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About the publication of "Three essays about the Beauty"

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In 2011, the publication of labour Magnolia Dmitrieva "Evolution and the Law" readers were presented unusual view of the alphabet, as such, and unusual vision of the structure of the Russian language. Based on the material of legends and myths, the author was restored and opened to the system of natural principles, expressing the evolutionary development of the world of our planet.
In addition, it was found that the encoding of each principle letter creates a system of signs, which was written by Egyptian priests in the form of a table. The enlighteners Cyril and Methodius known since ancient times the table has been adapted to the Slavic language called ABC. The neglect of the sacred secret everywhere turned a reasonable table in linear alphabet.
The knowledge of correspondences "letter code is a natural principle" allowed Magnolia Dmitrieva decrypt mythological metaphors that preceded civilization expressed his vision of world order. In particular, in the essay "the Essence of Beauty" this book shows how mythology household images expressed the universality of the concept of "beauty". It has given an idea about how codes from natural principles of forming understand the words.
Essay On "Forum Shop" is intended to explain the nature of the transfer of knowledge through scene images, that is, "without the letters of the word". This essay, the author, Magnolia Dmitrieva, in a fruitful collaboration with Olga Kisseleva shows that the natural principles can be encoded not only by the letters of the languages of the peoples of the world, but also paintings. Here, the term "picture" refers to an image created with various means for expressing knowledge about objects, processes, phenomena, concepts...
Small essay On the masterpieces. Solomon and Shedd" was written at the request of fellow artists and collectors. The essays brought together in one sense, technical graphics, scientific and mathematical expressions Phenomena Lead to the historical idea of the prophecy, symbolized by the ancient images of the mighty and wise Solomon Shedd.

Observing the structure of the narrative, the author is forced at the mention of some original and little-known concepts to send readers to the texts of his other essays, where these concepts are disclosed more fully. Essay "P. S. - Natural instinct", "the Golden bough", "Yes, Yes! Do you hear!" and several others published online on the website "ARTinvestment.RU Forum - a Forum on art and investment ..." (in the journal "MAGNOLIA") and on the website "Thought - Image - Word".
In the book "Evolution and the Law", you can subscribe by sending an e-mail address: magnik1212@rambler.ru

. © Magnolia Dmitrieva.

Diary "Magnolia" in the program "ARTinvestment Forum" contains the author's writing for publication, including illustrated.
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