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Marianne Verevkina "Letters to the unknown"

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In 2011 the publishing house "Art-XXI century", in the series "Notes of an Artist" published the first Russian language edition of the diary- Marianne Verevkina.

Dear stranger! I dreamed about you

 But without hope to meet you

Every time choosing the right word for a book Verevkina Marianne (1860-1938) "Letters to the unknown," we - the editorial staff - continue an unfinished debate: the diary? Philosophical notes? Existential fiction? Memoirs?

The first edition of "Letters," the artist-in Russian emigrant is a rare example of the connection of different genres. Shocking revelations are interspersed in these reflections on life and lengthy discourse on the art of vivid literary descriptions.

Recognition of long life collected in three notebooks, addressed to the unknown, which calls its Verevkina me. Referring to herself, she sublimates the need for understanding, exposing the internal conflict. The deep solitude and personal drama in a relationship with the artist Alexei Jawlensky did not prevent the rich and intellectually gifted Russian noblewoman become a center of attraction for members of international bohemians. Verevkina was the soul of the cabin, which was turned on its turn of the century Munich apartment. An extensive list of people involved in its orbit, and included leaders of the world of modernism - Kandinsky, F.Marka, P.Klee - and representatives of the artistic world: S.Dyagileva, Nijinsky, T.Karsavinu, A.Pavlovu. That is why the book could be called the result of "cross pollination" of ideas.

Verevkina remained a man of his generation, shaped by the "Victorian" world. Sentimental maxims women in the world defenseless men, are replaced in the "Letters" egocentric pressure emancipated person has chosen profession free. The sad reflection of hard work reflects the artist's self-experimenter and painful "physiology" of breaking eras.

Her talent of the painter and writer with particular force manifests itself in descriptions of the landscape. They represent the bright flashes of the human mind to discover the Earth on a cosmic scale. The word becomes flesh of the paint layer, hazy images of shrill color symbolism replaced expressionistic arabesques.

The artist died in the Swiss town of Ascona, where she lived for many years. At her funeral in February 1938 brought together all the inhabitants, and from the funeral - not "Baroness von Verefkin" and impoverished "askonskoy grandmother" - walked alongside Russian priest and a Protestant pastor.

The book contains illustrations and accompanied by a detailed commentary of the era and the people who created it. Perhaps, the reader is finally able to determine what the genre include the already well-known European reader "Letters to the unknown."

Marianna Verevkina "Letters to the unknown"
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