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update to the "how to restart the market for contemporary art"

Запись от Vladimir размещена 18.04.2012 в 17:41

to recent thinking about how naive, as "restart" the market of Russian Contemporary Art want to add two things, seem to me important.

1. A. It was nice to see the work of major Russian contemporary art galleries "on the ground." Here, I remember the last fair HUDGRAF or the same ART ARENA. The people came - darkness! And frankly interested. Prices are normal, people are buying. And who's responsible for the actual art? That's right - Arsen Martirosian. Sometimes, even one or two galleries (eg, "Shchukin," with Michael on the Molochnikova HUDGRAF 2012). That is really Kulik, Vinogradov Dubossarsky, Pepperstein "on land" on a regular basis, scientific and popular is Martirosyan, and not the gallery. Our grants are traditionally low in the fairs are not involved. I do not presume to advise them, but I think that nothing ...

2. Two. Improvement of the atmosphere in modern art would return to artists who are forced to migrate to non-economic reasons - Oleg Mavromatti, Avdei Ter-Oganyan ... "War" stop gouge and many others. Think and create with a constant eye on the 282-th - well, where it fit? The more that go underneath it all - from the radical actionists to chief editor, who decided to publish the "Icon-caviar" on the cover of the magazine. In an atmosphere of confrontation, the stirrup, and hallooing - what the market here? It's just seems that attitudes are not related to trade.

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