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Theory of creativity (the topic of "What it really means ...")

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Changes-shortened excerpt from the work of "Evolution and Right"

   In the matrix, the properties of evolution is the position, which is the time of intersection of two lines: horizontal, from the "Excess", encoded with the letter "J", and vertically, from the principle of "measure" of rationality /irrationality of its codes "P" and "π ". Not forgetting the continuum, one may wonder how looks excessive oversupply.
At the closing end of the first round of development to the beginning of the second Metanablyudatelyu was "Birth." And ahead of the third period, beginning the principle of "Creation" with its letter-code "P". So to what perfection reached for Consciousness enriched thinking, awareness and self-reliance Mira with its ability to ignite the flame of Life? And at what point lit the flame? What is the deadly blazing fire of life, flashing a match Excessive oversupply. What is death? What was the purpose of life?
   Sages of past civilizations revered night off for a little consciousness death, after which begins a new life the next day. It begins with a break-sleep with a vision of disparate images that are taken for being in transcendence to the moment of awakening. Sages believed that the unity of the weak breathing sleeping with active respiration Mira supports informing his life in the beyond. Giving Delaney followed day and night parade made. This sophistication found expression in a time countdown to midnight before sunrise to midnight after sunset. Day - a mini-life with a creative mini-total. Typically, normal everyday creativity unnoticed, but to individuals given happiness to visit (and sometimes stay) in a state of unusual thinking. Also called a state of altered consciousness. Implementation of individual fantasies led to the realization of the principle of realizing the potential. Physically, there is a principle of potentiality, that is non-existent likelihood of realization of proportionality, reasonably placed in one of the positions of the common system of natural principles of the divine silence body contained therein neoplotnennoy sound idea. The ancient sages have coded this principle name icon "Tzadi" or "Episemon bau". Judging by the composition of the word "Epi_sem_on", it can be assumed that the principle of the existence of potentially perceived as a "sign for thought."
   The makers of the alphabet had a very difficult task which way to point to the sign of silence to rethink the alphabet? How to show that the position of the church i_s_chisleniya is, and no letters? And the space between the alphabet "P, π" and "P" between letters, is empty. But the position is! In all likelihood, the living silence seemed the Greek sages in the form of the voiceless worm, and they have designated it "worm." (See fig. Numerical values ​​of the Jewish, Greek, and Samaritan letters) and outsiders in their own understood distortion of reality in dreams: the worm eats memory effect, and it is full of holes.
   In the divine letter of silence can not be, as we say mathematics, "by definition." Philosophers have understood this, and perceived deafeningly silent-dazzling idea of ​​a breath, only in the form of radiant light. The concept of illumination, come from intuitive feelings intellectually-cognitive process, an ancient civilization has been laid and maintained its appeal to this day. Historical and philosophical information to allocate unrealized potentiality in principle, see "Geniuses of consciousness." In the above sense in it the principle of non-existent probability of proportionality should be called Brainwave or shine. On the state where it is impossible to keep an enthusiastic shout "Eureka!", Few know. Therefore, it is difficult to describe it in words, so even without a letter designating the faith of potentiality. But Schure has done with this daunting task, "Three mira: natural, chelovecheskiy and divine, mutually supporting each other and identifying drug, ispolnyayut universal drama dvoynym dvizheniem - niskhodyaschim and voskhodyaschim. <...> On <Pythagoras> uvidal all this, and also his life, and his naznachenie Bb instant bright light, unwavering confidence ting spirit that chuvstvuet themselves litsom Kl face ting truth. Kak molniya have revealed it. //Now he had to prove umom that his mighty intuitsiya grabbed Bb area of ​​absolute , and this requires a person's life and nuzhen byl trud Hercules "
While the lack of expression of thoughts arising Something better to be silent than to speak unintelligible speech. "What can not speak, thereof one must be silent" - Wittgenstein wrote in his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. Noble silence. Thinking richer speech. In other words we can say: "silence is richer sound because of the potential insight." It is aware of hermits - clergy, philosophers, poets, composers ... Eastern wisdom advises to listen to the silence, because silence - the language of God. "Blessed is he who in silence was a poet ..." - Shared his sense of Pushkin.
  So, in the alphabet, letter codes matrix natural principles to overarching principles of "potential" is a position-space, but not sounding letters. What to do? The principle of acting in the pause-and sleeping properly symbolized squirming worm, to which so much alike Brains in the matrix should be designated "pause" in a series of letters and names recognizable Nazarenes - "inspiration." Actual "break" can be marked with a pause of musical notation, or "@" sign computer keyboard, without naming him a letter. Sign can be named "Pa", imagining ballet pas - "povertku" as it Vl.Dal synonymized. The name of "Pa" was the two-letter phoneme, whose meaning is evident in the word "pa_rol." Occurrence "povertki" at the closing end of the second round of the beginning of the third period, "Creation" should be understood as a reversal of reality to unreality, as a reversal of reality to a passionate belief in the possibility of a flowing dream. (Later it was written essay "PS - 2" on the first spread of Hercules, designated by "pa_litsa." I will try to show an illustration done by my explanations artist Olga Kiseleva).

ill. Lev-Hercules

   In connection with the proposed principle of attributive "Illumination" is comment mythologization life of the Apostle Paul, whose name, Pa_vel, marked a reversal channel mirovozzreniya the instinctive consciousness of the logical creation. According to legend, the Roman citizen, Saul, a former ardent supporter of Orthodox Judaism, and therefore active oppressor early advocates of faith in the rule of Truth, suddenly became a preacher at one time the "new" faith and even introduced an appeal to believe him - Christians. He was given a new name, Paul, as he led the people on the path of faith in the fulfillment aspirations. Concerns about the rise of Christianity as the actions of the individual principles are set out in the table under "mystical experience of the Nazarenes." Tearing physically express and implement the information granted by elected people in the form of insight, understanding, seeing as something unattainable issued Mirom of Nothing, denoting the number of horizontal forerunner of the divine without scoring, but the light amplification.
   The principle of evolution adjacent to the position of "Illumination" at the last second horizontal loop, located on the first rank of the third period and in the first approximation was considered in the analysis of the triple chord "PP" in "Mighty words." Now, in order build a table may be somewhat different way to look at a natural gift, encoded by the letter "P".
   In essence the principle of semantic potentiality "Illumination" is nothing more than a protosemantika passionately long to break out the active sound "P", the ability to attract attention. Come about to turn to appear "-occlusive trembling forelingual palatal consonants [p]" at a time when the unreality peel off from the heights of the space of nothingness down and enters the Mire things to become reality intelligible sound. Or vice versa? The highest voltage of the feeling of Consciousness Presence unknown rushes up to the "progressive oplotnenie thought" to clarify the diversity of life on the verge of surge reason to get out and lit lantern. Consciousness must not miss this moment, and passing it to resign silence insight conceivable stream of sounds, it is pregnant with his insights, visions of the unknown. This state of mind is better than said Nikolai Gumilev, not tell.

I'm waiting for a comrade from God
In the centuries to grant me,
For the fact that I was; many
 On height and quiet.
And as he has transgressed, severe,
Kohl exchanged eternity for an hour,
Accept boldly for shackles
Dreams, binding us.
                                               N.Gumilev. "The other"

   This state of readiness fertilized silence at all times does not let thinking consciousness, a century B.Rodin recalls how it happens:

The door opened and the church,
Flickering candles dim light;
Had not been asked, and the drama of life
I rolled over in the tracks.
I hesitantly entered,
Eyes adjusted, looked around.
Suddenly the light went divine
And he stopped me.
There were only two persons:
My face and gentle Goddess
And the angelic voices
I clarified the essence of life.
In the quiet, open eyes and mind,
I gazed and listened and listened ...
        B.Rodin. "The gates of the temple"

   Sign-emotional information overvoltage ready wink of Consciousness "pause Enlightenment" began with the zone - the first horizontal. Sound "R" spark contact breaks to meet with Greek-Latin "(I) IA=AI (I)". Metanablyudatel becomes Metaskazitelya. Second period ends with the beginning of the third - the principle of "Versification of Consciousness," which is in the form of a poem.
   The phenomenon of "s_tiho_tvoreniya" considered in the interpretation of the myth of Demeter and Persephone. The concept of the verse is closely connected with rhyme and rhythm, functions and characteristics of which are described in detail in "High Tongues." Here, in connection with the reflections on the transition from inspiration to pause the speech, it should be noted that they are integral to the rhythm. Illumination of the heart rhythm excited organizes pause. According to co-authors of "The semantics of rhythm. Rhythm as a direct entry into a continuous stream of images" in Nalimov "Probabilistic model of language", the rhythm breaks means "completeness of expression. Completion. Ability to take on and complete the unfinished without words." Understanding <Almighty said> does not come with knowledge. It comes in a range between words, between thoughts, the interval - a silence is not broken knowledge: it is open, subtle, fully internally "- co-authors cite the text of the rhythm of Indian philosopher Krishnamurti on the book" ideologies in modern India. "
   Identification of the principle of "Insight" corrects the wording of the principle of "Creation" given in the previous section, namely, physically existing natural principle of publicity efimernyh (real, but not existing) images suggested by illumination of consciousness intelligently placed in the position of the matrix properties and evolution of the divinely designated sounding letter "P". Church Slavic name of the letter "Rtsy" to some extent becomes clear after considering the natural principles of coded letters "C" and "Y".

   Recognition of the principles of the second period proved the natural direction of evolution and the properties show the stages of transition from consciousness to creation.

. © Magnolia Dmitriev.

Diary "Magnolia" in the "ARTinvestment Forum" includes copyrights write for publication, including illustrated.
The reprint without permission of author issued.
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