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The theme of the acquisition of paintings

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Light pine

 - Admire?
- Rather marvel - I said a pretty girl with a friendly smile.
- Here is what marvel. Actually, this still life in our home is not a coincidence. First, I'll show you the back side of the canvas. See? Brush says: "Artist - Irina Alex. Idea - Magnolia." Magnolia - this is my mother, with whom you decide any questions. Second, these two paintings. Pay attention! Not the original and a copy, that is two pictures. And both wrote Irina Alex. My mother just adores her. And rightly so!
  The phone call was interrupted by the story. Svetlana ran into the office on the phone. I myself realized that Svetlana - my daughter revered Magnolia. I started looking at the picture. Sprigs of fresh pine in elegant crystal vase. If one runs into a finished look to reveal a neat blue volume with a beautiful stroke of gold "lucky ticket". Incidentally, the name of the picture
 on the back of the canvas was the same. Tomiko on strict roman name of the author - Boris Rodin. Perhaps poetry. In front of a small volume and a vase, right on the table is a great white rose.

 I remembered, as we recently bought flowers for the anniversary and were afraid of being misunderstood, if there is a conversation about the language of flowers. Magnolia impromptu then advised:

Pink roses should be,
To hear the call of the world,
Even if you turn red
Embarrassment and prizes.
Rainbow song should be,
To catch the color of each sound,
Even if the pale
Of sadness and separation.

   The painting rose petals thick, large, and resilient stem with thick leaves still remember the solemnity of presenting. Pine twigs as much shine! Overall impression of the atmosphere congratulations. But the sense of a mystery still present. And why is pine?
   - Mom is on the way. Coming soon. - Report and invited Svetlana. - Tea? Coffee? There are some very tasty cookies.
 - Thank you, do not worry. You were talking about the two paintings - I returned the conversation back on track. - It seems that the film keeps the memory of a mysterious history. I think you know it.
   My ploy failed. Svetlana took the volume from the bookshelf, shown in the picture, and the fingers used to the familiar books otlistala quickly to the desired page.
- Here, listen: "Like a touch of pine tops, //​​Our roots long woven ..." What a beautiful image!
Of course, the lyrical nature of the poet saw his own long married life. But my mother has composed a poetic response to the universal fantastically loyal wife and signed the "Pine".
   Svetlana gently closed her eyes, trying to remember a mother's speculative piece, and slowly read:

Talking to you out of sleep.
I - the same pine.
Near Earth stand.
Verse in heaven saying.
God put us together,
To save one another.

           Then, deciding that requires explanation, she added, - Revelation of the difference between supremnym spouses and marital alliance between husband and wife tried to describe Edward Shyure legend in his famous "Priestess of Isis." Read? Well, my mother just very accurately captures the symbolism of images and words. And the secrets of sleep knows a lot of interesting things. And as said! Hear them. Irina Alex - a sensitive artist. Mom understood at a glance. It is these secrets are depicted in the center of the picture. See, what a tremendous issue twisted pine branch in the shade of the background?
   So who created in me a sense of mystery! Talent! No. Great talent! I've read reflections Magnolias that some artists simply record the visible, while others depict various means thought, emotion. It first calls the painters, and the second - hodozhnikami because they go for news in the beyond. There are like, sound like, and there will produce some wondrous miracle. And she believes that artists paint pictures, and hodozhniki - icons. Ah, yes, Alex! Silence, and said how cool! And Svetlana just said something very important.
   - Schure? I even named it never heard. You said "supremny marriage." What is it?
   - And this, when not only to the grave, but also in non-being together. Ancient transcendence called supremum. Of course, you have heard that Malevich Suprematist recognized, and its "black box" on one of the shows hung in the corner, like an icon. And there was this stereotype definition picture - icon of the twentieth century. Abstract Malevich wanted to show that from the abyss of blackness can expect anything. But we were talking about something else. The concept of "marriage" was formed on the idea of ​​sharing the barge sailing in two minds somewhere in the vastness of the clouds. Sound "and" Move. Marriage. Remained distorted echo - to be married. But seriously, you uncover the metaphor of the myth of Demeter and Persephone, and then agree that the Wedding Palace - is absurd. Good thing not be called marriage.
   - That's right! - Has picked up, I liked the argument. - "Husband and wife - one of Satan" - is earthly. Sublime love of the spouses do not govoryat.Esche little you really prove that the icon in front of me. Why two pictures? And where is the second?
   - The second front of you. And the first was commissioned as a gift for his homeland Boris heartfelt poems. When my mother brought it out of the studio Irina Alex home, I said that normal people with such works of art are not separate. Do not let go! Do not give up! Then mom asked Irina to write another same picture.
- Did you know? - Hurry up, I put my meager knowledge of art history - the eighteenth century ignored the image set of things, and not without contempt appropriated this genre of painting the term "nature morte", that is "dead nature." Later, in different languages, the term has become a still life.
   - Never mind what they yell academic painter of portraits, landscapes, yes. They are jealous. They envy the Symbolists, who at first thought the head and feel the heart, and then write a brush.
   - Sveta, what You attacked me? I of the eighteenth century, not today! Although, to be honest, I did not realize that in a still life composition and coloristic performance can attach a depth of content.
   I felt very uncomfortable. I was told about the fragile relationship of hearts warmed by mutual care and magical poetry of pine branches. And I? Nature Morte? Ashamed of it is! There was a noise at the door and turn the saving elevator key Magnolia.
   - I hope the next time you tell me about the flowers and songs, and it will be no less exciting - I thanked Svetlana, and a little embarrassed, yet asked - I wonder how much can cost a icon?
   - Well, that's you! These two paintings are not for sale. Light Pine - a rich colorful image of three creative souls.
   The door opened, and entered the creative soul.
                                                                       © Magnolia Dmitriev.

Diary "Magnolia" in the "ARTinvestment Forum" includes copyrights write for publication, including illustrated.
The reprint without permission of author issued.
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