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Запись от Dmitry Kawarga размещена 29.08.2012 в 17:49

Dear artists, cultural workers, the idea to bring the forces of the art community to the existential-humanistic hike in Noginsk shelter stray dogs!
During the autumn of next winter, so now need to make real steps - to buy food and medicine, to build the kind of dog cages for a decent existence, but this is a task at least.
Samu venture volunteering we offer to format the art project, making a shelter in place of leisure residents Noginsk, a kind of cultural attractions.
So, let's first construct and build each furry creatures original personal house.
Let the shape of the house and its internal structure refers to the imagination of the best examples of modern architecture and art objects.
wall enclosures, we will cover copyright paintings so that everyone become a habitat and original exhibition space at the same time.
creative thought can touch and utensils - trainers, utensils for food, bedding, lamps, combs, clothing items, and all the little dog that is life.
In the future, we might reflect on the external form of the shelter as the object of land-art.
In fact, this is a rare opportunity for direct dialogue between the artist and the natural fauna of urban dwellers,
as well as an attempt to break the usual places established topographical patterns - home, shelter, street, club , playground, etc.
What do you think? Join!

Consider that the project budget is zero and all artistic activities will make their own, and even bring food, medicines, transfer money to the account of the shelter, etc.
On the other hand, it is an attempt to look into the consciousness of non-human creatures gathered there and materialize the vision in his works ...
whether to talk about the therapeutic effect of this initiation!

details and discussion in my fb

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