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Desired addition to the essay "On the Forum of Beauty"

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I have the honor! ...

- What interesting words of flattery, revenge, honor ...
- Yes, more news, six ... - I play along, smiling. I am pleased that I will stay in Lala sense of mystery letters.
- Okay, "is" means that it is. It is clear. But what exactly is? As indicated by the letter "L", "M", "B" and others? - To try to find my pretty assistant. - If you say that there is flattery, there are places and other well-known concepts, these "is" is not a letter, a well-defined these notions. Is that so?
- Yes and no. From the "flattery" breathes election. Do not flatter everyone. Flatter beloved or elect. They say, 'You charm. " Hear kinship "flattery" and "charm"?
- Yes, the catch. Fawning praise - famously divorced word on different poles my companion.
- And grovel and praise belong to the elite. The principle of the "election" most clearly felt in the word "or." Now call to mind our discussion of the principles of the system development. Principles and the names of their letter codes you remember?
- I remember. A - People, M - Think, H - Our - ringing has reported it, pleased her maiden memory.
- You see, a lot of living creatures, and in the second turn of the evolutionary development were only God's chosen people. And mind you: no man, but it is the people.
- I think it's you notice the dictionary meaning of "man": man oven and human rights?
- Yes. And then, and more absorbing: human furnace - fuel and human rights - information. Prvda, now called human furnace firebox.
- How right you things are going - she marveled. - Can an indiscreet question? You deliberately call me Lyalya, with two "L"?
- No. Subconsciously. "L" - code principle of "election." "A is" means that there is a choice, there is election. I'm familiar with different Olga, and became only cooperate with you and only you Lyalya call.
   Olga has long sought a way to satisfy their aesthetic needs. Found. After a course of special training, she became a photo artist. This is a relatively new trend in art. Initially designed the image that expresses a thought. Then compiled and fixed camera composition. Arrived at random digital information technologies, and completion of the works were made using computer programs. Our collaboration has arisen in the field of manufacturing principles for the development of illustrations for the book "The Evolution of Rights". Hence the long conversations on topics related to the delights of expression.
- Well, - not appeased Lala - and "revenge" that "M is"? Also the "Yes and No"?
- Too. Yes and no. Honor Greek myths of Agamemnon, Clytemnestra and Electra Orestes, and you will see that it's Revenge - the most expressive way of thinking as such. The letter "M", the code of the principle of "Revenge," and is called "Think."
- Great. What is hidden in the word "honor" with his "W is"?
- This is in a nutshell not tell. Do you have time? In a hurry?
   Olga silently nods his whole appearance indicating that it would be with interest to hear and listen to the revelations of the property system, discovered by ancestors and come down to us in the form of a distorted linear alphabet codes of Russian. I take a stack of literature, involved in the writing of labor "and the Evolution of Law", a small booklet Nicholas Berdyaev "The fate of Russia" and trying to quickly find the quote.
- And your instinct tells you nothing about such notations as "part" or "antique"? - I am interested listener willing to take difficult concepts.
   Big beautiful eyes behind delicate spectacles led the left and upwards, as if they wanted to search out the answer to the imaginary heaven. Lips silently moved, picking up an explanation for such familiar words.
- Let's not change the nature of the replacement for "antique" - groping Olga began to argue. - If you are unhooked final "n" and "o" as a sign of conscious adverbs, it remains "anti CH". - Olga waiting for my approval, and hopes that she will not have to look for the very meaning of the mysterious "W".
- So, all that. And now comparable antiquity to Christianity, who replaced antiquity.
- Oh, this is what you're getting at. Paganism pre-Christian period reflected, in a sense be named, discrete integrity of the world, and preach the faith of Christianity became a separate implementation of the Truth, Ideas - particles from the vast unknown. So? If "anti B" used as a way to refer to the "anti - on the contrary", the very letter "h" - the code of the principle of the separation of the immense whole. Now I understand why you put the number of "antiquity" and "part."
- Yes. I believe that the letter "h" natural principle is encoded as a set number of parts of a whole.
         By definition, this principle can be approached from the other side. Premonition picks sign of the emerging events. Abstract thinking synthesizes reality of a new phenomenon. The principle of "instinct" takes part in a non-being, there is unity.
- A little, participation, communion party. And where is the rest ... - How to meditate Lala.
- Add "Happiness" - I advise approvingly. - It is understood as the involvement in the multi-layer integrity of life.
   If rusichi not initiated into the mysteries of speech coding principles of nature, realized potentiality numerical discrete, then struggled to guarded intellectual intelligent color of their nation. Because only he can lead this unearthly perfection endless expense. Ever, under any government, mature, highly educated compatriots understand the role of perception in the form of the sign words, images, gestures ... They more than anyone else, are ready to fulfill the glory of the motherland, "the inner workings of an active perceiving." All over the world, the internal work is thought of as "climbing the ladder of meaning." It quotes S.Averintseva terms highlighted. It is a creative climbing valued above all else.
- I think I begin to understand the meaning of "B is." You wanted to read some quote - reminds me Lala, pointing to the page I found.
- Listen. It's about honor and dishonor. Berdyaev called his work "On the sanctity and integrity."
It's not even quote and excerpt containing the profound observation of the history of Russia. Read slowly, slowly, but missing minor places and briefly glancing at Ljalju to pause when it tired to follow the thoughts of the writer.
   Analyzing the Russian style of the reply to the challenges of historical situations, Berdyaev wrote: "Integrity - West evropeyskiy ideal. Russkiy ideal - holiness. <...> At russkago man is not strong enough soznanie that honesty is required for human kazhdago that it involves ting honor man, that it shapes a person. moral discipline personality never have nas not razsmatrivalas, kak independent and supreme task. Bb our istorii missing knighthood beginning, and it was for neblagopriyatno razvitiya and to develop the individual. Russkiy man set himself the task of developing the personality and discipline , on too sklonen byl rely on what organicheskiy kollektiv, which on prinadlezhit, for it all to his sdelaet nravstvennago health. pravoslavie Russian who russkiy narod obyazan svoim nravstvennym vospitaniem, do not put slishkom vysokih nravstvennyh zadach personality srednyago russkago man Bb nem was a huge moral indulgence. Russian man was primarily brought trebovanie smireniya. As a reward for virtue smireniya him all give and all allowed. Smirenie was the only form of discipline the individual. better humbly sin chem proudly improve. Russkiy privyk people think that dishonesty - not a great evil, if etom on Bb humble heart, not itself, is not puffed up. Bb And samom bolshom prestuplenii can humbly repent, minor sins is easy to remove candle posed pered ugodnikom. <...> Sanctity is udel nemnogih it mozhet putem not be for a man. Vsyakiy slishkom geroicheskiy way personality Russian Orthodox soznanie recognize pride and ideologues russkago pravoslaviya ready to see the way etom uklon Kl man-godhood and demonism. Chelovek dolzhen live Bb organicheskom team, obedient to order and harmony, form svoim sosloviem, its traditsionnoy professiey, vsem traditsionnym way of life. //<...> Russian folk Orthodox soznanie <...> always utverzhdaet that Rus zhivet holiness in otlichie ot narodov West who zhivut only honesty, that is less nachalom vysokim . <...> Russkiy narod and truly russkiy chelovek zhivut holiness Bb tom sense that vidyat Bb his way of holiness or sanctity for themselves schitayut Bb any extent practicable or mandatory. Russ is not holy and not to be bound pochitaet become holy and make ideal holiness, it is holy only Bb tom sense that infinitely saints and holiness, only holiness Bb vidit higher sostoyanie life Bb while kak West vidyat higher sostoyanie also Bb dostizheniyah poznaniya or social justice, Bb celebration of culture, Bb creative genialnosti. For Russian religious soul Hallowed less chelovek, but rather the Russian land, which "Bb rabskom iskhodil as the King of Heaven, blessing." <...> Russkiy chelovek not idet ways of holiness, never set such high goals, but on svyatym worship and holiness, with svyazyvaet his last love, rests with the saints for their intercession and intercession, saved tem, that Russian land imeet tak many shrines. soul of the Russian people never worshiped the golden calf. <...> But the Russian soul is prone to fall Bb nizshiya sostoyaniya there to dissolve itself, prevent dishonesty and dirt. Russkiy chelovek budet loot and enrich themselves unclean ways, but on etom never read materialnye wealth supreme value. <...> Russkiy chelovek mozhet byt otchayannym moshennikom and criminal, but deep down, on sanctity and blagogoveet pered ischet spaseniya the saints, in their mediation. Any hischnik and krovopiytsa - can very sincerely and truly reverent bow pered holiness, light candles pered images of the saints, go Bb desert Kl startsam remaining hischnikom and krovopiytsem. This is not even litsemeriem. This - for centuries bred dualizm, voshedshiy Bb flesh and blood soul uklad special, special way. This vaccine carnal soul and not enough spiritual religion. "
- How is it? Feel whole and part relationship, embedded in the concept of "fairness" and "holiness"? Do you think that "lack of spiritual religion," that means?
- Berdyaev himself very vividly shows that a Russian's no lack of religiosity - a shrug, says Lala - and the assertion that "it is not even litsemeriem" indicates a lack of personality. Berdyaev familiar with your system unit for men, people, personalities and Misty, but the line between man and the person he sees very clearly.
- You're right. His phrase that honesty is related to honor a man that it forms a personality, points to the existence of non-personal. Non-Personal is collective because of their gregarious nature. Non-personal than individually. She did not consider himself individuality: the body self and collective consciousness and thinking. Non-personally can not comprehend itself, so reading for her instead of reason and an excuse to think about turning to the observation written. Film and TV for most people colorful and enjoyable book. State non-personal virtually unchanged under political influence.
   I switched to a card index of statements and quickly find the right card. "The policy of running like the plague at random and most of all the line of least resistance to the sport of chess, on a green field proferansa to" mother bottle with white head "- as described by the state of Soviet society in the 30 years M.Artemev . - Those who are stronger in spirit, in whom is still living person, choose the path of suffering and confession - put a cross on his neck and go to the temple, losing thus in a short time Soviet service, union card, followed by the right to food and shelter " .
- You know, I have the impression that the Russian non-personally did not end the era of paganism. Appeal to the names of the saints - it is the same mythology, but at some very domestic level. - Included in the discussion Lala.
- You are focused on the use of names-names. Have you noticed that they have a global, downright globusnoe, the value? Russian people with faith in the shrine accurately outlined its position - the North, that is, with faith. Originally isolated from Asia Great Wall of Great Russia Siberia, unconsciously perceiving Asia as Az - I Do not Know the outbreak is trusted tidings West'a. A wise sunset West-West carefully scrutinizes the East, to the country-Ost, the rising country-Orient - shining a bright landmark. Their mysticism knows that future comes from the country-East, which senses the truth.
- You twist words like flowers in a cube-Rubik - laughed Olga.
- Laugh laugh, but listen to how this Berdyaev writes: "For the Western kulturnago Rossiya humanity still remains completely transcendent, something kakim chuzhdym Vostokom then prityagivayuschim his secret, then ottalkivayuschim svoim varvarstvom. <...> Mnogih West vlechet Kl itself mysterious depth russkago East. <...> Svet ting East saw only nemnogiya izbrannyya personality. Russian state has long been recognized as a great power, with which all States must be mira and which igraet Bb major role of international politics. "
- Strong words! - These two words spilled proud young lady for his involvement in "a great power with which all States must be mira".
- I tell you another interesting statement read. The light from the Russian East, according to A. Nikitin, clearly saw the European Enlightenment chivalry, "Stand up in Europe on the basis of equality, mutual respect, brotherhood and freedom of choice. During the Crusades in the East European chivalry is not just faced with the world of new ideas for him and ideas, and was able to deeply penetrate into the world - in the long truces and close contact with so chivalrous, but in many cases much more enlightened opponent. Naturally, they could not get past the secret teachings of the East, who have always lived here side by side with each other, borrowing from each other knowledge and not paying attention to national and religious barriers. "
- Stop. A minute ago, sounded the phrase: "In our history, there was no knight beginning." Now we are talking about "as chivalrous, but much more enlightened opponents." This is how to understand?
- You have raised a very important issue. I remember once discussing the myth of Egypt and brothers Dan, you and I touched on the meaning of "hypo" and "hyper"?
- I remember very well - readily answered Lala. - "Egipt" - it is something normal, ordinary, "hypo" - something below the lower limit, and "hyper" - over the top.
- Now look what "giperlichnost." In another work - "Soul of Russia" - Berdyaev calls the lack of development and the development of personality dissolution. He ties together Russia's lack of tradition of chivalry and the "lack of personal principle razvitie Bb Russian life. Russkiy narod always lyubil live Bb warm staff, a Bb Bb rastvovennosti stihii land Bb womb. Chivalry lichnago forges a sense of dignity and honor, creates zakal personality. lichnago That temper did not create Russian istoriya. <...> Russkiy narod hochet be ground, God knows. " Make no mistake. At dissolution, non-personal "Bb warm staff" to implement arisen thought-idea remains the country as such. In this case the judgment is obtained in a very original flesh - the personality of the people in general. Such is Russia. Her strong belief in such a realization of the idea, which is compatible with the shame people can understand, when you think that people do not have the property of individuals, but are mighty giperlichnost. It was the Russian giperlichnost chivalrous is not so enlightened, how sacred the enemy of the West.
- You mean, - says Olga, - that at mass dishonor Russian West found enlightenment chivalry Russia as giperlichnosti with special language.
- Yes. For centuries actively powering news from West, East, Russia giperlichnost, having a unique system of the Russian alphabet has to think quite powerfully and efficiently. Being a higher level in the hierarchy of individuals, Russia in the twentieth century, even after the terrible destructive war, managed to be ahead of the rest in space, in getting super-energy and other developments, which were beyond the power of no small teams no Russian figures.
- You hear so all reason - language on the basis of more or less adequate coding properties of evolution - Lala questioned, but did not argue convincingly.
- And what do you explain that Miru demonstrating viability and determination, it was Russia that set a new style and pace of life many Eurasian peoples? Is not using it was universal literacy roused people of the colonies, and disappeared shameless extorsive mode colonial states?
- Yeah, what's mind! This strange old wayward giperlichnost Russ. - The tone of the conversation I took the initiative Olga. - Slavs ancient times began to develop space frosty northern territories, in their own way to adapt to them. Apparently, this will determine their feature.
   Slightly thinking, Olga said singsong lines Tyutchev
Mind can not understand Russia,
No yardstick to measure:
She has become a very special
In Russia one can only believe.

- The life of faith in the righteousness and suspense full hardening distinctive increments, consisting in the statistical weight of the people who, because of natural circumstances remained non-personal - sadly poditozhila Lala. - In the vast majority, do not pay each of the mass itself and does not want any self-employment or self otvetstvennosti.Edakaya unique Russian-antichislennost antiquity with a few characters.
- That's true - it is true - I approve the original comparison. - For the current rossiykogo being very peculiar characteristic motto of unity - "One for all and all for one", whether king or priest, Peter the Great or Pugachev, Lenin and Yeltsin, the President or the President. Dishonest people, as expressed in the absence of honor, is the property of non-personal, that is, elements that do not consider themselves to be able to do is giperlichnosti. By contrast, the concept of "I have the honor" - is a strong sense of difference, independence, responsibility, discretion, Photography. That is why the top part of employees of Tsarist Russia had badges and proudly pronounced "I have the honor! ..." Soviet Russia ritual gestures and symbolic differences preserved, but not realized, so its military obediently honor to command. What to do?
   Interestingly, this view of the communist period, Russia has been on everyone's mind, but rather talked about: communism systematically called Bolshevism, as if recalling that a structure-giperlichnosti natural dominance of the majority over the minority, even if it is a minority of smart, talented and brilliant tries for majority. Retaining their individuality, Russian giperlichnost ruthlessly destroyed millions of germs honor. For Soviet Russia typical mediocre example described A.Nikitin - columnist archives Joint Main Political Directorate of the USSR (Soviet OGPU): "<...> was a brilliant artist who made a living in the mid 20-ies, and portraits illustrations in the Moscow theater magazines, a translator from several languages, including Sanskrit, which he studied at Moscow University, editor of the military magazine, diplomat, poet ... and after spending most of his life in the camps and exile, died convinced mystic in a wheelchair at home Archangel. "
   Self-destruct system is ephemeral. By the end of the twentieth century, Russia's repressive ripened into critical condition and found herself face to face with the "beyond". What would imagine that she will think in the morning of the third millennium, it is unwise destroying native visionaries who selflessly and honestly tried to educate their neighbors? Where and how to lead his people, this wayward giperlichnost? Do understand that ignoring the unique minded individuals living with the motto "I have the honor! .." And denying the need for education on fair retaliatory circumstances, it risks remain for years to come with the muzzle face, frightening the civilized world? Feels it, that we should by all means to protect the union of flesh and thought, which is based on a system of coding letters properties of being perceived by the whole organism?
   Olga graduated from talking on a cell phone, and hurried away.
- We did not say a word about "in there" and "W is" - she remembered the words of our conversation starter.
- This will be your homework - I joked.

Lala is gone, and I wondered for what had this long conversation about the lifestyle of the country-East? Time with its endless changes blindly rushing forward. Language integration is inevitable. It has long been coming to "clean" language and entails restructuring giperlichnostey, and then the reallocation of human, information, energy, material and other flows ... But today, we must understand that the vector of the future depends on the absorption of darkness with light, from the appearance of spontaneity to lead consciousness. Civilized mankind for their own well-being is to know and understand that the evolutionary process is dependent on a rare special breed of people who can see the whole picture Mira, for the flash of light uttered. This optics optimum yield from the darkness of delusion.
   From the arguments of the metaphysical discrete coded Russian "B", we can conclude that every person in making sense of the spectrum of Russian existence of a likelihood of being dissolved in the community to have a choice of full independence - an honor to have or give away, silently and aloud, act honestly and honestly repent.

   Reading and counting, honoring and esteeming man on Earth forever torn, measuring every word with his conscience. He is torn between between honesty and dishonesty, between holiness and faith in holiness. For every Russian, as well as to every inhabitant of the planet, MIP and God in any guise handles tips and questions:

There can not be a part of a single entity.
The happiness of the whole can not buy.
Swim in the boat of fate, since the body of the spirit.
There is a time to choose one of the two.
Humble yourself and choose from two principles.
Heights of the spirit? Body syt? What is your dock?

 © Magnolia Dmitriev.

Diary "Magnolia" in the "ARTinvestment Forum" includes copyrights write for publication, including illustrated.
The reprint without permission of author issued.
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