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Key means key

Search criteria for images of natural principles was saying Leonardo da Vinci, which reminded Members Artinvestmenta mansur-art - "Where the spirit does not drive the artist's hand, there is no art. Where the idea does not work with the hand, there is not an artist."
I'm thinking of the artist, whose hand driving spirit.

Where is the boundary between the "look" and "see"? Where is the boundary between "talk" and "speak"? And are there these limits, we do not forget about the natural principles of continuity?
"There" - say those who know the feeling, followed by a cry of "Eureka!" Feeling "povertki" described by me in the last part of the essay, "The images of the alphabet" as the principle of "potential". The likelihood of the event - a zone of silence, a detainee at her neoplotnennoy thought, but because there is not and can not be a letter. But there are wings, and will flap their wings neslozhennymi! And will meteoric rise of thought, when excitement is breathtaking!
Not these the wings, ready to take off inspiration, portrayed Kay Sage, which was given happiness to be in an unusual state of mind and learn to what tops can reach knowledge.

ill. Hidden letters.

Kay Sage shows how a spiritual abundance, ready to spill over into being news from beyond nothingness. "I'm screaming, I'm screaming ... In my ivory tower" - wrote Kay poet. She saw the image of the state of the soul before takeoff, but the strength to overcome great Tongues lacked. Kay Sage called the picture "hidden letters." Why?

I also wrote in the "ABC" work "Evolution and the Law" and follow him essay "Images of the alphabet" the following words: "Among others, there is one special natural principle - without the letter". I was on the ninth speculative horizontally from the natural principle of excess material from the letter code "J" described in his essay "On the continuity" and shown in the center of the triptych "filling", and came to the question: "What looks excessive oversupply, this time in the evolutionary coil transition from consciousness to creation? In response there has been a position of already identified and named by natural principles - "Excess" (horizontal) and "Measure" (vertical). ready state fertilized silence I would call "Cry from the heart" or "Silence - the language of God, "because he is the rhythm and rhyme a poet with the silence of insight conceivable stream of sounds and is about to bring the unknown image. But until you were hidden letters to express something arises, it is better to remain silent. Silence blago_rodno. spontaneously self image will come from unreality into reality. spontaneously. I gave the name of the natural principle of Silence "potential".
Kay Sage came to reflections on potential and Spontaneity in some other way and said about this picture out in the Pontic Sea and the image of the raised wings, deliberately called "hidden letters."

ill. "Waiting"

Since natural principle of "potential /Spontaneity" continuum with the natural principle of "Measure /Measurement", Kay Sage could not address the subject of "commensurability-disparate." It stands in solidarity with Rene Magritte in terms of incommensurability comparing straight-and curved, as shown and described in his essay "on the mysteries of the alphabet." Unlike Magritte, Kei-artist is not just focusing on the man regarded the matter as such, but tries to show discretion in the straightness of Life commensurate space.

ill. "Incommensurability of Life" ("It's too early for the Thunder")

 Live on incommensurability development with inanimate matter to us and the distant point of the pyramid, created by an ancient civilization (if I could see them in the painting "The hidden letter"). Moreover, I think that the transition from the turns to the sharpness of Kay Sage to say: "Human Consciousness border with the infinite."

I found minded artists whose hands driving spirit, and I'd make them stand out from among surrealism. Name of Kay Sage (Kay Sage) is consonant with the English pronunciation of "key." Maybe so called genius artists "housekeeper" and the direction in art that expresses discrete tones and shades in the natural principles of continuity - ART KEY!!

. © Magnolia Dmitriev.

Diary "Magnolia" in the "ARTinvestment Forum" includes copyrights write for publication, including illustrated.
The reprint without permission of author issued.
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