels of heaven. The bad news, in the sense that something unknown in Transition "is" hovering between countries and people in search of the Master, it is able to smell, likened to a familiar image and show the picture or in words. Tongue-tie is extremely difficult to implement. Better than said so Gumilev, really.

Nor rustle midnight distances,
Neither the songs that sang mother
We never knew
What is worth understanding.

And the symbol of heavenly majesty,
As a blessed covenant
High Tongues
You granted a poet.
              N.Gumilev. "Octave"

     Sometimes a news flies to several masters, and they tell us about it in every way. This happened at the end of the second millennium after Christ. The news about the essence of the alphabet and the Slavic alphabet almost simultaneously broke Tongues tracts in psychology and philosophy, on the canvas of artists, works of poets and prose writers. Some talked about the properties of the whole alphabet system, others have tried to understand the nature of its elements. Valuable contribution to the tale of the history of the alphabet and the alphabet have encyclopedic. Tongues topics like touch to the theme speech gradually overgrown details, images, terms, explanations ...
     On the first attempt to show the nature of Conduct as a triad of "imaginary" - "symbolic" - the "real" leading to the words of the alphabet, a barrage of criticism. Condemned freedom with which the author, Jacques M.E.Lakan, used concepts taken from different areas of knowledge. Texts of Lacan called incoherent pseudoscientific gibberish, and he himself was a "fun and conscious charlatan." In the twentieth century civilized rejection Tongues like the circumstances of the formation of Christianity. Lacan also "crucified." And in Russia, news of the sacred meaning of the Slavic alphabet smelled right ... the granddaughter of Alexander Pushkin, philologist Lidia Saveliev. She outlined his views in a published magazine "North" article. Later, her observations were compared by me with the corresponding reflections of labor, "Evolution and the Law." It is written with a short essay, explaining the situation as "PS". Lacan's concept of cleft palates were also compared with the terminology used in the book "The Evolution of the Right", and published on the site forum "ARTinvestment." Such work with the concepts in the form of replacing the traditional definitions of religious to the secular, has been done with the help of Russian text commentary for "modernizing" concerning the nature of Conduct.
     It is important to note that the images of the artists and the titles of paintings began to declare their attention to the meaning of the alphabet. For example, Kay Sage and named one of his works - "hidden letters."

ill. Kay Sage. "Hidden letter."

Touching the hand of the artist News got its name - Izomifologiya. Thus, in connection with the demonstration of the artist, showing that we are traveling through life with the alphabet in the form of natural principles suitcase with letters codes principles of his work has been called by the organizers "Sergei Alferov. IzoMifologiya."

ill. Sergei Alferov. "In the cage"
     Once on the natural principle of "Poetry", reveals Keep the rhythm and rhyme, was published essay "winged image of the heavenly aeon", art critics and collectors forum immediately reacted to the creation of the theme "On the relationship between poetry and painting. Couples poet-artist." Were shown interesting parallels touching News poem and picture.

     Do the terms "news" and "Development" one nature called Life, and describe their nature equally difficult. Even more difficult to call tongue-tied to the story about the code of Development. But now, after the clarification of difference "tongue-tied" from "kostnoyazychie," you can take a chance to approach the description of a forgotten news of the speech code evolution without fear of being crucified.

     The existence of a natural phenomenon "Observation", described in the first part of the essay, "Images of the alphabet (instead of letters)" and shows a picture of "Subject <=> Object", implies the existence of an integral of a direction of gaze of the subject-observer on the object of observation.

ill. "Subject <=> Object"

It is therefore logical to assume that physically existing natural principle "Direction" continual join the first principle of the first round of development. Respectively designated account number "two." In the conventional understanding of the principles tandem "supervision" and "Direction" exists only in the light, which allows you to view, manage and lead to the goal. This is probably why the letter "B", the principle of alphabetic code "Destination", was named "lead." The old emphasis in the title is on the first syllable, and the imperative form of the verb "lead" with the accent on the second syllable, appeals to the notion of "direction". Course pairing of main lines begin with the letter "a" is quite meaningful: up and down, up and down, left and right. Usual visible signs direction was the arrow. Russian dictionaries confirm that third alphabetic letter "B" has a calculus "two."

     I can not believe that the creators of the alphabet, Cyril and Methodius, admitted negligence in the distribution and calculation letters of the Russian alphabet. Sure, they had a very strong case to not include rudimentary second letter "B", located between the codes of principles "supervision" and "Direction", the total number system character.
     I have published a considerable poluotkrovenie against alphabetic system was made in the essay "on the mysteries of the alphabet." It tells about a table of letter codes, consisting of "reasonable" and "intuitive" parts, and the special status codes "A" and "B". The table they function axes. Vertical position, that is, cells of the table are numbered from A to A = O1 = E9. Horizontal columns numbered positions. Their order is marked with the number of zeros of zero. The first column - B = O (zero). Second - B = G0 (zero and zero). Third - B = O00 (zero and double zero). The fourth column of cells for "intuitive" natural principles with their newly introduced letter was given to the educators of the previous three turns of positions for "reasonable" natural principles with their previous letter codes. The fourth round of principles such as ought to be designated as B = O000 (zero and three zeros), but I do not have to distinguish between the letters "intuitive" nature of the principles of "reasonable." There is another reason, the description of which will be given later. In short, the final letters of the alphabet were without calculus.
     As a proof of correctness of the arguments of the table give an example. Featured triptych with glasses in his essay "On the continuity of" natural principles "Summation" (code - the letter "I") and the "Excess" (code - the letter "J") are in the first loop, column B = O (zero) for the eighth A = D8 and ninth A = E9 horizontals, and the principle of "Excess-Birth" has moved to the top of the second column of table B = G0 for the first O1 A = horizontal, and its letter-code "i" was numbered O10. Encyclopedia confirms that previously used were "-and octal" and "i-decimal". With this method of display coordinate position in the table calculus of each letter has only one number with zeros or no zeros. This is easily seen by looking in the dictionary of the Russian language.
     Aware forgotten news of the coordinate position of letters in the table, you need to pay attention to the difference between the concepts of "i_s_chislenie" and "numerical value of the letter." The first concept is reasonably points to the location of "meaning the letter" in the continuous development of the properties. The second concept, which arose because of nedoumiya once, stuck in teaching for centuries, and only now do its noble role in the restoration of the old wise knowledge, described in his work "Evolution and the Law." It should be noted that the expression of calculation is significantly different from the numbers indicate the serial numbers of the account.
     There is another misunderstanding rooted waiting for explanations and corrections. It would be necessary to understand the logic of the digital (not a number!) Signs the letter "B" and to understand how and why there were two so close to its sound and different in meaning of the word "zero" and "zero." Today, no one to ask, so you have to imagine a kind of philosophical version. Like this: under the jurisdiction of the observer, now called awareness, perception and laid everyday from morning to evening, and historicism with a thirst for forecasting. They are a bunch of "past-present-future", but rather on the development of the past to the future. The relevance of this is thought of as the line between possibility and impossibility of observation to look into the oblivion of the future, that is, the direction of observation is reduced to tracking the progress of the physical and metaphysical processes of /creation and destruction. At the extremes, it involves turning something and nothing. Emergence /creation is understood as making nothing into something. The reverse process of transition to something Nothing is called - destruction.
     Nothing in the transformation of something implies potency nothing, and in this sense, the present - is realizing the potential of enriching the past. The result is the emergence of such enrichment /Birth. (In this example, because of an overabundance of content about the third cup occurs /is born puddle)

ill. triptych

    Life as a transition Nothing in something corresponding special natural principle expresses the concept "The Future." Buschee is. In this ABC principle "Future" is coded with the letter "B" that acts as the Code Development. In alphabetical table it takes a leading position over all other principles, because Buschee is in the form of existence and interaction of natural principles. Code Development "B" as it headed being. The relatively near future can be foreseen and predicted by extrapolating the circumstances and stable events. But the spontaneity and the uncertainty of the distant future - a mystery. It was she who gave birth to the faith in the power of the unknown interactions, which has received different names: God, Allah, Year (God) ...
     According to the logic of transition Nothing Something cited M.Hollom "Book of Creation" Kabbalah - the secret doctrine of Israel - persistently teach-digit rise contours of Nothing as a series O1, O2, O3, O4, O5, O6, O7, O8, O9. But the idea of ​​the potency of this very Nothing marked No. O-zero, carefully hushed up. In fact, the potency Nothing is implied and invisibly present on a tacit agreement on the equivalence of O1=1, O2 = 2, ..., A9 = 9. Semantically potentiality Nothing emerges in harmony concepts of "wilderness" and "empty."
    Death as a transition to something to nothing, as it corresponds to the "residue" of the turn of the interactions of natural principles expressed by the notion of "the past." The past, as the physical and metaphysical part of the surplus from destruction, is measured by two measures: the existing forms (buildings, machinery and materials, books and paintings, ...) and the known information (human and technical knowledge). Things - is the residue of something that was transformed into nothing, this is a stable part of something arising out of nothing.
     Past can remember or not remember, but the development, because of the existence of the principle of "future" depends on it in any case. It was this dependence on the past and was the cause of the plate 0-zero. By the second and third numbers of turns of the principles was ascribed to 0-zeros in the number of previous revolutions, "leftovers" development. So mark 0-Zero was another, eleventh, a digit for the development after the horizontal principles of the ninth. Mathematicians use the number 0-zero to show an increase of ten. Thus, the record of the identity of the word "zero" and "zero" in the dictionary of the Russian language is clearly erroneous.
     As Cyril and Methodius as a basis to improve the alphabet for the Slavs took the one hand, the traditional order of the letters, and on the other, have not abandoned their famous alphabet matrix, the problem of the location in the general list of special characters letter "B" - the code of natural the principle of "The Future." Build a table of the letter "B" should be located near the "A", but the calculation of A-O1, O2-in will not let it be neither the first nor the second. Besides, Code Development "B" there is no accepted calculation ten recognized figures. He calculated the numbers "on-zero" and "0-zero", that is, from the void forever. What to do? The principle of "Future", with its code "B" can not be put in the linear form of the alphabet or to A-O1 in place zero-Nothing, or after all the letters. And made a compromise - the letter "B" to the calculation of O2 is the third in the Russian alphabet. Besides the usual direction of observation of the individual in the surrounding MIP - "Something to watch" - puts objectivity held that falls under the designation letter "B", the letter "A", which is encoded by the subject-observer. In order to avoid the thought of O-zero for the letter "B" digital coordination of nine natural principles first round of development is left without O-zero before the figures. Visible are only zeros.
     One can assume that the creators of the alphabet tried not to break the tradition of strict storage secretion of matrix form letters. As a result, first of all, so far practiced only a linear form of the alphabet, and, secondly, because of ignorance is destroyed the integrity of the alphabetical table.

     So, the letter "B" coded list of turns of the column letters. Then it's time to find out what meaning are alphabetic horizontally, and which columns are vertical.
     When considering the continual transition from column to column on the horizontals, the example of spatial movement from the "Destination" with code "B-O2" to the principle of "Zoom In /similarity" with the code "K-20" (clear single-letter phoneme) and further to the principle of "Unity" with the code "P-200" (also a single-letter phonemes), it is clear that all three principles of the one force-dynamics - the desire for purpose of creating something. When will be submitted to the entire table of natural principles, similar power-dynamics can be seen for the "space" of other contours. In particular, it will be seen that the fourth horizontal is the natural principle of "doing" something with material things to the principle of "Handling" metaphysical signs. And there is not far to "yat" as described in his essay "The winged image of the heavenly aeon." Unfortunately, the images of most of the principles have not yet picked up, and without them the lead story in our artists and collectors of art is difficult.
     Each principle is fraught ninth horizontal jump in the birth of a new quality of evolution. Above is an example of the appearance after the principle of "excess" natural principle of "natural born" in the form pools with a third of the glass. However, more eloquently future Birth natural principles predicts second wave pattern called Kay Sage "Too early for thunder." In two essays, "PS - 2. About Golden Bough" (title of the record, "People and Animals") and "Images of the alphabet (instead of letters)," manner "pa_litsa" - Leo faces in profile Hercules - told about the "abundance consciousness" living organism, which owes its existence to the principle "Povertka /inspiration." From such a "pa-turn" human consciousness evolution revolution originated principle of creativity. This third round of the principles of natural life forms of creative people who are the vanguard of the crowd, community, society.
     And for three turns of natural principles, or in a different way for the three tabular columns, see the fourth, showing principles of perception of the future and touch the Vesti, the cumulative effect of which called intuition.

     On the concept of "intuition" is include such terms as "cosmic consciousness", "altered state of consciousness," "mysticism" and "Christianity." Feeling the exposed educators Slavs Russian language feature codes of the letters of the alphabet with four columns, Alexander Blok wrote:

                    We love everything - the heat of cold numbers,
And the gift of divine visions.
We all clearly - and sharp Gallic sense
And gloomy German genius ...

     This is all a favorite and clearly, is introduced and the natural principles of the fourth round of the properties of evolutionary development with their weird codes.
     Extraordinary, like cosmic consciousness of one of the first to describe the Canadian psychiatrist Dr. R.Bekk. Fortunately, the idea of ​​an altered state of consciousness has been picked up by other sensible observers, and now have the opportunity to get acquainted with diverse views on mysticism. For example, PD Ouspensky believed that the phenomenon of cosmic consciousness "govorit proximity Novy us our humanity. <... The fact that the> future prinadlezhit man is a superman who is born and zhivet of nas. //New Higher race of mankind is rapidly formed and released svoim completely osobennym ponimaniem of the world and life. Priznak new race of people - a new soznanie and a new conscience. <... they> be the co-feel obligated to know before doing chem. <...> //This is really a superior race budet <...> //And this race not only budet, but it already is. //And people are starting a new race to know each other. " Opinion of the Assumption is consistent with the recognition of a process of evolution and confirms reality. But then he remembered a wise saying: new - is well forgotten old. The so-called "Superman" with the ability of perception of continuity circumstances without translation into speech codes, lived at all times. Is this not hiding otgadka similarity designations O-0-zero and zero, claiming the identity. To clarify, consider a philosophy of drawing alphabet table.
     Referring to the model of the natural principle of "observation" in the form of standing against each other cameras and screens. Becomes apparent that the interaction of a pair of subject-object, with its dual purpose is a kind of full continuum, from beginning to end, from the end to the beginning and start again from the updated to the updated end, and so on ... In short, SO_ZNANIE. While coexist subject and object introspection infinite. A similar interaction with its infinity, the pair Man surrounding MIP. To show the development of the properties of the surrounding Mira tabulated, it is necessary at some point open the full continuum. And the reason it broke. The beginning of the "dead mind" continuum adopted segment of "supervision" with letter codes A /B. "A" - code Metanablyudatelya. "B" - code objects of observation in the form of imaginary natural principles. The initial zero-horizontal marked A /B - O00 ... - Zero-zeros. It is nothing but the sign of openness of the A /B and zeros turns reading is not recorded. The first horizontal marked O1. On it in the first position of the matrix of the initial round of development is the principle of existence of the Metanablyudatelya with its code of "A" to the calculation of O1. What happens if the continuity of closed again? Then the fourth round can be seen as a beginning, as the scent of rustling and hissing organisms dosoznatelnogo period of life and make it 0-O-zero for zero. The ancient philosophy did not dare to read the animal instincts of people for mystical intuition "supermen" and left codes fourth round of natural principles without calculus. So where is the place of intuition in the timeline?
     In mythology, is a metaphor of the three golden apples, handed Heracles Atlas. This metaphor, our ancestors have told us that humanity in the face of Hercules, the planet Earth has bestowed three precious power of speech.

 In the spirit of the Russian-speaking nation tale sees double-barreled apple tree, which gives a rich harvest. Two Smoking Barrels, reason and intuition, knowledge branched leading Russian people in the future. The forum site ARTinvestment once discussed the problem of the "Russian nation, what is it?" I guess you could say, "It is not only reasonable, but not lost intuition."

     The story about the code of Development "B" must be completed showing the modern image of natural principle of "development", but the image, which could compete with the symbol of "ABRAXAS" until it is found.

ill. "ABRAXAS"

     The painting, full of symbolism, and the thought of showing bifurcation "Observations" on two areas of information: the right and left of the past to the future, and the whip, which must phonemic suggestive of open /closed continuity and regularity in the image coding principles horses- geldings, and galloping in harness equipotent pairing principle and its code, and a shield to protect the process of consciousness, illuminated from the darkness of the sun and moon, and the administering authority to vote, and a snake in the sense of aspiration somewhere ... Two pairs of principle code governs humanoid creature with vociferous rooster head - a symbol of the powerful publicity statement. More image interpretation Gnostic deity ABRAXAS given in the essay "Blago_darya."

      On the role of the governing words - especially. Awareness of the power of words comes from the ancient times. Its historical connection with early Christianity I.S.Sventsitskaya reveals: "... a series of magical formulas and spells Christian Gnostics were zamstvovan of ancient cults of Egypt. <...> The Gnostics Word (Logos), the name, the concept breaks away from the concrete reality and acts as an independent eternal essence. <...> they put in the reasoning of the Logos-Christ, the power of the divine Word their magical ideas. " The nature of this perception of the Name, that is the catch regarding future of harmony, was the fact that the interaction of certain circumstances eventually materialized. Our contemporary'd call it likely. Following the tradition of the Egyptian beliefs, the ancient Gnostics understood the value of mystical experiences with the entire background of the rationalist principles of natural and valued the ability to express "divine vision." They do not edinazhdy convinced that unusual people with special intuitive consciousness, living among ordinary people "know" the future. Since the conviction "in the beginning was the word." Another thing is that consciousness itself was then the "shallow" and thus were near mystical insights and little substance. But they were, and to make predictions of the Logos-Christ became known as the Truth, and the memorable events of history. So phoneme "ist" Typy truth to the story.
     Truth has no simple fate. At the stage of the prediction it is in the power of choice: whether or not to show, and silently disappear, or "with determination in his eyes," to become a victim of the unequal battle with being. Then the townsfolk will be ready, as the Tyutchev genuinely guilty of "the feet of Christ forever cling." But it then, and here and now - to die! For the sake of self-preservation, most erudite mystics prefer to stay in the shade and away from the light in the hermit. Only the most responsible, the most daring with a proud smile and a sense he was right to defend his opinion in an abusive environment rejection. Their name is not an easy fate destined to die and rise again.

 © Magnolia Dmitriev.

Diary "Magnolia" in the "ARTinvestment Forum" includes copyrights write for publication, including illustrated.
The reprint without permission of author issued.
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