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On the creative longevity

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Thoughts inspired by the exhibition of Picasso .
I think very few of the artists thought about the creative longevity.
I say this because I see the helpless fruits of many of those who claim to be professional, especially with age.
Unfortunately, the closer to the finale, the more the sensation and the artist starts by inertia, because I'm used, because it is necessary, because the family because ... so much why.
Valentin Massov rightly said: "Would to God that all the artists hand wither, when they no longer feel. Then there would not be a bad picture. "
But do not wither. See also the creative impotence "masters" really sad.
Why is this happening?
Someone broke the system, someone could not handle the truth of life, someone he was a persecutor of talent - a lot of reasons.
I do not want anyone to judge, i do not want to repeat the path of those who have given up, I could not, would not, did not understand.
Velazquez, Titian, Michelangelo, Picasso, Chagall, Matisse, weight - genius marked hand of God, having no children, whose work with the years becomes only more powerful and delicious.
Faith - is the way to creative longevity, as faith - is love.
Chagall's oeuvre - is love.
Creativity Velasquez, Bach - direct connection to God.
Picasso was 90 years old as a child.
Giotto said, "The greatness I have no equal. I - Giotto, and pretty." Because conscious and was responsible for his talent.
I wonder how many creative people think about their role and place in art?
No, not many, rather, almost no one.
Crisis ... What is a crisis? To paraphrase Professor Preobrazhensky, the crisis in the economy and in their heads, that is, in the showers. The crisis will haunt civilization until man turned his crippled soul back to heaven, from whence he came.
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