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Sergei Popov opened a gallery in Berlin

Запись от Vladimir размещена 23.08.2012 в 00:10

curious conversation took place today with Sergei Popov (pop /off /art). This fall, he opened a new gallery in Berlin. Also called pop /off /art, but will now have two rooms - the winery and in the bourgeois district of Berlin, the same place where Volker Diehl and other door to door with a gallery of Michael Schultse. And in terms of Moscow's prestige location - about a lane Tverskaya.

Why Berlin? Says the city is fast becoming the cultural capital of Europe. Buyers come from all over, and life is seething. This business conditions are better than in Moscow. So, renting a new gallery will cost three times less than in the winery.

Who will buy? The calculation of the whole of Europe, but it is no secret that Berlin is gathered active Russian diaspora. In the sense that pretentious Russian businessmen settled in London, and those who wait, he moved to Berlin. The city, by the way, provides a good environment for artists and our many known - Dmitry Vrubel, Mikhail Milkmen, Zakharov, Anzelm etc.

Yes, Germany will carry the works of Russian artists of the Gallery. Will be delivered in good standing of entry. That is duty free, with help from the Ministry of Culture. And from the time of importation, as everyone recognizes, sin no end. For buyers from Russia permanent importation means that Russian thing taken away in Berlin, will disembarrass from there on conditions abroad. However, this is a nuance. Besides Russian in Berlin will exhibit and European artists (name sounded Jaan Toomik etc.). And it is the names will be based on self-examination, without the involvement of local consultants.

Berlin opened an exhibition Maiofis with bears - a topic that is well-read in a foreign audience.

plans to participate in the first "Russian» Viennafair after it bought Aksenov Skaterschikov. Will show the known project Gore Chahal, who already knows the German public. Bring work Pushnitsky, Erik Bulatov, and others. Plans for Russian exhibitions are: the Art-Moscow fundamentally do not participate, and in reincarnation Cosmoscow - will.

asked about trends in the Russian market - there is no change. Over the past year, is still the best selling items from the available segment (less $ 10 thousand) and have sales in the expensive segment (thousands of dollars). And here is the middle segment. Under the new name is not a lot of progress. It is believed that at the time included the generation that principle is not ready to work with the market, despises the business side of art. Asked who took good this year? The gallery owner said that good (40%) Sold exhibition Grositsky Andrew (his, by the way, and will transport to Germany), very good Sold Constantine Batynkov, plus very pleased to organize an exhibition in the MMSI Vitaly Pushnitsky.

short , life goes on, some closed, some open, Popov himself is optimistic ... All interesting how it goes.


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