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Запись от Dmitry Kawarga размещена 16.02.2012 в 15:54

2700km to Zurich, and I was carrying on his sculpture of a miracle car "man magnet"
ironic grin destiny is to put into one confined space manufacturer of souvenir art magnets and biomorphic radical,
having filled up everything else strange plastic sculptures interspersed with thousands of intricate magnets on the content ...
slept a couple of times and a half hours in the woods Belarus, hanging on the seat belts and somewhere in Poland jack on the diagonal
else done on the go .. .
All the way man-magnet built ALOUD grandiose plans for the wrapping of Swiss and German museums of its magnetic cobwebs,
as well as open wide the sacred depths of the production magnets themselves ...
return journey was no less instructive as a museum Basel and Zurich vlipli in this web, like the fat winter fly
and man-magnet needed a brain, a much more sophisticated, consulting assault
and he stormed! Suvorov as a devil bridge in the Swiss Alps

I now keep thinking about the physical properties of the magnitizma as a natural phenomenon
and behavior of bipolar charged particles in a magnetic field ...
I read about the work Tesla, the rule of his left hand, and the electromagnetic pulse of the Earth

But in mid-March is looming removal ...

Sculptures "paleogeomorfologicheskie cores" are artifacts of human development - conventional, cultural "rock samples" obtained from the strata of civilization.
In many sections of the objects are visible compacted layers of humus in the industrial, interrupted by voids,
amorphous and structural formation, tending to their origin in the deep depths of ...

slice number in March 2012 90h90h7 polymers, metals, glass, water, glycerin

number Kern July 2012 170h40h50 polymers, metal

more photos of sculptures HERE < /a>

OU and vdruginteresno
On display from Svetlana Alexandrova Lins

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