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The essence of asceticism.

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Of labor, "Evolution and the Law"

. with asceticism, that is, asking questions, starting an altered state of consciousness.

   From a consideration of the historical documents about the rise of Christianity shows that the most ancient religious and philosophical understanding of the factors of existence, which had crucial in the management of the masses, was reduced early Christian preaching and symbolic rituals to the teachings of the impact on the development of life mystical ideas and subsequently transformed into the idea of ​​salvation . The idea of ​​salvation in the circumstances of the crisis has provided a strong emotional impact on everyone. Thus the idea of ​​salvation was suitable for almost any nation. It is fair to note once again that the exclusivity principle "Self" has been isolated from the general principles of the table is the Egyptian priests in a parable about two brothers Egypt and Dan. Later Danae image was transformed into "begging for mercy", which is apparently more consistent with the substitution of the term "development" to the notion of "salvation." The number of adherents of "development-saving" be removed from the Gentiles, was growing rapidly. The period of the intelligence was over.
   But to live only a spiritual cleansing preparations for informational novelty nevozmozhno.Poetomu preacher Paul called for the peaceful coexistence of the lower most pagans, conditional "Egyptians" with "Christians" - people who allowed to see the truth and change the position of the afflicted. However, the first drunk force behind most, and the latter, in particular Christian Gnostics, haughty, feeling their exclusivity, because "everyone has his own gift from God, one after this manner, and another after that." Christians do not want to mix with the majority not only in thought and speech, but also physically: meal - separately, mixed marriages - is unacceptable. Tertullian Paul II, who claimed: "It is permissible to coexist with the Gentiles, but to share the common customs unacceptable." Chosen Gnostics not only ignored the appeals of Paul, but condemned his doctrine, which darkened the thirst for the salvation striving for development through the implementation of ideas. In addition, a dual understanding of "salvation" and "end of the world" was the cause of the confrontation of Christian and Gnostic Christians, who have found comfort in the promise of a better afterlife. The latter, in fact, were the Gentiles in faith extension of their physical life in another world. The meaning of "the kingdom of God," they replaced the "kingdom of heaven" as a very primitive to understand the thoughts of an unusual state of consciousness daruyuschem chance for the development of the divine.
   So, people were divided into two camps metaphysical. Different emphases in mirovospriyatii dictate different lifestyles. Gentiles were, without realizing it, advocates the development of a simple discrete natural principles. All is physical being. Nothing else. Resent the very existence of dissent, Christians stood out from the common herd. Christians were concerned about their behavior in relation to the surrounding Mirom, with contemporaries and descendants, with the Gentiles and folding edinovertsami.Hristiane cherished tradition of asceticism, leading to the goodness of creative thinking. Acrimony pagans and Christians created a protracted situation konflikta.Kompromissno formed certain stratum - the spiritual elite, obtained subsequently called "intelligentsia". Some representatives of the intellectual elite occasionally occurs giperelitnoe state. Grains such occurrence is physically feel self-consciousness "danaystva." Without false modesty Gumilev wrote of himself: "Heroes and great poets appear in times of terrible events, disasters and revolutions. I can feel it." Hereditary intellegenty feel their "insular existence in the stormy sea of ​​life" and silently or openly occupy its own position in the medium disagreements geo_metricheskih pragmatists and idealists nebo_metricheskih. Characteristic behavior of the spiritual elite was evident in our times. "Intellectuals, adopted the resolution of <1917>, tried to join the newly opened real life -. Confirms offered here VVNalimov reflection layer. - Some were on the stage or in unusual bands <...> more - in literary circles, and others - in a normal environment, school or even in the Workers', began to speak openly Tolstoyans and philosophically oriented anarchists, broke into two church, and in the broad masses of the people to revive the spirit of free sectarianism "Genetic League (this is the meaning is contained in the word "intelligentsia") revolution looked like a natural course of events, rather than joining the conflicting camps wanted nonviolence. Passionary spiritually gifted individual voluntarily embark on the cross of responsibility for the safety of evolution and even in tragic circumstances to retreat from their positions. History knows many names intellectuals mystics who gave their lives for the sake of prosperity principles-eons.
   Danaystva condition is strongly linked to austerity. Ignorant of the term to include the designation of non-material goods and pleasures, neglect everyday conveniences. The lack of attention to domestic needs often characteristic of people that put spirituality above all, but the essence aketizma otherwise. In the word "ascetic" codes "ask" (born - ask) and "T" denotes the thought of asking to have a belief in the possibility of the unknown. Historical thread followers "questioner on how good" given Swiecicki, "in I. BC in Asia Minor there are communities of Iranian worshipers of the sun god Mithra, who played in the beliefs of the turn of our era fighter against the forces of evil, God-savior. Among Mithraists dominated the lower classes of the population. Mithraists community access was restricted <...>. Among Greek deities especially esteemed <...> Dionysus, whose cult was the turn of our era has undergone significant changes - the main content of the myth of Dionysus is his identification with Zagreus , the son of Zeus, who was mauled by the Titans, but then resurrected (born again) by Zeus named Dionysus. With this cult were related Orphic religious associations (so named after the revered hero of Greek myth of Orpheus, who spukalsya the subterranean realm of the dead, to bring out his dead wife Eurydice). Unions Orphic existed long ago, but it was the turn of our era, they have spread, having absorbed a number of Eastern rites and verovaniy.Orfiki believed that the human soul can reach the world of eternal bliss and immortality, if that person is perform covenants Orphic (asceticism and contempt for the flesh) and perform magic rituals. Orphic arranged secret religious festivals - mysteries to which access would also difficult. they are created and their complex religious and philosophical system, which combined with ethical requirements and mysticism, a complex ritual associated with the cult of Dionysus, Apollo, Orpheus. Many ideas were born in communities Mithraists or Orphic, then have an impact on Christianity, but isolation of these communities, the complexity of their teachings could not bring them to a large number of followers. " The value of teaching method was to the prayer-questioning, facing the "attentive to the" gods. Skillful pronunciation issues suggests the answer to the challenges that stood in the way of a target. Since maturing "mass" culture of meditation aimed at the emergence of new ideas. In our time, without resorting to the term "ascetic", close to the heart of this culture came VVNalimov. In his writings, he has repeatedly pointed to the value of asking questions. Experience has shown that persistent questioning in different language on the same topic sooner or later suggests the truly productive response. With austerity, that is, asking questions, starting an altered state of consciousness. Question - the threshold of response from the realm of action, early-entry wage information from oblivion. The answer becomes a reflection of the illumination of the question. It is these subconscious responses engendered self-chosen to be a holy prophet. The experience of holiness inspires achievement patiently to (e) It is noteworthy to find and name unknown wonder. And the rest of ascetics - the same as all the other people who live on Earth. Reason to assume that austerity accompanies rejection of the established system of values: material wealth, career, honors ... The poet said that the separation from material wealth to relieve the spiritual aspirations:

Throw into the cleft louis -
And the mighty become like me.
You will realize that there is no wrong
And the sad either,
And in your soul light will flash
Most voluntary divine comets.

   Crises spark intelligent light mystics, but he also becomes a source of danger to their lives. In the revolutionary years, many poets and writers, scientists and politicians were killed in a whirlwind of change.

   © Magnolia Dmitriev.

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