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Steady trend of beauty.

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                                                                    In any case, the essence of beauty
                                                              must first be understood in its
                                                              real cash events.
                                                                                                               Vladimir Solovyov

     One, two, heave! E_sche, get that! - I looked out the window. In the courtyard of five or six guys moving around a contraption, trying to deploy it. - Come to the "five" - ​​offered the most stalwart, - one, two, three, four, hop!
     Mahina swayed and budged. And for some reason I remembered the episode about four or five of my childhood. The fact that I started to read very early, and apparently so well-written. Once opened the book, and then the word "razskaz" crossed out in red ink the first letter "h", and shaped as letters emblazoned on it "c." And at the bottom instead of the expected five, also "shows" Four. I - cry. Mom soothes: "Teacher, can be, and is not right. You can write and so and so. Watching what you want to say. If you mean that a lot of them, and this once, then" razskaz. "And if you wanted to say that you like a story, the "story."
     Today I looked in the dictionary. In Vl.Dalya word "razskaz" is, and the word "tserit", as in "digs in itself contain" too. The word "story" is not. And in the four-volume edition of the "Dictionary of the Russian Language" 1981 1984g.g. there is only a "story." The words "tserit" no, but there is an explanation of the word "Cerberus". There was such an evil three-headed dog in Greek mythology. With the tail and mane of snakes. He guarded the entrance to the underworld Hades. For those who have not read my thorny quest titled "Evolution and the Law", explain: Hades - a kingdom and a yes, "no" and "yes", minus and plus, the absence and presence of rejection and pleasant ... In short, this is the dark realm of the unknown. Log into the unknown - that's the entrance was guarded by a terrible dog. And about the dog must know something very interesting. Read. I put the essence of the character display in the essay "PS - The natural instinct." This is the first in a series of "PS" essay written as a postscript to the above work. Now psinka, had resulted in a symbol of learning, is not that terrible. We see povyryvali dog snake he had not felt in skazyvanii "one" to "race" have changed. And instead of four then five, back in 1950, I received just in time for the process of substitution.
       Now, outside of the context of children's works, it is impossible to know what the phoneme should be used, "one" or "races". But I began to listen closely and look to each letter, I mean tserit. I have come here faced with the question "What is beauty?" And to find the answer in one bunch were taken and paint, and beauty, and beauty with a handsome, and even poisonous belladonna, belladonna. Inside the "beauty" of the cell swept. And about ras_skaz forgot. Like now I remember my mother's words: "If you like ...".

     Well, with the letter "K" in the words of beauty, beauty is clear: it brings a sense of approximation. There is a principle of this "approach - not close." If you do not come close, then you will not hear, and not make out anything important. For example, it is useful to approach the art. To museums like. A stay at the Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. And a trip to Dresden, in Paris, the Prado ...
     As for the phoneme "races" looked in the dictionary: "... races, the prefix (see the time ...). Use instead of" time "before voiceless consonants." And then forty-five large format pages with words starting with "races". Also here and kiss, and pricing, and cleft, and the flowering ... In encyclopedic articles about deaf and voiceless consonants mess. A Vl.Dal says "time" before "to" not only in the word "razskaz", but in other words: razsazhivat, razserdit, razslablyat ... Wrong mate? I can not agree with that! True to the idea that each letter has its meaning, and phonemes, each letter brings its own color, its own flavor. Phoneme "time" and "races" - two different radicals. Radical "time" informs the division, and "races" - on distribution. If you soak the word "beauty", that will be felt, which is close to a pleasant and kind. I brought in their lyrics are many examples of how one letter can change the meaning of the word (office-crab crane, day-shadow-stump-laziness, darkness-marriage). I think, in the first approximation, we can recognize that for action to consider rasprobovat, kiss ... (Instead of playing, try to kiss ...) phoneme "races" message about the positive emotions. But this is not a complete answer to the question "What is beauty?"
     I'll have this well potserit to understand this mysterious "red ...". So tseryu! A Cerberus did not let me enter into the realm of acceptance-rejection. (By the way, who's this udumala threw out our clever alphabet alphabet letter "yat" which has created his own name such wonderful words like "nice", "perception", "friend" ...) We must tame this dog. But how? To begin to find out what kind of animal. I called for help, "the desire to revive the world view of the past", the value of which I have consistently pointed respected philosopher of the twentieth century VVNalimov. In N.A.Kuna in "Legends and myths of ancient Greece," looking and found: the eleventh labor of Hercules called "Cerberus". I read: "He <Hercules> had to go down into a dark, full of horror underworld Hades and lead to Eurystheus Guardian of the Underworld, the terrible dog Cerberus. Had three heads of Cerberus, on his neck twisted snake's tail ended in a dragon's head with a huge mouth ". Yes this is Cerberus. Itself change? Cyril Methodius with or take care of his Name? Well this is no longer so important. Above all, I recognize it.
     Read the rest and try to mentally translate the mythological images and metaphors in modern language. So the man went down, in the image of Hercules, in the kingdom of darkness "yes" and "no", that is plunged into uncertainty and confusion, and saw "glued to the rock heroes Theseus and Peyrifoya king of Thessaly. Punish them as gods for what they wanted to steal from his wife Persephone Hades. <...> He reached his hand to Theseus and Hercules freed him. When he wanted to liberate and Peyrifoya, shook the earth, and Hercules knew that the gods do not want to release him. Hercules obeyed the will of the gods, and went more <...> ". And who are they? Theseus and Peyrifoy king of Thessaly? Hades (or rather Egyptian Aida Verdi) - clearly. Persephone is also decoded in the "essence of the day" book "Evolution and right." And who are these two, adnate to the rock - to a fixed, that is, a stable, a mighty nice (because "Kalos" Greek beauty) stone-lithos? I do not image this table with the natural principles? Of these two are separate myth "Theseus and Peyrifoy" which shows that they are "holding out hands to each other, they concluded an alliance tight, unbreakable friendship and exchanged as a sign of the weapon." By this logic Peyrifoy metaphor - is a legitimate king of comprehensive systems of natural principles, and Theseus has something to do with the principles that can be released and the funds injected letter codes, and of the table of the entire system of principles. Why they needed Persephone? She was the wife of Hades and did nothing did not really say. Persephone - is only the first letter of the code is the natural principle of hidden in the darkness of "yes" and "no" notation. So, for example, the first letter "A" (by the way, is the code of the principle of "Election") may be hiding and "love" and "bitter" hatred. Persephone if teasing: "I know, but I will not tell." Apparently, Theseus and Peyrifoy wanted to kidnap Persephone to have the first letter of a clear sense of each natural principle. It did not work! Now we know that the first letters as codes of principles is, and the essence of the principles, if you please, I guess themselves, using verticals and horizontals of the periodic table of the principles of natural systems.
     Principles and their combinations are many, as the numbers in the series, each and every unique. A system gradually leads from property to property, as the rhyme in the poem until it tells about all contents of his kingdom. Drink rhyme, drink and then fully comprehend the meaning of the system, if you have the brains. Some so-and-so wittily called King Managing System - Peyrifoy. But ne_povtorimost as such, and numbers, and principles, and anything named a_rifmetikoy. No noticeable rhyme! Apparently, we have forgotten about it, just call just now the arithmetic theory of numbers. Thus, the scattered pure and composite natural principles arithmetical. It is spread and arithmeticity link them with the name of Theseus. The image of such Theseus is useful to identify a more complete view of the concept of "beauty."
      I think I correctly guessed that the uniqueness of the system is free and tied to other principles, and the name. I released, revealed a natural principle itself! Suffer with titles a year or two, but the codes and tables to which they are rooted, liberated. Hooray, I am - Hercules! Immodestly? Or slightly better. After all, who is Hercules? Ge_ra_k_l - izbannik (an approximation to the "L") of the Earth (Ge) and the Sun (Ra), that is, man. System itself, called Peyrifoem king of Thessaly, the release of the table, with its signs failed. We see "the gods do not want to release" from the expression made up of rocky places.
     Thoughts in words, I submit to the will of the gods, and went on, "in the darkness of eternal night" as poetically named sacredness mythology. In the dark realm of me, Hercules twenty-first century, "introduced Hermes messenger of the gods" - the image of the closed swirling mixture relations between gods and heroes with their names, composed of letters and phonemes, the meaning of which is hidden in the same lace mythology. Spent deciphering metaphors and names I describe in different essays. So my essay, along with major works, willy-nilly, are also relatively closed mixture. Each one has an explanation suitable for understanding of an expression in other essays. In contrast to the mythology, where the name of the interest I have to look at the texts of various myths blindly, I try to indicate in what an essay or what section of my book "The Evolution of Rights" explained one or another metaphor. I like the Hercules myth "Kerber" came into the kingdom of darkness "yes" and "no", flew all the views of all "... Veda" and philosophers. Only the desire and hope to feel the subtle threads of meaning and come to him to the goal - to understand the essence of beauty. So, good luck!

     After the liberation of Theseus from the matrix table system (the image of the natural principles of freedom) to Hercules sought shade of Meleager in prayer: "... have mercy on my sister orphaned, beautiful Deyaniroy! Defenseless she was left after my death. Take her for a wife, the great hero ! Whether her protector ". I immediately there were three major questions: who are the beautiful Deyanira and her brother Meleager? why their names appear in the myth, dedicated to the principle of "Education"? Why orphan (!! the death brother!?) Deyanira great need of protection?
     The answer to the first question can search out the myths "Hercules and Deyanira" and "Meleager." Deyanira Meleager and hails from a wealthy Calydon, a city in Aetolia. They are children Oyneya - hospitable king Calydon. I'm trying, trying very hard to feel the sign "Calydon." Phoneme "Kal_i_" whenever attracts my attention since I do not easily understand the metaphor "well virgins" and the triumphant words: "The goddess Demeter ordered to build a temple at Eleusis, the source Kallihory, and continued to live in it." !? Well of virgins?? Source Kallihory?? Now personally, I understand these metaphors, and for others I can cite a passage from "The essence of the day" with a very important quotations, I have repeatedly used in discussions of Beauty: The ability to process information creatively named the twentieth century property kalogennosti. Term proposed F.Ternerom, formed from two Greek words: "kalos" - beautiful and "genesis" - origin. "The human nervous system - explain the authors of the article" Poetry, brains and time "- very inclined to build unambiguous, clear, credible, coherent, internally consistent, deep and compact models of the world that have predictive power. These models all <including as a source> must fit into a system, and it is explained. Such a system should combine two features: first, it derived from the investigation should go far beyond the known facts, and secondly, it should be as small as possible the basic principles or axioms. Naturalists describe such a system such epithets as "elegant", "powerful", sometimes even "beautiful", artists and philosophers and add more such as "adequate", "true", "correct." This is all possible values ​​of the Greek words kalos. //If the above trend - really the result of some internal motivation, according to the theory of reinforcement, it is such a tendency, for acts which the brain itself rewards. If we had opened techniques, allowing to stimulate this internal system of self-promotion and raise its sensitivity, we were able to greatly increase the synthetic power of his mind. //These methods, if they exist, must meet certain requirements. Firstly, they must be used in all human cultures <a word - a chorus>, for neurological and biochemical features on which they could rely, all people are the same. Secondly, they must be very ancient, and show up even in the most archaic and primitive societies. Thirdly, the natives practicing these techniques will almost certainly have to see they focus almost magical inspiration and words of wisdom. society must apply them to think that their success and viability, it owes a lot to them. Fourth, they must be closely related to the kinds of social and cultural activities, which are required high voltage independent thought and complex calculations. This training, and holding various events <...>, and the performance of many rituals - the ones that are paying for the benefit of society fruitful, but also unsafe force "concept unpacking kalogennosti society, the authors actually translated into modern philosophical and religious concept of "good", stressing that the goods can not be any conceivable construction, but only that which is worthy called Beauty. <...> Source Kallihory - just beautiful - in Russian is called a source of beauty.
   Metaphors "well virgins" and "source Kallihory" perceived descendants. Modernity, reflecting on the creative process of relentless, writes A.Rohvargera hand: "It is well known that the majority of scientists and intelligent people all my life deepened allotted to them by their teachers, or the fate of the well, dug or planned by someone on the surface above the underground bottomless ocean science and art . Sometimes there are pioneers, which outlines long-term point of new wells. There is also a gifted people, interests, and knowledge of which cover a large space than is usual "
     And the name of the kingdom Oyneya, Calydon, and the quotation mark Rohvargera particular, bottom, property creative ability to process feelings and information. This ability is now called kalogennostyu. The very same creativity, considered the ancient Greeks planted Poseidon. Posey_don - the name of the mythological image of creation, and not a god of the existing seas, as it was understood nedoumiem profane. And the trident of Poseidon - the three arrows of the physical, rational and divine (terminology E.Shyure), this fork to pick them something new. In passing, I note that in Oyneya name, image, and the majestic beauty of Knowledge, Learning Through genius and talents of the well and the source of virgins Kallihory reasonable to include the letter "H", the code of the principle of "knowledge," and the letter "D", the code of the principle of "excessive" . So beautiful and Deyanira Meleager - children Knowledge of space Beauty. This conclusion is the answer to the second question, "why the names and Meleager Deyaniry present in myth, on the principles of" Education ".
     The answer to the third question is "why orphaned great Deyanira need protection?" May prompt a myth "Meleager" of the hero, which was under the protection of young Generation Calydon. A.N.Kun gives two versions of the myth of Meleager. One, verbose, repeatedly calls the scene - a rich Calydon and his surroundings. The other, a small version, of Calydon silent. The first is called many names of participants in the events, and thus shows the abundance of links to other myths. The second option is called by only one name, and three times. Is the name of the mother of Meleager - Alpheus. From this it is important to accept the first phoneme "Al" indicating inclusiveness on ne_izbrannost encoded the letters "a_l." Both myths tell that the son killed his mother's brother, whose name is hidden for some reason is not called. Perhaps most importantly, is the brother of Alfea, that they have the same source of life. Big myth unfolds a long storyline to demonstrate the metaphor of hunting /no hunting scale of influence something in the image, the named Meleager. Short myth focused on the death of Meleager as a consequence of maternal anger over the murder of her brother. It seems that the most important mythology show, first, mother's name, and secondly, misfortune happened to her brother, and third, the death of the hero Meleager, and the relationship with lace myths. The value of the volume of the myth "Meleager" is disclosure of the existence and extent of Calydon hunting as desire /reluctance.
     Attention! Why?

I had a dream, I go barefoot

"The horse would be me! Eagle to me -
Pounding in my head. -

I am a beautiful horse
I give my whole life!
I am for a winged eagle
Pad to any legs! "

King goes. Endure the throne
At the royal porch.
Over the throne angels noise.
In the hands of the King of the ring.

I looked and saw no ring
A laurel wreath.
And the roses, so to weave,
Who was able to win in life.

Thorns - that spurs in the stirrups
Aspiring distance.
"What are you going to pay for the horse? -
The king asked sternly. -

The law states that everyone should
Go up, go ahead.
Perhaps choose the eagle?
Eagle does not let you down! "

"What - I asked timidly, -
Advises canon?
And how many on Earth
Created icons? "

Hush angels waiting
What King will answer me.
- Yes you are, it seems to me, is smart!
He held the lantern.
Street lantern lit,
And clearly I realized:
On the plates necessary to go
Before the cross fire!

The fire will be lit on the cross,
When the sounds of the thread
Intersect chain forms
The images of the light.

I started boards choose
And then lights went out.
But the rush of MIP fire
And flew Pegasus.

Winged gelding took the size.
Well, I feel the end!
Woke up. A color
Crown of roses!

     Yes, yes.





 © Magnolia Dmitriev.

Diary "Magnolia" in the "ARTinvestment Forum" includes copyrights write for publication, including illustrated.
The reprint without permission of author issued.
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