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Anthem gallerist

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ART NEWSPAPER, № 28 (59), 10-16 July 2000


Editor's Note: This poem, attributed to famous film director Alexander Mitta, we were graciously given the gallery director Zero Nahum Olev. We apologize for the notes and changes - they were caused by the need to meet certain standards of decency.
We have this verse seemed not only ridiculous, but also sad. And you?

ANTHEM gallery owner

Dangerous business gallerist!

Found starving artist
Which in a dark barn
Lies and daydream.

He was miserable, sweating, naked and needy.
The body rash
The body of a pimple.
His bypass, parties.
He overturned his nose in the dirt.

But gallery owner gaze pierces
Ugly in abject poverty.
He feels the mystery behind the fence
Foresee God in the nakedness.

He puts his feet on the semi-corpses
And, having overcome the nausea,
All the fleas will shake,
Klopov crushed
Wash the stench will clear the pen.

He was unhappy crease son,
And he love him to give,
Hangover acidophilus,
And in the mouth zasunet pineapple.

Artist rad.
Now he is hungry,
And Muse day and night sins.

It will awaken the spirit of God.
In his heart explode feeling.
He climb like a rooster,
In the chicken - art.
As hard as the feet and hands,
Not straightening his back,
He weaves hard, like a spider,
Art web.

What then is the role
Savior-gallery owner?
Gives a poor man in paradise password
There is at terrible risk.
He's a hair more than once
Get from a terrible death,
I could die from infection
In agony, believe me.

He could tear bugs
And suck gelmenty --
All of these wretched crowds
Terrible moments.

But gallery owner crush a louse,
All the dirt around zamoet,
And that is a copper,
For a thousand rubbed.

Dragging solar filament
And everybody wants to buy it.
Hanging pictures on the wall,
As small children.
No dishonor them
In the station restroom.

They were in the catalog.
Wow, what the price list!
Now they are defending God
And the gallery owner.
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