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Of valence (ask in verse)

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In A L E N T N O S T L

You said some words,
I listened , not knowing
How can you love me passionately ,
In the morning the day yesterday forgetting .

Still fresh lovely flowers,
Have not burned down our candles .
But the eye is off, and you turned away
From lips to caress you the whole evening.

I do not judge , but I must understand :
Brushing unfinished bowl.
In it many drops of sweet wine.
Perhaps this song was ours.

I do not blame the wrong motive.
There is no thought . There is only the power of passion .
But so made life impulse .
We only butterflies in his mighty power.

  © Magnolia Dmitriev.

 Alfia Ponomarenko "Tears of Autumn"

Diary "Magnolia " in the " ARTinvestment Forum" includes copyrights write for publication, including illustrated .
The reprint without permission of author issued .
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