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Secrets of the alphabet. The images in the table

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The key image

This record will be clear to read in my diary three essays: "on the mysteries of the alphabet", posted under the heading "I tell everyone ..." "Kay key means" under "," art direction - the key to understanding "," On the continuum " under "Numbers".

For days I was thinking about what kind of image which artist, I have called out keychains, closer to the center of a discrete value of the principle of natural continuity in the 1-second round of the 8-9th of contour lines and came to the following conclusion:
1. The image of "Waiting" (my name should be changed to the name given to the author - Kay Sage) corresponds to the natural principle, which is encoded alphabetic letter "I" and is shown in the triptych with glasses of the first picture. Image of water in both cases, suggesting either filling material (glass half empty), or spiritual (the girl in the ocean).
2. The painting "The hidden letter" Kay Sage, which I wrote in the article "means Kay Key", and the image and the name of a really please replace the middle picture of the triptych - crowded glass. Raised wings of spirituality, like a raised meniscus prepared to overcome gravity.
Description of the history appears the letter "J" in the Russian alphabet is quite possible labeled "hidden letters." I will bring it in excerpts from the "ABC", if need be.
3. Adjacent to the eighth position 80, is designed for a natural principle of "measure", holds a commensurate and incommensurate, coded letters "P (ne)" and "π (pi)." Rene Magritte could see them in the materiality of our Mira and Kay Sage felt that the development of life and commensurate with kvazisorazmernoy nonliving matter. Life - it is like a high degree of incommensurability. Both are right.
The images of "happy giver" and "Too early to thunder" complement each other, replacing images of letter code "P (ne)" and "π (pi)" in the presentation of the natural principle of "measurement."
4. To the center of the 90th position on the idea of ​​reaching the second round of evolution. Yes, too much! But now it is the excess of the Breath of Life. Now is the moment of the evolutionary transition to creativity, to the creation of Mira Man. God, what a clever Russian! How he managed to single phoneme "thief" mark and creativity, and turn!
We are not masters of Oley draw, but I think that the principle of natural images for "Illumination" in the 90th position of the locket "Pa person" as described in the essay "PS-2. Golden Bough" (in the journal title "People and Animals") for a time will fit. There are many images of spiritual rise and Prometheus, and a winged Nike, but I cherished painting "Joy of Illumination" I have not seen.

Yes, I have not. But then came 2013, and began the triumph of truth. In the first few days of January show a picture Artinvestment August Vasilyevich Lanin "Kabbalah mezhgallaktik (Noncontact worlds)."

ill. "Kabbalah mezhgallaktik (Noncontact worlds)"

I was struck by the clarity with which the artist has expressed the essence of the natural principle of "inspiration."
The light is coming from a lonely eyes speculation, which in Christianity is called the "third" eye. It is located in the lower part of the picture in order to turn on the lamp is not placed higher. Insiders know that the Truth Blink granted educated elected, which represented the mythology of ancient Egypt in the form of Danae - brother of Egypt. Chosen by God given. The rest of the Egyptians ("hypo" means below normal) is not given.
Speculation grabs only the part of probability, which is ready to be a probability. In the picture shown is not fully lit space that is not immediately obvious. Some may ask: What the "speculation"? I will explain. You can say "Clearwisdom brain" because the eyes - is an open, visible part of the brain. Unusual? But so it is.
The shaded part of the light, when someone make it to the light and will screw it, to know one reason it became available to all seeing. For the ignorant, the simple partial sense, darkness fraught many shots. Look - Cactus. Cactus warns about this.
Now about the mezhgallakticheskom space. Its continuum is divided into zones, designated letter codes. We are not guided by the order codes of other worlds. So for us it Noncontact Worlds.
Past civilizations on Earth have known stability properties of evolution, called their natural principles (eons) and placed in the matrix table. System called the alphabet. Different nations marks properties Mira developing their characters, but the order of the aeons, that is to say the alphabet, has been one for all. Therefore monolingual people easily understand each other and learn to compare multilingual speech codes, and guess who is also about ... Some properties mezhgallaktik already known, but communication between them, the Kabbalah - the subject of future generations. They will make heavenly alphabet for contacts in interstellar space.
Unusual artist Sergei Alferov painting "In the cage" has shown that we are traveling through life with the alphabet in the form of natural principles suitcase with table-letter codes of the principles. Philosophizing artist August Lanin thought Cyrillic amiss and mezhgallakticheskih travel.
I may not change the name of the film in August Vasilyevich Lanin, but putting it in the alphabetical table as a natural way of the principle of "Enlightenment", close to the native name "Kabbalah mezhgallaktik (Noncontact worlds)" We assign "Delight inspiration."

. © Magnolia Dmitriev.

Diary "Magnolia" in the "ARTinvestment Forum" includes copyrights write for publication, including illustrated.
The reprint without permission of author issued.
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