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Запись от Dmitry Kawarga размещена 23.07.2012 в 13:47

At the International Exhibition artplee is science-art
which move and crawl my unidentified animating objects
navozhdenie continue through Sunday, seven days a week to 12 days and 12 nights

looks like one of the unidentified object has the property of self-destruction and I like it ...
the first two days he slowly moved, but made micro-shifts, disrupting the stability of
on the third day of the show collapsed and began to bend myself ...
strapped to a metal cable to the ceiling, but it's a new pivot point and the object of hysterical screeching started screwing in the perimeter of the site
had to screw him with steel bolts to the floor, like a raving lunatic madman ...

All that resides in our brain, it undergoes a radical transformation, adapting a familiar kind of format.
captivated and led his mind, we are moving away from nature in ourselves and surrender all life around the laws of logic, functional and pragmatic.
We turn to the geometric nature of the pile cellular structures made of concrete.
creative and philosophical conception of our work is just to try to expand the back, so familiar to modern man,
frenetic and all-consuming process of rationalizing and structuring of any mechanistic they perceived the information.

Now is the time when, despite the abundance of exhibitions and talks, no one really knows what such art, which is moving and why is it at all.
even greater extent this also applies to scientific art.
However, blur the boundaries between art, philosophy and science are disappearing and clear criteria that can be separated from one another, yielding place to new meanings and interpretations.
We were in search of meaning, creating objects.
Do you have an opportunity to reflect with us, coming into contact with them ...

on the event website Lexus
description vytavki

later talk about the entire exhibition, the works of our own and foreigners

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