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On the cover of the book: "How to make art - for Dummies"

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Hirst's CarYard.

Anliysky teenager, artist-graffitist was arrested by the police for withdrawal of the installation pack krandashey D. Hirst "Pharmacy". Katreyn (pseudonym of the artist - Cartrain, Mashinopoezd) threatened to undermine all the pencils, if Hearst does not stop its threats against the gallery that sells his posters Kagreyv (Mashinomogila). Hers began prosecuting Katreyna back in January this year for using his image in the works "brillyantovogo skull.

According to Hirst, seized box of pencils in 1990 with the name of Faber Castell Mongol 482s to date is 500,000 pounds. What makes the act Katreyna into the biggest robbery in the history of modern art.

At this point, all posters Katreyna sold gallery 100Artworks, signed by the Institute one of these pencils.

Quadrupeds work Katreyna - a big fan of Banksy - was falsified museum exhibition, when he hung up the plate "Nike Shoes" (depicting a man running shoes and Nike) in the British Museum. Accompanying inscription reads that dish dates back to 2800 BC. According to Katreyna exhibit hanging in the museum for three days. He sent a video from this action Banksy and in response received in the mail signed by the job, the cost of which (not signed), as it turned out later, is 10 thousand pounds sterling.
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