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Secrets of the alphabet. Images.

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(Instead of letters)

In one embodiment of the myth, Hera out of jealousy of her husband Zeus transformed Io into a white cow, and appoint her guardian - many-eyed giant Argus, who was killed by Hermes. Hera then send down on Io monstrous spp. Fleeing from his bite, Io reached Egypt, where regained human form. According to mythological genealogy, descendants of Io were monarch.
The Great Soviet Encyclopedia

     You ever see a snake biting its own tail itself? No? I saw. In the picture. And not once.
     The snake has long been a symbol of feelings properties Mira, a symbol of knowledge. Hence the snake's tail in the names of poisonous ideas: fascism, terrorism, ekstrimizm ... I see, you want to argue, add Marxism-Leninism, socialism, communism ... And capitalism there too ... And I will not argue. I myself will add: artistry, bigotry, tourism ... And add another note: "i_zm" - indicates the sign of the known "the hard way." People have known all these phenomena. Have already learned. Now, there is plenty to choose from in the future. Some artist himself or by a wise tip turned the symbol of knowledge ring: they say, learn to use the whirlwind.

     Here I am, writing the last part of thinking about life on Earth under the title "The Evolution of Rights", has returned to the first page to double-check my conceptual design of the gospel. It was then that a new section, "No letter word." And along with it the idea to fill the alphabetical table of the principles of natural images, that is, the fundamental properties of Mira. I will explain. Mankind coded properties evolution letters to pass information statement. However, not much attention is paid the fine arts, which allows to reach the goal without speech.
     It is known that every era reinvents her being a modern language. Therefore, the question arises: what images come to replace the ancient stories and looking at us with a Christian likam icons that express fundamental concepts? And most importantly, you can learn the contemporary art and to express the eternal wisdom, carefully hiding in the metaphors of myths and legends? If you have already read the essay "La Boheme", you realize that we have in mind the talents of artists with their skill image.
     In order to highlight the idea of ​​a new-born modern images script and save it from confusion, here are some examples.


- "It would be desirable to see the beginning of alphabetical order - I read a quote from the" ABCs of confidence "Olga, his beloved assistant, in the illustration of the book" The Evolution of Rights "- but hard to imagine that kind of the point will encourage the" contemplation "of the principle of natural , as if the opening of the existence of the mysterious "- I paused to look at Olga. In her face showed that she understands what will be discussed. I continued reading the text. - "Came to help a couple of paragraphs from the book" Germes "(Misteriya Egypt) E.Shyure: - double finger, I found that here follow citation Schure -" Just kak palets, trogayuschiy string lyre, making a sound Bb note scale, Bb privodit kolebanie all garmoniruyuschie ting her tone, and tak um, sozertsayuschiy properties of the number and golos, proiznosyaschiy letter ting soznaniem of Her znacheniya, vyzyvayut force, which is reflected in vseh treh mirah. //Takim obrazom letter A, which corresponds to the unity of the divine vyrazhaet mire: the absolute essence, from which all beings proiskhodyat; Bb mire mind: unity - istochnik sintez and chisel; Bb mire physical: the man, the top zemnyh suschestv, moguschago due rasshireniyu svoih abilities to rise Bb kontsentricheskiya Bezkonechnago sphere. //First simvol have egiptyan nosil izobrazhenie ierofanta belom oblachenii Bb Bb hand a scepter, with gold crown on his head. Oblachenie white means purity, skipetr - the power, a golden crown - svet universe "- I again showed double finger that now quote from the book Schure ended. -" With opinion E.Shyure can agree - I continue to read - if modernize reading mire in the physical: the letter "A" unit as expressed in the physical world OBSERVER - the top of everything that is likely due to the breadth of their abilities, self-development indefinitely. One can agree with the fact that the symbol of the observation was a Light Universe - an imperious ierofant in pure white robes. The base substitution of "person" to the notion of "observer" was issued in the last chapter ... "
- From me, that's what you want? So I drew a priest with a golden crown on his head and a scepter in his hand? - Ask Olga, trying to get into a resonance with my desire. - You can find a picture on the internet the king and give him the scepter.
- No, Olga, need an image OBSERVATION. Remember I told you about introspection? This is when the camera and the screen image transfer to each other.
- And how do you see it? Camera. Screen. Bee flying between them.
- No, no. Cosmos looks on Earth. Earth people peering into space. I wish that in the brain occurred one word - watching. This name first natural principle, if open discrete continuity of all properties Mira.
- Cardinality ...? Open the ... ? Yes, I remember! You have explained these concepts in individual essays. It seems there is one called "Numbers," and the other explains why in his hand a gnostic being Abraxas whip.
- Yes. But now is not it. Now about the Beginning of Beginnings. The first position in the table, the first natural principle, encoded by the letter "A - alpha" - this observation.
- Earth. Space. Get very sovremennenko - smiled Olga - I still shaped as letters "a" somewhere annexe.

ill. "Subject - Object"


     The representative of the principle of "Education", a coded letter "ψ - psi," he came into our room and lay down on the couch.
- I taught you anything? - Olga shouted at six-month puppy. - Where is your place?
     Psinka offended and very expressive, his whole appearance indicating that she wanted to be with us, dutifully wandered into the hallway on your rug. A few minutes later she came back with a favorite toy. It was an offer to play "hide and seek": psinka turns away, we'll hide a toy, and it will find it and get the so-called "candy."
- We started to go to school - boasted Olya prospect have trained purebred shepherd.
- If so, then the image of the "training" I suggest to you and nothing will. She can imagine.
- I'll try, provided that you give me your text about the natural principle of "Education".
- Okay. Let's print out from the flash drive.
     Printer busily rumbled, and a piece of paper flew out cheerfully. Olga gave me discouraged nedoraspechatanny text: "paint over".
     I read: "In the past, for the enlightenment of the huge mass of ignorant laymen earned Institute Mysteries, which evolved into many forms of religious education through symbols, images, rituals and traditions. Egyptian priests conceived in the image of the mass of sandy desert, every grain of sand that will be the end all passed through the table grid of letter codes. later time called it a sign of Isis. Priests contemptuously in harmless sense of the word, considered dog-trained monkeys. now known grain or the dog was meant by the word "dog." domesticated for thousands of years BC . dogs with well-developed brain, keen eyes and a thin rumor became known as dogs, and - with this line of text gradually turned pale, but he was still reading, - became a symbol of the principle of learning are not unique to humans. "dog because of her faithfulness means the relationship that should exist between disciple and master or between the initiated and his God. - Read the philosophical encyclopedia M.Holla. - Shepherd is a symbol of priestly craft. The dog's ability to feel and to pursue the invisible man for miles symbolized the transcendental power by which the philosopher follows the thread of truth ... "- the last words rather guessed than read.
- "... The labyrinth of earthly error." - Olga saw the young eyes, and switched on the monitor.
- The most important print, - I assured artist.
- No, look, there's still a lot!
     Beautiful lips moved silently to the beat of the text to help the girl to remember the meaning of written material.
- "And we would talk about the old science" ψ "-ogy. But it did not happen, and cause and historical connection of logical thread" sand-dog-song "disappeared under layers of time." - Read aloud and Olga smiled. - So this is where "crazy." And I thought of the medicine. - The eyes are quickly running down the lines, when all she had got up to leave. - I'll call her? I want to read to them about the "apocalypse".
- Call. They seem to be in the kitchen.
- Here, look, how interesting - calls began to read Olga. - "A good example of the appropriateness of using the letter" Psi "is the word" apocalypse. "Here's why: educational role in the development of Christianity was assigned sayings, tales of the deeds, parables ... Among them is the story of the visions, is perceived as the prophecies of revelation. Their colorful description was a great tutorial on mysticism. compounds from three Greek phonemes "apo" (from), "kali" (beauty), "psi" (learning) has turned the genitive case of the term "apo_kali_psi_s." It sends a total sense: Something The people of the beautiful learning. Further, in the chapter "The mystical experience of the Nazarenes," considered a causal relationship of the mystical consciousness to the crisis, so the people the word "apocalypse" is associated with the accident. A dictionary interpretation reveals the essence of the term, but in full: "apocalypse - Christian church book of the so-called "New Testament", containing the prophecies of the end of the world. "- Olga turned to look at her husband and daughter. impression made unexpected meaning afraid of the word?
- Something the current crisis does not teach anybody anything, - said Father skeptical. - We see not very pripeklo.
- But are already talking about an apocalypse - put in his word high school daughter. - In political broadcasts often sounds.
- They have a view of the rampant political passion, chaos.
- No evidence of chaos abound, with the beauty of the idea - the problem, - the subject tactfully kept Olga.
- I recently wrote an essay on Dostoevsky. In preparing tagged his two statements. Something like "just like that coincides with a sense of beauty and the ideal incarnation." Literally, I do not remember.
- Your books with zakladochkami still lying in the hallway, the library was closed for repairs - prompted mom Olga.
- Then, I am now! - Some hasty moves, and the second quote Dostoevsky found. - "Christianity is the proof that a person can hold a god. This is the greatest idea and the greatest glory of man, to which he could achieve"
- Oh! This is exactly your reading of the apocalypse! - Komplimentno cried Olga.
- Come, daughter, with the spiritual food for our usual. We will not interfere with the philosophers. Let them figure out how to show a beautiful learning. Maybe then, something edible and the people in the minds of our politicians. God forbid smarter Russian people, and we'll see what to achieve ...

     After about a week, Olga sent me an email a few options staged photo with the caption: "Psychology" and an explanation - the principle of "Education".

ill. The principle of "Education"


     Among others, there is one special natural principle - no letters! So, without a clue how to understand the nature of this mysterious action. And the more surprising to me was the fact that the image of this principle was amazingly easy, without any kind of creative suffering.
     And it was so. The table has been a continual evolution of the properties of the position have already been identified and these natural principles - "Excess" and "Measure". And then the question: "What looks excessive oversupply? Until when reached for improving peoples consciousness, enriched thinking, awareness and self-reliance Mira with its ability to stoke the flames of Life? At what points is the flame flares up? What is the burning fire of life, flashing at excessive oversupply ?
     Sages of past civilizations, who regarded nights sleep for like a little death, believed that the unity of the weak breathing sleeping with active respiration Mira sustains life in informing transcendence. In the morning a new life begins the next day with the vesting of doing. Evening - a review done. Thus, the day - like a mini-mini-life outcome of creativity. Normal daily work of stealth, but to individuals given happiness to visit (and sometimes stay) in a state of extraordinary consciousness. His so-called - a state of altered consciousness. Interestingly, the implementation of certain speculative visions led to the realization of the principle of potentiality. For this physically existing principle, that is, likelihood of implementation of non-existent type of proportionality "flying chair", "underwater house" ... , Is characterized by silence from within it neoplotnennoy sound idea.
   We can not be silent letters, as expressed by mathematics, "by definition," so called philosophers dazzling silent thought, when excitement is breathtaking, the radiance or illumination. The concept of illumination, come from intuitive feelings intellectually-cognitive process, has maintained its appeal to this day. However, the state with an enthusiastic cry of "Eureka!" familiar to few. Therefore, it is difficult to describe it in words, so even without a letter designating the silence with a belief in the dream.
     Eastern wisdom advises to listen to the silence, because silence - the language of God. State of readiness fertilized silence at all times does not let thinking consciousness. It gradually relinquishes quiet inspiration from conceivable stream of sounds and looks forward to his image unknown. This state of mind is better than said Nikolai Gumilev, not tell.

I'm waiting for a comrade from God
In the centuries to grant me,
For the fact that I was; many
On height and quiet.
And as he has transgressed, severe,
Kohl exchanged eternity for an hour,
Accept boldly for shackles
Dreams, binding us.
         N.Gumilev. "The other"

     You ask, "But what about the report on the news from transcendence?" The answer is simple: there is lack of means of expression emerged mentally Something better to be silent than to try to talk unintelligible speech. "What can not speak, thereof one must be silent" - Wittgenstein wrote in his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. Silence is noble. Is aware of hermits, philosophers, composers, poets ... "Blessed is he who in silence was a poet ..." - Shared his sense of Pushkin.
     If the idea of ​​enlightenment is nothing as information without using letter codes natural principles, how to understand such information, and how to share it with others? There are at least two ways - expressive movement (gesture, dance, mime) and picture painting or sculpture.
     Way to silence the movement is ballet pas - "povertka" as it Vl.Dal synonymized. Occurrence "povertki" when enlightenment thought to be understood as a reversal of the existence of unreality, as a reversal of reality to a passionate belief in the possibility of a flowing dream. I thought. Maybe to give the name of the principle of potentiality "Pa" and designate the @ computer keyboard, without mentioning his letter? In addition, in connection with the proposed principle of attributive "Illumination" is easy to comment mythologization of the Apostle Paul, whose tezoimenem, Pa_vel, marked a reversal channel mirovozzreniya the instinctive consciousness of the logical creation. According to legend, the Roman citizen, Saul, a former ardent supporter of Orthodox Judaism, and therefore active oppressor early advocates of faith in the rule of Truth, suddenly became a preacher at one time the "new" faith and even brought an appeal to the people to believe him - Christians. He was given a new name Pa_vel, as he turned the other people on the path of faith and led him to the belief of accomplishment aspirations. Called the principle of "Pa" was the two-letter phoneme, turning the meaning of which is evident in words like "pa_rol", "pa_kost" ...
     The principle of potentiality for some time been associated in my mind with a flash of lightning, but I saw it quite differently, when, after writing the book came across the word "Axe". I remember reading "The Golden Bough" Dzh.Frezera the mystery of the Battle of Lake Nemi (of the mystery I have written an essay "PS - 2 On Golden Bough"), I noticed that the first labor of Hercules is called "The Nemean Lion". Carefully reread the myth and all of a sudden, clear-so-clear, she saw that so-and-so philosophized about the process of separation of man from the multifaceted world of animals. The reason for the separation, that is the origin of human speech, transmitting information in a more "subtle" than animals mifotvorets said nothing. She expressed another myth about twelve labors of Hercules. In a tale of Hercules fighting with Leo struck me in the presence of text, the word "Axe".


     I think so.



Diary "Magnolia" in the "ARTinvestment Forum" includes copyrights write for publication, including illustrated.
The reprint without permission of author issued.
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