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Запись от Olga777 размещена 16.04.2010 в 17:37
Обновил(-а) Olga777 30.01.2013 в 09:10

Picasso's genius.
Water is wet.
Moscow is still the same, only worse.
But seriously, of course I am happy that we managed to meet Picasso http://www.pablo-ruiz-picasso.ru/museums.php?museum=30
It is necessary to look more than once and not one day, because many on their first time you just do not notice.
Then, coming again and you wonder how did you not see this, this, this.
Picasso was not a monster (in this sense Deineka more to me a monster, from which long remained a bad feeling inside), after Picasso like to think. He does not have a bad job, or senile decline in creativity. It seems that age is not for him. Also, Picasso like no other (to me) looks alien in our showrooms. This is absolutely not the Russian system. A pity ...
By the way, now I would like to see in the original G. Braque and many.
Left a great impression I have from an exhibition of photographs by Yuri holdings with frescoes of Dionysius of Ferapontov Monastery in Kolomna http://www.dionisy.ru/index.php3?id=2
With Dionysius want to forget about the nightmare, which is called the modern world, and plunge into eternity. Here you can relax.
Sorry I could not go to the museum Rublev. Ten days - it's too much for the body and not enough for the soul.
Wait for the next show ...
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