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On the site of the national idea in people's life

Запись от Магнолия размещена 03.12.2012 в 13:33

Ribbon of Life marry word and deed, and it is not dissolvable.

               about it

Winter passed. Summer came.
How to tell me all about it?
Tell as that the day of birth to daughter
Which hides the mystery-night;
That during the era of the next era?
Where to go, it would be nice to know.

Here we go.

From dawn to dusk day bright.
God sent, the eye will accept.
All impressions - one print.
Water does not wash off, do not remove the forceps.
Day event thread - that the chain of discoveries.
The numbers do not consider the possible vicissitudes.

Dark night yarn breaks in pieces.
Of these, the fate weave pieces.
Maw will bring them in the morning light.
Dawn of Silence sends greetings.
A wondrous melody without flesh
Finds you in the divine mission.

And as a simple motive of deception
Tread pattern from fog.
Emerge from the depths of the soul of the word.
Their gentle rhythm picks up the head.
Wake up the rhyme of the night noise.
Girlfriend in the day will erstwhile Council.

She sew clothes verses.
The meaning of the text and save hope.
There is in this mystery? Of course there is!
Cole comes to us from nowhere News!
So truth knocks on the door of the earth.
Even when there were only animals.


Owning the heart as a motor,
All people living apart and chorus.
And modestly last century human.
What country is in the snow?
And the people, when it is hot?
What further reveals arch?
That the people of day? That night?
How the meeting with the idea?
From intuition to Glorious
What we are given a limit of the Vedas?
How long does the heat, and how cold?
And endure without good tidings hunger?

We'll see.

What I have laid a snare,
To catch these concepts?
Descends from heaven for the year year.
And someone force the memory of Vera crumples.
Bursting language symbol gone somewhere.
It is not clear who is behind the holy table sat.

Country torn apart, but breathing.
People hear the beating of the Spirit.
Inside conceived daughter - Thought-Dream.
Her name searches verse, its calculation.
When the writer will choose mimosa,
Poet casually handed her a rose.

We shall see.

So. Around trees, branches.
Flowers. Fruit. And the winds, the winds ...
Luna tells them: "Tear them, tear!"
But nerves kingdom against "Save!
Let people watch from the beginning,
What is Life sent galaxy "

Rest and action - both alive.
Everyone has their own reasons:
In action - will, dance, song, gesture;
And the rest - with a flag pole faith.
And they have no deity other benefits
Than in the days of celebrations to raise flag pole.

We call.

God is aiming for a Dream road
So the past was quietly in the foot.
Meanwhile, he himself decides
Dream at the end of the path to the sword il shield.
Naputstvuya it, God knows:
Dream on people called by the gesture.

"Come, create, and do business.
Fountain spray of sparks it up to you! "
The idea? Creativity? Flight of the soul?
Fantasy dream called people.
What a poet? He does not write poetry.
And the roses there. He does not hear the name.

Thoughtful thinker and logician
Myth-maker pedagogy.
The era of thought. Long term has expired.
And he called his daughter Mythology.
When you find your way, the idea would be.
And there, you see, and will produce creative work.


Fantasia calls Science,
Learn how to kick the boredom of everyday life.
Science teaches setit everything.
Science studies at random.
Steals from Nature meters, length,
To absorb from the universe yards.

Only lightning set fire to the torch,
Exults Eureka queen.
What the hell! Where is Dream?
In one bucket of good and evil places.
No shame, no conscience, no faith.
Science boldly breaks the Pioneers.


In a basket of apples and cones.
They got brisk mouse.
Lazy thinking, but again
It was his turn to look for grain,
Find the connection between faith and science.
Philosopher enjoy this meal.

He has faith in the past respecting,
About the likelihood tell
One link to another node
And the accuracy of the memory has become.
What's wrong - History Recovered,
All of the "Yes" and "No" to put everything into place.

Full circle. Vera returned.
Idea hour appoint measure.
And we do not know, in which the distance
We entice native moon sadness.
Fly Sciences for freedom of speech,
To lead and embrace righteousness again.

. © Magnolia Dmitriev.

Diary "Magnolia" in the "ARTinvestment Forum" includes copyrights write for publication, including illustrated.
The reprint without issuing permission of author.
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