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On Labour "Evolution of Rights"

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The only hope of the world is philosophy, because all the sorrows of modern life are due to lack of proper philosophical laws. <...> No nation can achieve true greatness as long as it does not produce adequate philosophy and devote their existence policy, consistent with this philosophy.
                                             Manly Hall

     I leaf through the manuscript and ask, "for what I thought out the essence of decades, the cause and effects of the crisis state of our Russian-speaking society in a large open-loop-helix-Science, Ideology, Religion, Philosophy, Ideology, and how and why I have dissected the mythological metaphors natural principles and solve the mystery of the alphabet, and why through the Pythagorean arithmetic restored "ABC Trust" and find out the conceptual and structural nature of the speech, I had reached the goal, by comparing the nature of the physical forms of matter with continuous-discrete nature of metaphysical information on the properties of, why and what much attention is given to the ordinary human consciousness and attitude of contemporaries to mysticism, and most importantly, if I could show that the entire text of the book with quotations associates is a single picture of the Law Development?

   The value of any law in that it is the key to forecasting. Before our eyes, two thousand years of Christianity, Religion, molivshaya the kingdom of God, gave birth to the idea of ​​a secular, including Soviet, being. Before our eyes, a secular-Soviet life was creating new science and philosophically comprehend its place in historical memory. The entire twentieth century philosophers predicted the emergence of a new religion Existence-Existence, trying to find it appropriately. But who is the Lord of life? Love itself proclaimed cherished name - Self Life. Religion Self - is the result of a rethinking of the accumulated information about the past, present and future, of Something and Nothing as the rise and fall, of the forms of matter and information signs; about the life and death of the physical body and spirit, the elements and their systems , about the people and the people; about the traditions and the development of both the right and the Evolution of ...

   In the religious memory hidden ideas that are waiting when it's a crisis people's discontent with the situation. Crises - a natural phenomenon, because multiplying uncontrollably and people crave comfort for him mercilessly tormented planet and each other. Requests pouring in abundance and become issues for ascetics. Since our time is witnessing enhanced cosmic-mystical consciousness that grabs the likelihood of natural answers to questions. Introspection spontaneously gives free of causal conduct election, which "not only calculated, but simply seen it all, when they were in God." Ineffable beauty leads Misty delighted, and they want to share speculative seen with other people. The language of ancient Greek mythology, the phenomenon of prophecy in times of deep crisis called apokalipsisom.Smysl composite term "apo_kali_psi_s" - something the people out of the beautiful learning. Lexical interpretation of the text (the apocalypse - the Christian church book of the "New Testament", which contains prophecies about the end of the world) are concepts shown but not fully disclosed. The current "end of the world" we see in the form of terrorism and mass protests of the population of various countries against the existing distribution of goods consumed. Unforeseen dangers and evils of immature nonsense political prophecy more than a purposeful escape from crisis in a meaningful development.

   Ideology as a product of the express universal ideas to tailor the available resources with local tasks and follows the development of vector-recovery from the perspective of the global crisis. As once a dream to fly spawned the Christian faith in the truth-and-match of Sciences and now reside at the idea of ​​a suitable place to live in outer space, ahead of the establishment of the religion, waiting for scientific discoveries to conquer extraterrestrial distances. Expressed Beauty Ideas - this is not a new combination of existing natural principles, eons, but true statements already translated unreal reality. This reality becomes the object of desire. The concept of "lust" in its pure form, without any speculation, means longing, strong sensual attraction. In most cases, the same generation global idea is not implemented. That is why the lust and called vozh_deleniem to the generations separate valuable information from error and teach children that will allow for the beautiful idea. True science is derived from the old memory, from the safety of information that points the way Ideology of Development. Without knowing it, it is about the desire to implement the idea of ​​"Air" spoken philosophizing scientists nineteenth-HHv.v.

   Mendeleev believed that the source of energy to be found by studying the properties of space. His contemporaries insisted on attributing the source of energy to the nuclear envelope material. Only twenty-first century drew attention to the properties of space, where the problem of overcoming extra long distance seemed very relevant. Looks tempting idea of ​​reducing the distance double punctured plane travel, folded in half like a sheet of paper. Again, the question arises about the nature of energy for the curvature of space. Indicate the true source of energy - a major discovery. Laurels will go to the genius who not only proves the accuracy of the truth, but also uses it to implement the idea of ​​our civilization. Simulating the existence of power, no one argued that a major discovery has a story, but no one pointed out the source of desire and the first steps - in mythology and religion as a symbol of paganism and fixing socialized memory. Memory-idea-Science-Wis ...

   First Science fills the old shared memory with new information, and thus at the same time and stores, and changes the old religion. Conflict of science and religion arises when science fills the information store, and you want to replace. This stage is called the STR - Scientific and technological revolution. Beginning in the nineteenth century, the scientific and technological revolution continues and calls for a philosopher to that outlined the contours of the new beliefs. "Philosophy - a kind of attempt to overcome the confusion" - noted by Wittgenstein and the spring of 1930 gave the explanation: "This is a" philosophical "confusion - of course, the intellectual and not instinctive nature. philosophical puzzles are not essential to everyday life. This mystery of language. Instinctively, we use the language correctly, but this use of intelligence - a mystery. //Language consists of statements. Statements are a model of reality, and we compare with the reality of the statement " . This is what happens? Before philosophy is a daunting task to reconcile science and religion, and it is in captivity at Secrets of the question!

   It was formed as such so long that pick up the key to the mystery is incredibly difficult. More or less suitable pick hidden spirituality and history (the information from E.Shyure, M.Holla, I.Sventsitskoy ...). Trying to make their keys philosophy (of A.Bergsona, L.Vitgenshteyna, V.Nalimova ...). Science feels and sees that the secret lies in the naming of mythology (subconscious D.Mendeleeva, explanations M.Ichasa ...). Reading turns speech Rubik cube-and occasionally "in passing" runs into the hidden reality (works A. White, N.Gumileva, Mikhail Bulgakov ...). Problem of overcoming the "philosophical" embarrassment for the transition to the updated Religion has become so urgent that holding a bunch of spikes and blanks for making the precious key, I, the author of this book, ignoring the opinion of Wittgenstein, has combined its intelligence with the instinct to see the properties of Mira in each letter. A secret door into the past opened.

   Adequate support the philosophy of the XXI century update Religion. Logos will take care of subideyah and original names, lust Science rush to realize the dream of our civilization on interplanetary missions to master the unknown treasures. And Russia, breaking the confusion of the conflict of the scientific revolution and the Christian religion, has devoted his existence policy, consistent with the philosophy of Evolution and Law.

. © Magnolia Dmitriev.

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