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Marina Loshak (art director of the museum and exhibition association "Capital").

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Art Director M.Loshak: ".. I believe that Fair" Art Manege "and" Hudgraf, "like all of the projects that exist in the same format for a long time, need to be upgraded. Course, the modern city is required and art fairs, forming a national market. Many projects will soon be offered alternative space for their conduct. fairground We also plan events with leading domestic and international galleries. It is important to match the highest national and international standards.
More plans MBO "capital" we will tell a press conference in mid-September 2012. "
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----------------------------------------------- ------

One of the creators of the gallery "Proun" to "Winery" Marina Loshak become art director of the museum and exhibition association "Capital". This was reported on the official website of the Moscow Department of Culture.

"Capital" combines several areas, in particular, show-rooms, "Arena", "New Arena", "Chekhov's house," the museum and exhibition center "Worker and Collective Farm Woman," museum-workshop of the People's Artist of the USSR Dmitry Nalbandian, and the Museum of Vadim Sidur . On its website states that one of the objectives of the new leadership will be the development of exhibition integration policy, which sometimes renders the site for the "Fur Trade" Festivals and honey.

To the position of art director Loshak ordered to appoint the head of department Sergei Kapkov. In addition, he appointed a new CEO, "Capital" - they became Irina Tolpin, whose work has not previously been linked to the cultural sphere. Tolpin In 2005-2008, for example, was the Director of the Administrative Department of the Bank "Petrocommerce". The "capital" of it will also be involved in administrative and business activities.

Marina Loshak, curator and gallery owner, has worked in the "Moscow Center for the Arts", closed in 2003, where the exposed Russian avant-garde. Then she took the position of art director Gary Tatintsian gallery. Gallery "Proun" which she opened with Maria Salina, began work in 2006. Hinny is also involved in teaching. http://lenta.ru/news/2012/07/04/loshak/_Printed.htm
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------
Source "Artguide" in the Department of Culture of Moscow said that the curator Marina Loshak accepted the invitation to lead just two municipal exhibition spaces - Moscow State Exhibition Hall "Manege" and the museum and exhibition center "Worker and Collective Farm Girl". Marina Loshak confirmed this information in an interview with Maria Kravtsova, as well as share some of my plans.

Maria Kravtsov: We know that you have accepted the proposal of the Department of Culture of Moscow lead just two municipal exhibition hall - "New Manege" and "Worker and Collective Farm Girl".

Marina Loshak: Indeed, I expressed interest in response to the proposal of the Department of Culture. We are currently in the negotiation process. I'm certainly interested in "Manege", and I have a long-standing concept of the development of this area. As for the exhibition hall "Worker and Collective Farm Girl", now I'm trying to understand how I can master this space. Strategically, this is the place - the perfect platform for the realization of my long-held dream of a "Museum of the avant-garde."

MK: Can you tell us in detail about the concept of the "Museum of the avant-garde."

ML: In the space of the hall, "Worker and Collective Farm Girl", in my opinion, you can do things that are logically related to the history of the Russian avant-garde and its continuation in the modern life. The project would be to combine architecture, design, art and other practices associated with past and present avant-garde, as well as its history. We can say that we started this project in the gallery PROUN, which is more of the exhibition, the museum space than a commercial gallery because we are primarily engaged in activities kulturtregerskoy, not sell. In the hall "Worker and Collective Farm Girl" has a huge potential for development as an educational and tourist sites that are at hand and the city and society as a whole, which is long overdue need for such projects. But I understand that this project should be done properly, intelligently, in accordance with the highest European standards of exhibition activity.

MK: Do you plan to continue to collaborate with the gallery PROUN or in connection with the transition to the museum system of the city of Moscow for you this project is completed?

ML: As an independent, non-profit curator I have the right to work with all platforms.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------
..... According to the curator, Moscow State Exhibition Hall "Manege" may be the first for the country and the capital of a platform on which Moscow and Russian museums might show exhibits from its collection. She explained that the from Russian museums practically not possible to demonstrate in the capital of their meetings, and "New Arena" - a unique platform that is ideal for this purpose.
Hinny stressed that it is important that the site be designed for a mass audience. She added that we should not abandon the imported foreign exhibitions.

Museum and Exhibition Center "Worker and Collective Farm Girl", according Loshak, could be basis for the Museum of Russian avant-garde. In the case of the successful implementation of this initiative, a new museum could become a center of attraction for both Russian and foreign tourists.

Marina Loshak - art critic, curator, gallery owner.

Born in 1955 in Odessa. Graduated from Odessa University majoring in "Classical Philology". She worked in the Literary Museum, after moving to Moscow - the Moscow Literary Museum of. Mayakovsky. Since 1989 - Curator of the bank's "Capital", then - the director of the Moscow Center for the Arts on Neglinnaya where organized a unique exhibition of Russian avant-garde. Since 2004 - the art gallery director Gary Tatintsian. Since 2007 - the co-owner and art director of the gallery PROUN.
From the latest exhibitions:

- Peasants. Postsuprematichesky epic, 2007
- Input-output. Peasant doors from the northern regions of Russia, 2007
- Picture Show. Kinoplakaty 1920-1930-X, 2007
- Sex offer! Graphics Jules Paskina 1900-1920 and the French erotic photography 1850-1870-X, 2008
- Near. Ukrainian-line, graphics and avant-garde works by Alexander Konstantinov, 2008
- Niko Pirosmani. Family spree, 2008
- Trolleys, 2009
- Panas Yarmolenko. Rural portrait of 1920-1940-X, 2009
- Needlework. Embroidery in the history of Russian art of the twentieth century, 2009
- Paradise Lost. Pirosmani Volkov Purygin, Zaznobin, Leonov, Kabakov, Novikov, Topolski, 2009
- Sit! Wooden chairs late XIX - early XX centuries., 2010
- Custom-tailored. French and Russian fabrics 1920-1950's. Delaunay, Dufy, hip, Zdanevich, Goncharova, Stepanova, Rodchenko, Suetin, Rozanov, Malevich, 2010
- Pavel Kuznetsov: trip to Asia, 2010
- Brown buttons, or spy mania, 2011
- Press Day, 2011
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