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Springboard was mastered in 1958

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FIRE lampada

     The first time I was in Moscow in the summer of 1958. After the entrance exam before the start of training sessions was almost three weeks, and our little family council of moms so I decided that the famous Mendeleev freshman college acquaintance with the capital is essential. Call some relatives. The cheapest ticket for the train. And here I am in Moscow.
     On the table with the phone in the hallway huge communal apartment put notebook, and friendly neighbors fit into it, where you have to visit a young leningradochke. Pencil on a string assembled a collection of all kinds of handwriting, which I had to make a trip and entrance tickets. Excursions, museums, theaters and exhibitions flashed like patterns in a kaleidoscope. Special shoebox labeled "August-58" was quickly filled with leaflets and little books for tourists, which I bought for my mother carefully, as if sensing that her whole life and did not happen to be in Moscow.
     Before returning home to Peter was two or three days. Overflowing impressions I just wandered around the streets of Moscow, has not wandered into a Baptist Lane. Of welcoming open wide the doors of a house could hear the sweet singing. I went inside to take a break from the August heat. It turned out to church. Surprise gave way to fear, and I quickly told myself - "Get out!" But the next moment she realized some freedom. After all, with admission to college, I never wear a pioneer tie strings to tie around my neck every day with that same school rulers, when fifty kids from two parallel classes of repeated head counselor for the young, "I'm young pioneer of the Soviet Union, solemnly promise. .. "

     Service ended. And I began to consider the undisguised curiosity mural venturing inside of the door on one of the pictures in the overgrown savage animal skins out of the dense forest. It was clear that he had something to say, but can not. "This is John the Baptist." I looked at the soft voice behind me. Gray-haired woman with a light transparent veil on her head, falling to the shoulders, as if individual tourist guide, was to explain to me the image.
   - This is not a picture. This is the writing of icons - calmly narrated it I think, in essence, the child nedoumiyu. - It bears the image of a symbol. Icons from generation to generation pass laws of life, the knowing people. This icon indicates that a human being came out of animal skin. Animals eat grass and fruit trees, and this means that the flora of older animals. And people eat both plants and animals. Our human life is going to be flowing, and the icon shows pred_teche.
   - Why I_o_a_n? - The first time I said unusual name, like clockwork, each outputting sound.
   - And you, my child, try. First somknite sponge. Tightly closed lips - is shaped sign of the times before the speech. Now, without opening his lips, try to say something.
     I let out a "moo." However, this was not the usual bellowing, and quite typical, human, which could be heard either "M", or "H". Oh, not one of them were a "mind" and "he"?
- All right, - continued my volunteer preacher - John - is one of the first concept, meaning "i_ON that is coming together with others." Do not crawl on the ground, do not jump, do not run around and not riding, namely Going to the purpose.

    So, and I, which she also does not crawl or jump, but it deliberately seeks to your goal.
     Little by little, we went out on a bright sunny day and went their separate ways.

     Over the years I realized that it was the icons that store images, and not just paintings and sculptures are the most well-known works of art. They were set up icons to highlight the essence of the concept. Icons not only wrote. They affect, sculpted and even built. For example, in the same 1958 I had read in a popular magazine while "Knowledge - the power of" the article "Why is the Venus de Milo has no hands?" Intrigued by the question, I read in the literature of art, that of the ancient Roman mythology, Venus was identified with the Greek goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite, which in many myths sung as the goddess of fertility, the giver of life. Statue of III century BC Venus depicted without arms. This statue was purchased in Rome envoy Peter I for the Summer Garden in St. Petersburg then under construction, and later was in the Tauride Palace. Venus now Taurian is one of the gems of the Hermitage. And in 1820 was discovered and purchased for the Louvre the other end of the statue of Venus II century BC, also created with no hands a copy of the famous statue of Aphrodite from the island of Melos, and therefore known as the Venus de Milo. In the end, I was confirmed in my own opinion: antiquity meant that female perfection creates his best works are not hands, and the body of the divine beauty. For the expression of such a mythological idea found a paradoxical solution, and it has gone through the time. Venus de Milo and Taurian - is modeled icons of antiquity.

   And the mystery of Egyptian pyramids? Did not they say these grand buildings of their great triangular faces that their creators would ever express their understanding of infinity Mirovogo boundless ocean? Under the bright rays of the sun pyramid holy magic store prime numbers and shapes. Few dedicated centuries revered mystery ten points "Tetraktis" that the Soviet dairy industry routinely used for economical transportation of products, packaged in three-sided pyramid. Apply face to face. So mentally apprehended One Infinite stretching without borders up, in depth, in all directions. It does not destroy the unity Mirozdaniya, place, thanks to its flat faces, different crystals dense matter. Numbers play a real simple rectilinear forms and numerous transformations. All that primiryaetsya - remains forever. Not primirivsheesya - turns to ashes. Creatrix pyramids Ancient Egyptian priests sought to perpetuate the philosophy of prime numbers and rectilinear forms. Pyramid - the icon is built on Egyptian soil.
    But what about the circle of the sun, moon crescent and ground ball? This is the theme of our perception or the diversity of nature? It is unfathomable as a living spring of mineral water. In this theme has its own laws and its own icon.

    Life goes on, and it is important that every freshman has met on her way to a gray-haired woman. Wisdom, to show and tell in any church, should not only be seen and heard, not only understood, but also to the next generation. How? Yes, of course, in verse

I had a dream, I go barefoot
The flagstones and grass.
"The horse would be me! Eagle to me -
Pounding in my head. -

I am a beautiful horse
I give my whole life!
I am for a winged eagle
Pad to any legs! "

King goes. Endure the throne
At the royal porch.
Over the throne angels noise.
In the hands of the King of the ring.

I looked and saw no ring
A laurel wreath.
And the roses, so to weave,
Who was able to win in life.

Thorns - that spurs in the stirrups
Aspiring distance.
"What are you going to pay for the horse? -
The king asked sternly. -

The law states that everyone should
Go up, go ahead.
Perhaps choose the eagle?
Eagle does not let you down! "

"What - I asked timidly, -
Advises canon?
And how many on Earth
Created icons? "

Hush angels waiting
What King will answer me.
- Yes you are, it seems to me, is smart!
He held the lantern.
Street lantern lit,
And clearly I realized:
On the plates necessary to go
Before the cross fire!

The fire will be lit on the cross,
When the sounds of the thread
Intersect chain forms
The images of the light.

I started boards choose
And then lights went out.
But the rush of MIP fire
And flew Pegasus.

Winged gelding took the size.
Well, I feel the end!
Woke up. A color
Crown of roses!

. © Magnolia Dmitriev.

Diary "Magnolia" in the "ARTinvestment Forum" includes copyrights write for publication, including illustrated.
The reprint without permission of author issued.
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