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Breath of Creativity

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                                See a city that does not exist
                                And the grass grow ...
                                Brooks yesterday's troubles
                                Run away, run away.
                                You pine, give me your answer,
                                Or I'll ask the sky:
                                Lots of shows, plenty of bread.
                                Why is it there is no happiness?
                                      B.Rodin. "Ghost town"

   To the city were only a few miles, and I was surprised to feel like me melt villager in love with the freshness of the morning, river, meadow with wild flowers, and preens peterburzhenku intelligent, looking forward to the meeting, exhibition halls, with works dating delight talented friends. The train slowly pulls their cars under the canopy platform, and has been under slippers hard instead of a soft asphalt path from the gate to the house.
   In the travel bag I have a few things, a jar of raspberry jam, apples and plump manuscript - the result of deliberation and sleepless nights. Ahead Zorkaya censorship. Censorship, is it good or bad? And who is the censor, who can evaluate the idea? Oh, of course, edition! Original censor - a situation that assess the suitability of the works for the coming times. Today zaplyuyut, then declared a masterpiece. Here, for example, we can not agree with the assessment of the state of censorship in the Soviet Union, in the preface to the second edition of the book "The philosophical outlook of Goethe", author K.Svasyan with undisguised bitterness talks about the demon of Soviet censorship, come down to the "last autumn of the patriarchs before the eternal glaciers thawing Russian state to turn its ultra-efficient "schizophrenic censorship fellow writers. A restructuring hastily abolished all censorship. Now we have mixed with grain husks.
   I tried to drive away bad thoughts, but philosophical vaccination prevailed. Since my student days I remember that there was a political view on the phenomenon of censorship as to supervise work of influencing the course of development. Creativity - the most important factor in society. Especially in urban areas where intelligent action can cause a cascade effect behavior of the masses. Aware of the special status of cities as major universities and art centers, E.Shyure said: "Cities exist in order to create a society of free people's favorites, bringing the people the freedom and dignity." Those were Miru dantevskaya Florence Voltairian Paris, Oxford and Bacon Goethe's Weimar ... Those in pursuit of the big brothers been born on the banks of the Neva River and our St. Petersburg.
   I go out on the station square and head towards the Nevsky Prospekt. After months of separation from their beloved city I want to enjoy a stroll "in my place." Usually, the phrase "I was born there that" they want to say they remember a childhood spent in the native backyard. I'm getting acquainted with each introduced themselves, adding, "the radical-peterburzhenku from Leningrad." This means that my childhood imbued with stories of who and when built our city, like the world famous Hermitage and the Russian Museum began to compete with the Louvre and the Dresden Gallery. I knew from an early age that our Academy of Art painters studied with international recognition that our Academy of Sciences has always been famous honorary names. Later it became clear that the universities of Leningrad in no way inferior to the Sorbonne and Cambridge. My mother loved to tell how bright the city of St. Peter centuries growing, very beautiful, what great names worked in it. She genuinely distressed, drawing my attention to the outstretched hands begging statues, of which the vandals stole the laurel wreaths on their heads sawn off Filing saints in barilefah gates Kazan Cathedral, the dilapidated walls and boarded-up churches. "Something is wrong when changing the imperial regime to a democratic and elected a string stretched between cultures snapped. - Reflects mother-philologist, finding no explanation devastating events. - It would seem that St. Petersburg took into its embrace freedom-loving people, and could in still continue to educate millions of honest citizens, but something bad has to happen with an intelligent-city teacher, inspire great works of a generation of citizens. Somehow too fast St. Petersburg turned to Peter ... "
   Now I would tell my mom that to ruin the streets devastation caused in the minds of the dirt and poverty in the most beautiful language and umneyshem caused misery in the homes of Petrograd. But the mother is not, and I tell all of his daughter: "Then there was a second shot - a brutal war. Survivor blockade the city has recovered, but the policy is not unreasonable saved from third strike goofy Perestroika. Again we read into Blok line:

Sizzling years!
Madness or you hope the news eh?
From the days of the war, from the days of freedom -
Bloody reflection in the people there.

   During the years of poor city, which was a beginning of time to the intellectual force and had a high moral influence on society, lost in the sea of ​​global culture. The modern culture of St. Petersburg - it is a culture of the crowd, which grinds and absorbs good and evil, right and wrong, true and delusional ... Now co-exist in the same city renowned Academy and drinking establishment "Beer Academy," the library of classic literature and counters incompetent mess fiction, with beautiful buildings mansions hanging rusty pipes, and pieces of stucco falling on the heads of passers-by. Fortunately, there has not disappeared main function of St. Petersburg - the singular, creative audience. But her voice is buried in the noise of city bazaar. "
   I walk on the sunny side of the Nevsky Prospekt and the photograph as if everything that comes into view. During the first years of the new millennium Nevsky cool transformed. Building facades svezhevykrasheny in fancy colors, windows sparkle washed windows and advertising innovations on the road for a hundred cars two or three domestic cars, the sidewalks are paved with granite ... Walking crowd filled by foreigners from all over the world.
   About the Roman Catholic Church St. Catherine settled artists. Dozens of booths, hundreds of pictures. On one of them from a vase with a modest bouquet of lilacs wafted fresh May morning. And next, in another picture, a light breeze lifted a curtain, and it got caught on the edge of the window frame, opening Petersburg landscape. The bottom edge of the canvas inconspicuously read: Irina Alex. In two other students were trading with the seller.
- Do not like it - do not take. Many paintings. - Artist turned and walked a few steps.
- You do not care, you do not sell it to anyone. Who needs this daub? - Not appeased couple, trying to bring down the price.
   The artist himself between buyers and painting, face-to-stand. Silence of the back meant that he would not sell his painting this hamam. Brewing quarrel.
- The Hermitage paintings better and cheaper - jokingly advised me to avoid a fight. - It's not far ahead to the bridge over the sink, and there on the embankment to the right to the Palace Square.
   What a great and dangerous conflict genetics works with aggressive media mundane mass-absorbing products, along with the creation of the Creator? This question has long been sounded beautiful ancient Egyptian tale of brothers Egipte and Dana. Egipt lives earthly cares, Dana allowed to see the sublime and create. Consumer attitudes to Dana works different. What censorship protects respectable nature of true creativity from predators by masked men? What situation will save intellectual and aesthetic artistic achievements of abuse and neglect unscrupulous descendants? What will help scanty bohemians walkers into the beyond, not only to detect and present the truth, but simply to survive? Danae pleas for mercy, as suggested by the ancient epic? No, no and no.
   As can be seen, the situation which has arisen in our city, is not new. But the necessary advice is given. Even in 1892, a specialist in social psychology G.Tard, qualifying in the "Opinion of the crowd" of such a conflict as a hard enough at all times, said with no small degree of optimism: "intellectual and artistic peaks will save humanity from destruction and democratic leveling <.. .> no appreciation for the kindness extended to them the world, and not just respect for the value of their discoveries. As will save them? would like to think that this will be the strength of their resistance. " It is necessary to add the hope that it will resist the powerful uniting forces of creative individuals ignorance, Educational too slow. Even a single hyperactive activity is not enough.
   I go up to my floor. Doorbell fun notified of my return. He responded to the familiar click of the lock, and out of the open door to me jumped hugs and kisses.
- Mummy, why did not you call? I would have met you at the station! - Fire-Fly carefully and took the heavy bag with the child began to ravage her spontaneity, displaying the contents of the places. - I see you've been working, instead of catch up on sleep and rest.
- It is necessary to finish sometime this scribbling. I came up with the work for you. Follow the publishing part?
- You know, I'm always ready to help you, than I can, - Svetlana replied, sitting down comfortably for a chat after a long separation.
- Then my favorite cup your ears - will tell.
   We are used to exchange events. Our chatter secured important emerge any assessments, outlining steps support. Sometimes I just need to read it to this or that piece to see the reaction to the content of the written material. While reading, I kept looking at the pretty face, and it then smiles, then frowns. I appreciate what my umnichki and together we will discuss what to fix.
   I laughed, telling scene with commentary about the church on St. Catherine and setuyu discord between Dana and Egiptami.
- And you paste this episode in his unfinished article on how to form a civil conflict between the intelligentsia and the current members of a culture - the Council Svetlana.
- I'd forgotten about this article. So much to do!
   Svetik rushed to the desk, quickly found the file on your computer and print it out to give me the opportunity to finish the article in any environment. Encouraged by the participation and began to read.
- Just listen how great it would be: "It's no secret that before the restructuring of state-society relations in our country there was a taboo, so-called" second culture "that the media did not cater for political reasons. This was the" kitchen "culture intellectuals, and the subculture of young people seeking their way, and the pseudo-seeking government money dealers ... Peaks "second culture" surprised newfangled trends in art, is viewed through the prism of international scandals, teased Meek society unusual presentation of historical events and forecasts out of her eyes and ears weird demeanor mods, their "symbolic" clothing. could say that fostered an unusual view of life amid the usual life of the country. no official censorship and correction of public opinion all these visible sprouts were bright, angular-pointed and sometimes even ugly. //After replacing the principle of permissive society, when it was prohibited except with the authority restraining principle, now when everything is allowed except for the forbidden, Stijn new currents flowed into the open bed of a city-wide culture. " - Svetik put sheets and trying to convince me, added, - do you hear? Here about the city-wide culture. Besides, I can prove that the pseudo-patrons, using financial, administrative and other resources have made themselves inaccessible not only to criticize, but even for backstage discussions.
- First of all - answer provoke Svetlana - I once again admire your memory. Secondly, the question of individual names is not even. And third, even though research on the history of modern art with reference to specific figures, such reviews "The Rape of Europa" and "The Rape of the mind," Alexander Medvedev, a rarity, but I dipped into this darkness will not. I still have my discovery to promote.
- Where is the middle ground between the prohibition and freedom? - Shrugged Svetulya. - And yet, this is not my topic. My field of activity - monitoring compliance with laws, and for the creative law is not written.
- That's right, is not written by people. But there is the evolutionary principles. Grammar schools, bereguschie development of nonsense and besvkusitsy fearing mistakes, stay humble and adapt to the changing situation very slowly, they still bothers Socialist Realism. But the true free-thinking, freed from the shackles of the prohibitions can not be afraid to pursue their vision. The victory over the horrors of the twentieth century, inspired the people. Color of the nation as a conscientious teacher after illness can begin fulfilling its mission.
- God, how pompous! You more about the spiritual forces of St. Petersburg do not forget. Let me feed the better you after a long journey.
   Svetik ran to the kitchen, and I began to read a printout yet unpublished article. Consideration of the long-standing problem was Nave conversations with the artist, art historian Xenia Trull, which St. Petersburg introduced me to one of the opening days. Their number has increased dramatically because of the numerous art galleries that have emerged in the first years of perestroika. Let's not all conditions have been created in the city to see your true creativity, but St. Petersburg tries. Tries hard. Returning its status as the capital, it does not put up with hardship. He seeks to become the pride of the third millennium. In St. Petersburg, as well as in the whole of Russia, the conflict of elite and mass cultures exhausted. Mozolyaschey eyes pop culture, slyly referencing the economic need to be exactly the way it is, staunchly opposes sacred intuition intelligence and pragmatic tradition of craftsmanship. It is hoped that the high destiny of St. Petersburg, not only does not melt, but is reborn after ills flourish mightily and nobly. Let's hope that Egipt love Danae. For reconciliation in St. Petersburg has its own experience of three hundred. Aimed at spiritual development force, which relied G.Tard must show from here, from the city of "educating the people the freedom and dignity." The concentration of creativity and political significance of St. Petersburg like a revivalist of the city, particularly at Venice, in imitation of which he was conceived. Today North continues to atone for the sins of the capital, to heal wounds, restore broken connections ... It was at St. Petersburg, to its beauty and intelligence, again converted and the jealous gaze of Moscow, and attention is now not only the West but also the East. Today, representatives of foreign governments and international companies are looking at St. Petersburg with great interest, which has nothing to do with the same mocking curiosity. They see how, after decades of atheism sanguineously revives the holy faith of people in the exercise Truths.
- And you are called, called, invited, it begs a visit. - Report Fly, going with pancakes, baked from scratch. - Ends its retreat. This before, in the last century, independent writers were forced to turn to philosophers for Gumilev future. How are you there? "As a precursor, as if about Russia //What's in what looked like a bright May //Following the red sky is very blue //Nicholas saw the future." Publish your blue-presinee. Even if your high-prevysokaya philosophy available to many, it must be quickly put in the book, so that you can give to whom you want, for review, discussion, use. Now it is available, and ask permission is not necessary. Would be money.
   In the Activity Board heard an echo of legality violent activities, supervised by Svetlana tightened her office enforce the law. Indeed, as the saying goes, "life is in full swing." Now St. Petersburg twenty-first century, like all Russians, read and write what they want, write and listen to any music, draw and sculpt, design and build, teach and learn, free show, sell, give books, paintings, wheels ... People enter into a creative community, no one asking. The city contributes to this, providing comfort meet in a cafe, exhibition halls, museums ... St. Petersburg - the spiritual leader of the citizens - promotes the birth of Truths.
- Print copies of the book - it's a long song. And I can smell someone interested in its content?
- How do you say, my colleague, received a degree, says now is not the exchange rate, not the thesis on how to make discoveries, inventions and so on., And the like.
- That she was asking for a visit?
- Yes. Said rassuzhdalok so much that you want to spit out, but nothing's new there.
- Yes, she just too lazy to dig. Brand new is always there. Let honors "unreal reality."
- You are allowed to give her this book? - Svetlana reached for the phone, but I stopped her.
- No. I can tell her something. But the "unreal reality" I may have at any time in the refinement of the bibliography.
- When you can talk to her?



Why is that?



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