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Tao or the road to nowhere

Запись от Olga777 размещена 14.05.2010 в 17:00
Обновил(-а) Olga777 30.01.2013 в 09:07

I want to make a reservation, it's not about the Tao. Although ...
It's about how do we know that at first glance it is well known: the poems of Pushkin, the music of Mozart, the frescoes of Dionysius, and if we want to know?
Recently, on the internet, I found the translations of poems by Pushkin in English. Somehow sad.
It is clear that Dostoevsky, with his psychological insight, more in demand in the West and love than Pushkin, because the poetry of Pushkin - is primarily energy, perfect harmony, as embodied in the Russian language and translate it without distorting the meaning and sound, you can not.
It turns out someone else, but not Pushkin.
His eyes moving from Europe to Russia the same can be said of us, listening to the distorted Russian transcriptions of Bach, Mozart and Chopin.
I realized this when records became available Karajan. I realized classics distort it so that the original idea are only notes. This is especially true of Mozart and Chopin. Perfect harmony Bach distort difficult, although some of the "craftsmen" and cope with this task.
What we expect from our artists, for some (quote): "Chopin - is rinsing of laundry."
We listen to the distorted music, read the primitive translations of the Holy Scriptures, amuse anecdotes about Pushkin.
We revel in filth and do not want to see God's beauty, and can be, and can not, but we do not care duped averaged, in all tolerant People.

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