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Are you for Repin or Cézanne?

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Are you for Repin or Cézanne?

People's Artist of Bashkortostan Mohamed Arslanov, was the chief artist of the Bashkir tetra Opera and Ballet. They were issued more than 200 performances.

He lived a long life. And the time to write interesting stories about their lives.

I am particularly interested in pages of memories of his studies in Leningrad.

Here is a small excerpt. Here's how to remember the years of studying the oldest Ufa artist.

"According to Muslim law to draw people was considered a great sin. But Abdullah, son-in-boots, and a sister Rahilya were on my side. They encouraged parents to bless his son to study in Leningrad, where I met a lot of talented people, he studied with professors from around the world. Although there were many "kinks" (1933-1934 years "Proletcult"), but the revolutionary spirit of carrying not only the destruction, but also aspirations for the future, a bright, high art.

Classics, but the French Impressionists, did not recognize. Founded before us a brilliant art was considered bourgeois. Thus it is not recognized by any unit or Yesenin. My friend Alesha Zarubina found under a pillow a volume of poems Yesenin, for which he was expelled from the Komsomol. It is forbidden to go to the Hermitage and Russian Museum. The Academy organized a student voluntary work for the destruction of the Academic Foundation Museum. The students were dragged for a round yard sculptures, smashed them and threw for scrap beautiful bronze bas-reliefs. Paintings by great artists cut and gave a primer for students.

Once at the Academy of Fine Arts came from Moscow's Commissar of Education of the USSR Bubnov, Academician I. Brodsky, writer Maxim Gorky. They walked through the shop, silently gazed our work.

Leaving, Gorky ask us a question: "Who are you: for Repin or Cezanne?" We all were silent, and suddenly Ayvazian answered for all: "We have a Cezanne." The result lifted the rector of the Academy Maslov. In his place was taken by Joseph Brodsky "

(Magazine "UVA", publication Rashida Krasnov).

In that time, the absurd personnel castling understandable.

I am wondering whether the student has Ayvazian artist, and how his later life?

Or, was ruined, as hundreds of other lives ...
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